2 Ways to Make Free Minecraft Server

Minecraft is an old-fashioned game and millions of players are still playing this game today. A cool thing about Minecraft is, this game also gives you a good knowledge of coding and programming. However, to play this game, a player must have patience. If you don’t have patience, you can still make your own server for free to get help from others.

Yes, Minecraft has unlimited possibilities for making, creating, surviving, eating, killing, and many more things that you can do in real life, and doing all of these needs much time. but if you have a personal Minecraft server then you and your friends can create all you want in a better and efficient way.

There are several ideas to make servers for the Minecraft game. Some of them need basic knowledge about programming but this trick doesn’t need any of that. All you are going to need is a google account, some clicks, and a playable Minecraft account.

So, without waiting more, let’s get into our topic of How to make your own Minecraft Server for free in 2020.

How to Create your own Minecraft Server for free

To create a Minecraft server for free, there is a really simple way. If you want to create your server on your own host then you can refer here for more Minecraft Server Ideas.

But if you are just planning to make a server for fun then you can try the free server website to have this work done. Yes, there are many such websites that allow us to create new realms or Minecraft servers for free on their hosts.

This even easier when it comes to making a Minecraft server without doing anything, all you need to do is visit these websites, create a free account, and make a request for your own server with just a few clicks which I am going to show you today in this post.

The great thing about this free Minecraft server that you can always inactive or reactive them whenever you want. So, in case you are leaving the game for few days, you can just inactive your server so that’s others can’t ruin your build.

You can do all you want whether it is alone or with your friends. This tiny yet full features free Minecraft servers will just work like the charm.

2 best places to make Minecraft Servers for Free

Today I will mention two ways to make free Minecraft servers without any much effort. With this website, you can easily make your own private Minecraft game. So, the two website for making free Minecraft servers are-

Aternos.org Minehut.com

How to make Free Minecraft Servers from Aternos

How to make Free Minecraft Servers from Aternos

Creating a free server for Minecraft from Aternos is very easy and handy. From this site, you can make your account and start hosting your private Minecraft server. Aternos is very easy to use and also you can stop your server from going live anytime you want.

First of all, you may visit the site and check all its features. It’s servers also provides different mods and backup features. To create your own Minecraft server on Aternos follow these steps-

Go to Aternos.org and create a new account. To create a new account just put your Email address, password, and username.

After creating the account you can see the Play Button o the homepage. Click on it and you will be promoted to a new page where you are going to click on Create New Server.

And here you have to provide the Server Name, Password, etc.

After setting up all of that staff, on the next page, you can finally start your server.

Simply click o start a new server, and then start.

Soon your personal Minecraft server will be live and you will be able to join it by entering the server ID(Example.aternos.me)

Create Minecraft Servers for Free on Minehut.com

Minehut is a similar website to Aternos but much more efficient when it comes to quick response. With the same idea, first, you have to visit the official website of Minehut.com and create an account with your Email. An email will be sent to your Email address. Confirm the mail for further work.

After that just click on Create Server.

Provide a server name and again Click on Create.

Just like that you can create your own Minecraft server and play with it with your online friends. It is easy and secure to create free Minecraft servers on Minehut.

Final Words: Minecraft is a very famous game. Many players play this game and they join servers to join their mates online. One of the biggest advantages of joining a server that you can have a lot more amazing experience than you can get in your local game.

You can join many of the players who are already working on a large project and you can be a helping hand and learn more from them.

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