How to Get Unlimited Gems for free in Clash of Clans | 2 ways

Unlimited Gem is a dream of every Clash of Clans Player. But it doesn’t sound legal right? If I tell you that, you actually can get a limitless amount of gems in your COC game without hacking, breaking game rules, or doing anything illegal.

Many COC players love gems. They spend so much time to remove the obstacle and earn the most valuable gems. But today this post, we will make your hard work easy. In this post, we are going to solve how to get unlimited gems for free in COC. I will share the best possible ways to get unlimited gems in COC.

How to Get Unlimited Gems for free in Clash of Clans

There are tons of fake websites or gems generator on the Internet that promises you to give an unlimited amount of gems but all these links and websites are fake. If you really want to know how get unlimited gems in Clash of Clans then there are 2 ways that you can use for this. Both methods are safe and secure.

  • The first one is the COC Private Servers.
  • And the second one is COC Mod Apk

Note: Remember that these Mods and Private servers are not going to apply any action to your real Clash of Clans game. That means whatever you do in COC private server or Mod game, will not affect in real Clash of Clans Server.

2 Best Ways to Get Unlimited Gems in COC

COC Private Server

How to Get Unlimited Gems for free in Clash of Clans

So, How to get unlimited gems with Private Servers in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Private Servers are not the original servers that we normally play on. These servers are hosted by third parties just for fun. You can have unlimited gems, coins, and even a fully upgraded village with a higher level of Town Hall by typing some command key only.

So, to get unlimited gems and other COC hacks with the Private Servers, you have to download the unique Clash of Clans apps specially provided by the third party server owner only. These apps can be named differently on different sources.

All you need to do is download Clash of Clans Private Server Apk and make a new account. After you start the game, you can use some unique codes given by the server itself. Each code is designed for each item you want. You can use the codes to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins, a ready-made base.

Many other hacks can be found on the server. You will be provided these codes once you enter the server.

All you have to do is type them in the message box and send them to apply.

Some of my favourite servers are

Clash of Clans Mod Apk

COC Mod apk can get you unlimited gems for free

How to get unlimited gem in COC Mod game? Well, you will just have it once you download and install MOD Apk COC.

Mod COC is not for community users. These Clash of Clans mod games are designed to play personally for fun only. Different from the real game and Private servers, Mod Apk games are for only unlimited gems, coins, and elixir. Apart from that, you can play COC Mod versions for training purposes.

To play COC Mod games, you can just find them on Google or you can try this LINK. All you have to do is download the Mod Apk files, install them and log in with your real Gmail account. After that You can do whatever you want in your game, you will always get unlimited gems for no charge but it will never affect your real game.

However, there will be no codes or hacks for the game. Based on the real game, all the possible facilities you get is a limitless amount of gems and other resources. So, if you want to cheat and experience everything personally then Clash of Clans MOD Apk is perfect to get unlimited Gems.

Want to Earn More Gems for free? Here are some Genuine ways

Hacking or cheating is for fun only, but if you really want to get more free gems in your real game then that is a different topic. There’s no need of any Mod or Private Server, you can still get unlimited gems in COC by using these 5 genuine ways to Get Free Gems.

5 Genuine Tips to earn More Gems for Free in COC

Complete Events

best tips to get more gems for free in COC

The first and the most effective way to get real gems in COC is by completing events. Events can get you more free gems without giving much effort.

While you are playing COC, you can see many events coming on the event section of your game. You can check these events and complete them to get free gems and exp points.

Most of the events come with 30 exp points and 30 free gems. These events are very easy to complete. You can even find events with 100 or more free gems rewards.

All you have to do is open the Clash of Clans Events section and check new events. Once you have checked the missions of the event, you complete them and earn gems for free.

Some event missions are just to win a multiplayer battle using wizards. In this mission, you have to do as it says and win the battle in multiplayer mode to win reward and get free gems.

Apart from that, there are the easier events for newcomers too. Check the event section regularly for more free gems.

Download Apps for free gems

There are many apps you can find on Google Play Store or App Store that gives you free gift cards for completing some tasks.

If you want free gems for real by downloading apps then you have to be patient and do some work on these apps for it.

Most of these apps give you other third-party apps to download. These are basically sponsored apps. You have to download apps and use them for some time to earn points and in exchange for the points, you can earn google gift cards.

These gift cards can be used to get free gems in COC.

Some of the Download and Earn Apps are

  • Cash for Apps.
  • Apps Bounty
  • App Mana

Just download one of these apps and install them on your smartphone. After that, make a profile and start completing the given task by downloading certain applications.

Don’t forget to use each application you download, at least for 30 sec-5 minutes to get gift card rewards.

3. Clean your Village

Clean your village as soon as possible. As we all know that cleaning an obstacle is one of the few ways to get free gems in COC. It is obvious and also, if you want to get more gems then you must take care of these obstacles as fast as possible.

Because, if you are not going clean them they will not spawn. So, the faster you get rid of the obstacles the faster they grow back and you get more gems for free. So, never leave the obstacle. Clean your village regularly to get free unlimited gems in COC.

4. Achievements

Another most effective and easy way to get unlimited gems for free is to complete achievements. Not exactly unlimited but you can earn a lot of free gems by completing COC achievements.

If you go to settings> My profile in Clash of Clans, you will see a lot of achievements that are just there to be completed. Each achievement has many gems as a reward. You can get many gems for free by completing them.

Each achievement has a unique mission to complete and all the achievements come with three different levels. Each of the next level achievement will give you more free gems.

If you are getting 30 gems for completing level one then you will get 60 gems for the next level of the same achievement. However, these are some hard and long term tasks to do.

So, always try to take care of the achievement so that you get your free gems very fast.

5. Diamond Box Glitch

Diamond Box glitch is not a hack. It is a simple trick that is just in the game for a long time. With this trick, you can get more and more gem boxes.

We already know that each gem box gives us 25-30 gems if we remove them. But these gem box only respawn after 2 or 3 weeks.

This glitch helps to spawn these gem boxes really fast and you get more and more or we can say unlimited gems for free.

To use this trick all you have to is do the following-

Click on the Gem Box you have and order your builder to destroy it.

When the builder starts hammering it, wait until the time countdown gets to 1 sec remaining and then cancel it.

After that when the builder starts walking to his home. before he riches the house, remove the gem box again. This time let him completely remove the gem box.

Must: Don’t use two different Builder to do this. If you let the builder return to his house then maybe another builder comes up next. So, never let your builder return to his house while you are doing this glitch.

In this way, your Gem Box will spawn faster and you will get more free gems faster.

Must Remember:

  • Gems are the most important and Rare items in COC.
  • You can not get Extra Builder without Gems.
  • Never use Gems to speed up progress or in any unnecessary stuff.
  • Only use your Gems to buy Builders if you really want to grow your village faster.
  • You can steal resources from other base but you can not steal Gems from them.

Final Words: Many players dream about getting many many gems in COC. If you are one of them then all you can do is save your gems as much as you can. I have mentioned all the fake and genuine tricks to get Free and unlimited Gems in Clash of Clans.

Those who just want to have fun and get some knowledge by training or knowing everything can go for the unlimited gem tricks. You can easily earn unlimited Gems for free by using third party Clash of Clans server and Mod Games.

But if you want real gems in your real game then all you can do is don’t waste them. Save the gems as much as you can and try earning the gems for free by completing the events, achievements, and other stuff that are mentioned in this post. So, Good Luck with your Gems.

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