Bounce Tales Nokia Red Ball Game – How to Play

Bounce Tales is a long lost game that many 90’s people used to play on their Java phones. It is also called the Nokia Red Ball game among many people. In this game, we used to get a big red ball who protects his land from a villain.

If you ever used a Nokia phone during your childhood, you would know that many of us used to play this game on Nokia phones. It was one of the best mobile games for the 90’s kids. So, do you still miss the game? If you do then let me tell you that you can easily download and play Bounce Tales on your smartphone.

How to Play Bounce Tales

Bounce Tales is a Java game and it can be played on Java Platform. However, we can still play this amazing game on our smartphone by using emulators. There are many Java emulators we can find for Android, iOS, and Windows. You can download them and load the main Java file of the game Bounce Tales on it.

Download Bounce Tales Nokia Red ball Game

Bounce Tales Download Link-Click Here to Download

If you are not sure how to do it, Just follow this guide for how to play Bounce Tales on every platform.

How to Install Bounce Tales on Android

If you are using an android smartphone and want to run the Bounce tales game on it then here is how you can install Bounce Tales and play easily with an emulator called RetroJ2ME available on Google Play Store.

Go to Google Play Store.

Search RetroJ2ME, Download, and Install on your device.

How to play Bounce Tales Nokia Red ball game

Download the Bounce Tales Nokia Red ball’s Java file too.

Now open Retro J2ME and Click on Install Games.

Play Bounce Tales with RetroJ2ME

Go to Storage>Downloads.

Download Nokia redball game and play on android

Find the downloaded Bounce Tales Java file and click on it.

Download Bounce Tales Nokia Game

There you go, now you can play Bounce Tales Nokia Game on your Android Device.

Install and Play Bounce Tales Nokia Redball game

How to Play Bounce Tales Nokia Game on iPhone or iPad?

To play Bounce Tales Nokia Red Ball Game on iPhone or any iOS device, first, you need to turn your iOS device to android or you can find a Java emulator for iOS too. Then you can do the same as i mentioned above. If you still want to do it in the old way, then you need to get a play store on your iOS device.

So, watch this video and install play store on your iOS.

Download RetroJ2ME and Install it on your phone.

Download Bounce Tales Nokia Red Ball Game Java file from the given link.

Load the game in RetroJ2ME.

And with these simple steps, you will be able to install and Play Bounce Tales on iPhone or any iOS device.

How to play Bounce Tales Nokia Red Ball game on PC?

There are many ways that can be used to play such Java games on PC. To play Bounce Tales on PC, you can either use an emulator called KEmulator or you can look for other ways that need coding. Since I don’t code, we are going to see, how to play the Bounce tales Nokia Redball game on PC with KEmulator.

Which is very simple, just follow these few steps-

Download KEmulator from Here.

Install it on your PC.

Download Bounce Tales Nokia Red Ball game Java file from the given link above.

bounce tales on pc

Run KEmulator, and drag the Java file into it.

It will directly load the game, you will be able to play Bounce Tales right away.

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Bounce Tales Java Game

Bounce Tales is a Java game series by Nokia. Back in the ’90s, the game was very popular among the kids. The game became very popular after an advanced version of a Java-powered Nokia phone in the market featuring this cool adventure game.

In the story, Bounce is a red ball that used to have a sweet life. With his family and friends, he used to live in praise. But suddenly one morning, he notices some changes in the weather and there were no birds in the sky too.

Bounce feels suspicious and goes on the quest to solve the mystery behind it. As he continues his journey, he finds out that a vicious villain is trying to destroy his land. He also finds that a machine is sucking out the color of their beautiful land. Finally, he destroys the machine and it’s guard the Mole.

In his other quest, he continues destroying and rescuing his gems to the end and he finds out the evil Hypnotoid escaping from the place. It was the villain who hypnotized all the friendly moles.

Bounce decides to catch the Hypnotoid to end the tragedy on his land and he continues his journey. In the journey, he meets his Rock Ball friend ‘Bumpy’, and a circus ball ‘Wolly’. Bounce takes their form with him and continues to the last Level 11 Final Ride.

There he defeats the main villain Hypnotoid and completes his quest.

Bounce Tales has 11 Chapters and 3 Bonus Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Misty Morning.
  • Chapter 2: Unfriendly Friends.
  • Chapter 3: Seeking Answers.
  • Chapter 4: Bumpy Cracks.
  • Bonus Chapter 1: Secret Stalkway.
  • Chapter 5: Into the Mines.
  • Chapter 6: A Gloomy Path.
  • Chapter 7: Rumbling Sounds.
  • Chapter 8 trapped in Machine
  • Bonus Chapter 2: Tunnel of Treasure
  • Chapter 9: Wicked Circus.
  • Chapter 10: Hunting Colours
  • Chapter 11: Final Ride
  • Bonus Chapter 3: Fantastic Fair.

So, here are all the way you can try to play old Bounce Tales game on your smartphone, and PC. Download and Install Bounce Tales Redball now and enjoy your game.

I hope this post is helpful to you.