How To Play Minesweeper And How To Win The Game – Step’s

Minesweeper is a solo-player puzzle video game and it was initiated in 1989 with the genre of Puzzle Video games. And the important intention of this game is to clear a rectangular board containing “mines” or named as bombs without detonating any of them, with help from clues about the figures of neighboring mines in each field of it.

The earliest version of the game was Microsoft Minesweeper in 1990, but Eurogamer considers Mined-Out by Ian Andrew (1983) to be the original Minesweeper game.

An important rule of this game is quite simple_ the number on a block shows the number of mines adjacent to it, and if you have any idea it contains mines, just mark it with the flag, and it’s for all mines.

Rules – Important Terms And Symbols We Have To Know Before Start Playing This Game Are:

  • Flag: If you think that place contains mines then place your flag symbol on it to confirm that it contains mines.
  • Question Mark: If you only suspect the presence of mines, just place your question mark on it.
  • Smile Emoticon: If you want to restart the game, just click this smile emoticon on the top center or press F2 on your keyboard.

Choose The Difficulty Level – Before Start The Game:-

  • Easy: At this level, we face the nine-by-nine grid with 10 mines.
  • Medium: At this level, we face the sixteen-by-sixteen grid with 40 mines.
  • Expert: At this level, we face the thirty-by-sixteen grid with 99 mines.
  • Custom: In this category, we permissed to build our parameters of grid size and the number of mines.

How To Play Minesweeper – Simplest Strategy

  1. This minesweeper game begins with a grid of dwellings of unmarked squares.
  2. And now click on any one of the squares and it’s your wish and other squares will disappear.
  3. Some other squares will have numbers and few squares will be blank.
  4. Now it’s our task to figure out which blank squares have mines and which do not have mines using numbers.
  5. If your clicked ones do not contain mines it means it’s safe.

How To Win The Minesweeper – Gameplay

Example Minesweeper platform:- “Microsoft Minesweeper”

Beginning of the Microsoft Minesweeper game we are prompted to start the tutorial and this tutorial will help you to practice and understand the concept of the game. (it’s only for those who start the first game on it)

Stepwise procedure for your win:

  • First, Click on any square of the grid by your wish.
  • This will begin the Minesweeper game and time also begins.
  • Once review the numbers existed for you.
  • And any number on the board marks the number of mines slightly then touches the square that the number is written on.
  • Flag placing process, if you think of any squares that may contain mines then “right-click” on it places the flag on those squares. (it’s best, to begin with, squares that have more possibility of containing mines).
  • Most probably solitary or separate squares next to a “1” on the grid board.
  • By this process, you will be secure from the process of elimination later.
  • Question mark placing process, if you are not certain about those squares containing mines then “Double-right-click” on it and it makes the question mark over those squares. ( it denote we are not confirmed that squares contain mines)
  • If you want to leave the squares alone means we need to rule out other squares effectively with our play.
  • Atlast you have to click on any squares that you are fixed on, it does not contain mines and it clears those squares.
  • After this continuous process, we need to clear the board.
  • You have to click on every square that does not contain mines.
  • It makes the path to winning the Minesweeper game. ( if you are completed those above processes and game will be over)

Don’t do this:- If you accidentally click a square that contains a mine behind the square, you may lose the game and it will be over.

Minesweeper Online Website Links – Popular

The most popular minesweeper online website is

Simplest Steps of Win The Game – Tips

  • Find your first mine.
  • Clear the other.
  • Trust on guesswork.

Video Reference – Minesweeper Gameplay