How to Play Minecraft for free on any Windows PC[100% Free]

Ever dreamed of playing the original Minecraft without paying for it? Well, Minecraft is a cool game and it has a really huge fan base. Many of us want to play this game but they can’t because the full version of this game comes for a price. Yes, Minecraft is not free to play and everyone doesn’t have the ability to pay for a video game. So, do you want to play Minecraft game without paying for it?

Among the many players in the community of Minecraft, not everyone is playing the game legally. If you just can play the game by purchasing it, then it can be the best because the games come with many cool updates and features that are not available on this Free Minecraft.

However, if you are not that much serious gamer and you just want to get some fun exploring the game and killing some zombies and creepers then there you can of course have our guide on How to play Minecraft for free on a Windows PC or in a Smartphone.

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Minecraft: A Sandbox Survival Game

Developed and published by Mojang studios, Minecraft is a Sandbox game that is best on the idea of surviving and crafting. The game is basically made of 2D pixels which are very interesting when it comes to building a whole new world with many more possibilities.

This awesome serving game has so many amazing things to explore. Once you have started to play the game, beware of your works and device batteries.

Minecraft is not only crafting and surviving game. You can make your house, garden, farm. You can trade, make a whole village with your online friend. Take challenges, complete story modes and it all comes with a very distinct sense which makes this game very powerful and comfortable to play.

minecraft for pc

After the game was made on Java programming language, it instantly became the best selling game and got over 120 million active users.

Minecraft has many different updates depends on which one you want to play but it has two different versions which are the first Java Edition that allows you to play on cross platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac) with this Java edition only.

On the other hand, Minecraft Normal version allows you to play with all the platforms you are in. Means you can play with mobile players or Xbox player or a switch player playing this Minecraft version. So, we recommend it to get Minecraft only because the Java version is a bit old.

How to get Minecraft?

Well, as always purchasing things are more beneficial than getting them for free. Just like that Minecraft’s full version is not free. One single purchase is for one single player which is going to cost you 30$-2,200 rupees(1674 rupee after discount). Also, you can buy for 50$-3700 rupees for more skins and other benefits.

To purchase and get your own full version of Minecraft.

Go to the Minecraft website

Click on Get Minecraft.

Select your Device(Windows, Mobile, Console, others).

Select your Operating System(OS).

Select Java Edition or Windows 10 Edition.

Select your deal.

Click on Buy.

It will redirect you to the windows store, where you can provide your band details and make your purchase. But we are not talking about buying things today, are we?

If you are just here to experience the unleashed possibilities of Minecraft for free then follow these instructions given below-

How to Play Minecraft for free on Windows PC

How to play Minecraft on PC for free

Apart from the paid version, there are a few ways to try Minecraft for free. Minecraft has a trial version that is completely free to play but no one likes the trial version right? To play the full version of Minecraft for an unlimited time, you have to get through this trick to play Minecraft for free.

In this trick, we are going to need a launcher which is called the Tlauncher. It is a launcher that allows us to download the full version of Minecraft for free. However, you won’t able to connect with global players which is the only noticeable restriction with this version.

So, without talking much let’s get into the Play Free Minecraft trick-

First of all, Visit the TLauncher website.

Click on the Download TLauncher app.

Select for windows.

Install the app.

In the next step, provide your Username, and select the latest Minecraft version from the list.

Click on Install.

After installing, just open the game, Select a single-player, Create a new world, Give a name and again create a new world. Finally, your game is now fully playable on PC. This how you can play Minecraft for free on any Windows PC.

Play Minecraft for free on Smartphone

how to play minecraft for free on smartphone

Now, many players also want to install free Minecraft on their smartphones. This also quite the same as the desktop version. You can either try the official trial version of Minecraft for free or you can just download the new TLauncher PE for playing free Minecraft on your smartphones.

If you want to download the Minecraft Trial version then just visit this Play Store Link and Install or, follow this

Visit TLauncher PE on the play store.

Install the App.

Open and the app and start playing.

Benefits of playing Minecraft for free on TLauncher

The best, easy, and free to play the full version of Minecraft is here on TLauncher.

All the official versions are available to download and play.

With this app, you can also download other modified versions of Minecraft for more unique entertainment.

A unique collection of skin and HD skin for free.

You can also use just this app to login with the original Minecraft ID.

This launcher also has mods available to download and install for free and trust me guys, you won’t disappoint with its mods too.

This launcher also has mods available to download and install for free and trust me guys, you won’t disappoint with its mods too.

Final words: There is not much difference between the free version of Minecraft or the Paid version of Minecraft. However, the free version won’t allow you to play with the global players which is a downside for those who are serious about making their virtual world.

If you are okay being alone then trust me and play this free Minecraft with Tlauncher and it won’t disappoint you.

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