PUBG Mobile: How to play Metro Royale Undercover Mode

PUBG Mobile has finally arrived with a new excitement in the game. Yes, the new version PUBG Mobile 1.1 is live and it has some really cool thing to explore and one of them is the all-new Metro Royale Undercover Mode.

The Metro Royale Mode has 2 subsections which are the classic mode and the undercover mode. The Undercover Mode is a little different from the classic mode. So, if you don’t know how to play the new Metro Royale Undercover mode then today we are about to walk you through a guide on how to play Metro Royale Undercover Mode.

How to Play Metro Royale Undercover Mode

How to play PUBG Mobile metro royale Undercover mode

Metro Royale Mode has two different gameplay sections. In both the gameplay section, players have to go on a journey. In this journey, there is no winning but more and more looting valuable items. In the process, you can kill some of your opponents, if you want to or you can just ignore them.

The main goal of the Metro Royale Mode is to go and collect all the materials you can get from the crates and other places and get out of the game but in the undercover mode, players will also face many bots and big boss bots too.

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PUBG Mobile: How to play Metro Royale Undercover Mode
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Undercover Mode

Undercover Mode Metro Royale mode PUBG Mobile

With the same idea, Metro Royale Undercover Mode comes with a twist. In the undercover mode, players will get to see bots and Boss bot. Sounds funny but let’s know more about the PUBG Mobile Metro Royle Undercover Mode.

blue flare gun and helicopter in undercover mode

First of all, a player must have a unique card to play metro royale undercover mode. You can get these cards in exchange for the coins you will earn from looting the materials in metro royale undercover mode.

As soon as a player joins the battleground, he/she will get to see the basic Erangel map full of new boxes and big size crates.

undercover mode play

These crates hold valuable materials and are meant to be looted by the players. Every player can simply open the crates and loot whatever items the crate contains. 

You can find more of these crates in the underground tunnel. The more you collect the materials the more you can get coins in exchange for these materials.

The coins can be used to buy more Metro Royale Cards. So, all you need to do is, join a game, loot as much as you can and find the exit point to get yourself out of the game.

You can also find the new blue flair gun recently introduced in the game. This blue flare gun can be used to call a helicopter. After the helicopter arrives, a player can go near it and exit himself from the game by pressing exit in the glowing circle below the chopper.

However, all these are the same as the classic metro Royale mode but there is something that players are still confused about. So, what makes undercover mode different to play?

What makes Metro Royale Undercover mode different

game mode

Unlike the Classic metro royale mode, players will also get to see bots. These bots are a very unique thing in this update as they are much more capable than the normal game bots. But the important thing to remember is the bots are harmless until you attack them.

Players can see a green eye sign near each of their names. It indicates that the bots are not alert or looking for you. This will stay green until you shoot or attack a bot

Yes, the bots in Metro Royale undercover mode can also throw grenades at you and kill you easily. These bots are strong and smart but they won’t attack you unless you attack them first. So, if you don’t want to get killed by the bots then just leave them as they are.

Also, there is a Boss of all the bots in the game. Apart from the huge bot army, there is a big size bot with massive health, which can also throw grenades and shoot at you with better aim accuracy but as I have already said, they all are harmless unless you shoot or attack them first.

Final Words: Metro Royale Undercover mode is just like the cheer park. This mode is not meant for playing a match as it doesn’t declare any winner but you can still play this mode to have fun with your friends. Who knows, these materials can get you premium items for free. So, Enjoy the new Metro Royale and undercover mode in PUBG Mobile.

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