How to Solve PUBG Lag Problem: A Simple but Complete Guide

How to solve the PUBG lag situation is one of the most asked questions in the game itself. A lot of gamers are encountering problems with the connection quality, which makes the game experience quite frustrating. 

So, are you in the same boat today? Are you facing a lot of PUBG Lag problems?

Is your PUBG game lagging?

That’s why you are here and I assure you that you will find a proper solution to fix the lag. Read the article till the end to solve the PUBG lag permanently. There are mainly three reasons for PUBG lag problem –

  • Mobile Compatibility issues
  • Game graphic issues
  • High ping issues, and

The most common cause of the lag issue is the connection being unstable. Make sure that you always have a high-speed Internet connection. Other reasons for a laggy connection include the weather, wireless connection, and even the time of day.

Or Your graphic settings might be wrong that’s why your game may be lagging or may be your mobile is the reason for the lag in the game.

Anyways we are here to solve your problem so be assured and be ready for a smooth and amazing game experience because after applying our tips and tricks, you will get a smooth lag-free gameplay in PUBG Mobile. This is going to be a great guide on “PUBG mobile lag fix android app”

How to Fix PUBG lag problems in 17 effective ways

Whether you want to fix lag in PUBG mobile 2GB ram or 4 GB RAM.

By applying the following tricks you can solve PUBG mobile lag problem in a few minutes.

Once you’ve identified the cause, you can then proceed to eliminate the source of the issues like PUBG mobile lag when enemy appears, PUBG mobile lag when near players, etc. 

Common causes of the issue include the Internet service provider, mobile network, hardware, and many more.

If you are looking for the solution to the below problems then you can apply the below methods to solve lag problem PUBG mobile.

  • PUBG mobile lag when an enemy appears.
  • PUBG mobile lag when near players.

So before applying the techniques firstly you have to ensure that your mobile meets basic PUBG requirements or not. If your mobile meets the basic requirements then definitely there are other reasons which are affecting the game FPS.

Requirements to play PUBG on Android without lag

Before playing PUBG on mobile, you should know what the basic requirements are? Because if you don’t have the PUBG Mobile requirements on your phone then obviously you will not be able to play the game smoothly. 

So First you have to check that is your mobile meets the basic requirements for PUBG only then you can experience a smooth game.

Storage: 2.5GB
OS– Android 5.1 or higher
GPU– Adreno 505/ Mali T830 or higher
Processor– Snapdragon 430/ Kirin -655 or higher

If your phone meets these requirements then you can apply the below tricks to fix the lag problem in the PUBG mobile.

Basic optimizations to play PUBG on Android

  • Reboot your device once before playing and it will be better to clear out the cache.
  • Try not to play games in mobile data and connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Go to battery settings > open battery saver and choose PUBG > click on no restrictions just to enable a smooth experience
  • Avoid playing games while your phone is in charge.

Uninstall PUBG and again Reinstall it

When you come across a lagging issue on Android while playing then one thing you can do to fix the issue. Simply uninstall the game and again and reinstall it. Doing this can solve several issues including the lagging problem.

In fact, if the installation of the game is bad then it will never work smoothly. So once you should try this procedure to get rid of the PUBG mobile lag issue on Android.

Clear Cache and Data of PUBG Mobile App

clear cache data to solve lag issues

Another useful way that can help you to solve PUBG mobile lag issue is by clearing the cache and data of the PUBG Mobile app. To do that, follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone
  • Then go to Apps or App Manager or Applications
  • After that, click on ‘All Apps’ and search for PUBG Mobile, then click it
  • Now click on Clear Cache. If a storage option is available then click on it and clear out the cache and data of the app

How to fix Network and Ping issue in PUBG

reduce your pubg mobile high ping problem

Some of the users have reported about the lagging problems are because of high ping or packet loss. In this, when any action is done in the game then it sends to the server. This ping is how much time it takes to reach the server and it happens actually.

If you have higher ping, the more time it will take to shoot an enemy. And almost every online game uses ping and it should be low as a competitive aspect.

So to fix this issue, you should ensure you are connected to the right server while playing PUBG mobile.

You have the option to select a server in the top left of the home screen. Just assume that if you are based in the USA then you have to select North America. This will help you to solve lag problem PUBG mobile.

Enable Developer options

Enabling the developer option is not a difficult task. Simply go to Settings > About Phone and then click “Build Number” 5 times.

After the developer option is enabled, open it, and do some changes as mentioned below:

  • Window Animation Scale to 0.5x
  • Animator Duration Scale to 0.5 x
  • Transition animation scale to 0.5x

Force 4x MSAA & Change Animation Scale

Do you know you can fix PUBG mobile quickly by just one setting in the Android developer mode?

The android developer had itself provided us with an option to run our game smoothly. Now, I will tell you that option.

That option is called “Force 4x MSAA,” which is available in the developer option.

Android developers had hidden this developer option as if you make a mistake in that option; your device will face many problems. However, the option Force 4x MSAA is safe to use.

Force 4x MSAA & Change Animation Scale

In most of the devices, it helps boost up the FPS, but it does not cause any impact on the FPS in some devices. Therefore, I recommend using the FPS counter to note your FPS before and after enabling the 4x MSAA option.

To enable and use “Force 4x MSAA”, follow these steps:-

solve lag problem pubg mobile with gfx tool

  • Firstly, Go to your device settings.
  • Then, Click on “About Phone.”
  • Now, Continuously click on “Built Version” 10 times.
  • Now you can see the developer option in your device settings.
  • In case if you do not find it, please search the option in your settings.
  • Now you have to Enable the “Developer Option.”
  • Next, Swipe down to the “Force 4x MSAA” section and enable it.
  • Change Windows Animation to 0.5x
  • Change Transition Animation Scale to 0.5x
  • Set Animation Duration Scale to 0.5x
  • Disable HW Overlays
  • Restart your phone.
  • Enjoy your game.

Use VPN To Solve Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile

As we know, VPN stands for the virtual private network, which enables you to connect to the server of different countries like America, the USA, etc.

Therefore, through a VPN, you can quickly reduce your ping in PUBG mobile.

Generally, VPN apps are paid, but you can also download the free version of the VPN apps through the Google Play store.

Secure VPN

In the Free version, you will only get access to a few servers to connect to a few countries. 

use vpn to solve pubg mobile lag fix android app

Follow the steps mentioned below to reduce your by using VPN:-

  • Firstly you have to download the VPN app from the play store.
  • Then, Install any VPN app
    Now Accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’
  • Now The VPN app will check for DNS settings and Network Strength
  • Next, Click ‘Connect,’ and the VPN app will automatically connect to the fastest server.
  • You can also choose a selected server.

Use airplane mode

As we know, this method does not require the use of any third-party application. Hence, it is mostly preferred by most of us and can be used very easily. Sometimes, resetting your network might help to reduce the pings during the game.

Airplane mode helps you to stop all the network work by disabling network access in your mobile.

To reduce the PUBG mobile ping issue, please follow these steps:-

  • During the gameplay, swipe down to the navigation menu from the top.
  • Now, Click on Airplane Mode.
  • Then, Wait for 10 seconds and again click on Airplane mode.
  • Your ping issue will be solved.

But sometimes it does not work. So, try other steps to reduce PUBG Mobile ping issues. This is the best and easiest way to solve lag issue in PUBG.

Set Mic to Push to Talk Mode

use vpn to solve pubg mobile lag fix android app

Mic plays a lot of important roles in maintaining Team coordination in PUBG. For every moment when you will need to communicate with your teammates. Therefore, most players prefer to on the Mic, but it also increases the ping while communicating with voice.

As we know, voice information requires more internet data to transfer the information from your phone to another teammate’s phone using the game server. Hence, it requires more fast and reliable internet connectivity.

If you have a slow internet connection, then enabling Mic will cause a lot of higher ping in the game. Therefore it is better to set your Mic to the “Push to Talk” option.

How Push to Talk Mode work?

By enabling the Push to Talk option, you can send your voice to your teammates by holding the Mic button in the game, and for the rest of the time, your Mic will be off.

Many times, your Ping issues will be get solved, and you can also communicate with your team whenever you want.

Increase internal memory space

Do you want to fix PUBG mobile lag fix android app then follow this method. Removing unwanted files like audio, video, photos, etc., from internal storage will boost the game performance. PUBG mobile is a high-end game that needs to perform a lot with the reading and writing operation, which needs a lot of memory.

Deleting Unnecessary Files from the device might solve the lag problem. If there is no space in your device, then the operation will work very slow, and ultimately reducing your game fps.

For clearing internal memory space, please follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Open your “File Manager”
  • Then Scan for big Files in your phone’s Internal Storage.
  • Now Remove unwanted files that you don’t need.
  • At last reboot your device and run the game.

Reboot your Android Device

You can clear the system cache just by going to your mobile recovery mode during the booting time of the mobile.

For most of the mobiles, you have to go to recovery mode just by pressing Volume Down and Power Button during boot{It might be different for different }. 

  • Now Hold it for 5 seconds.
  • then Wipe Cache Partition
  • Now press the power button to start clearing the Cache partition.
  • Then reboot your device.
  • If you want to fix PUBG mobile lag fix 4gb ram mobile then this is the best solution for you.

Decrease the lag issue on PUBG Android by using GFX T

Maybe you are not aware of the GFX Tool, but it is specially designed for PUBG games. This is used to unlock Full HD graphics with high FPS and also other settings on graphics. This tool is available for android and also comfortable in both Chinese and international game versions.

Now follow the steps:

Step 1: First, download and install the GFX Tool on your Android phone.

Step 2: Remember to close PUBG if it’s running in the background before installing the tool on the device.

Step 3: Now you can begin to customize PUBG Mobile graphic settings.

Version: Choose the latest version of the PUBG game

Graphics: The graphics you will select must match the compatibility of your device

FPS: Frame per second can be set up to 60 FPS.

Unlock HD: There are three options available: Classic, Colorful, and Realistic. Doing this will make the game “heavier” after activated.

fix pubg lag problems using gfx tools

Step 4: When everything is set up, tap on Accept. 

You may come across an error while playing PUBG, and in that situation, you need to tap on the Repair button in-game, then close the game and restart the GFX tool.

It is an amazing trick for “PUBG mobile lag when near players” solving this problem.

NOTE– If you want to use the GFX tool, it must be installed before you play the PUBG game.

Set up the graphics options to reduce the lag issue in PUBG mobile

set low graphics for pubg mobile lag fix 4gb ram mobile

This is another way to easily solve lag on PUBG mobile. Follow the steps and make some changes to the graphics option.

  • First, open the game and then tap on Settings, then graphics.

pubg mobile lag fix emulator

  • Here you will have to change the graphics options to “Smooth,” style as “Classic,” and Frame rate as “Low,” and then disable auto-disable graphics.

solve pubg mobile lag when enemy appears

  • Now You can select a map that is having a low ping while playing the game. Also, don’t enable voice chat unless required, and this can lower the lag issue.

I hope this will work for you. It is a very effective way to solve lag in the PUBG mobile android. This is the best method for the question “how to fix lag in PUBG mobile 2gb ram”.

Disabling auto-sync and auto-update

disable auto sync update for reduce data consumption

An auto-sync feature is available on all android devices. It synchronizes the data on the cloud and services like Gmail, calendar, Google, etc. Google Play Store also with a feature of auto-updating the applications whenever the update is available.

This might takes away a substantial portion of the available data. Disabling these features might mean that internet data will not be consumed for these services. This would be beneficial in reducing the lag if it was due to latency. This method is best for solving “PUBG mobile lag when enemy appears

Change the device resolution by Using the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool method

Changing your device resolution from higher to lower can be useful in improving the performance of the PUBG mobile game.

For applying this method, we will require a computer with some software like Winrar and Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool. Install both the software on your computer to move further. 

Now, Make sure that you enabled the USB debugging from the Developer option. 

First, connect your mobile to your computer using your charger cable.

In case if you don’t know how to enable USB Debugging from the developer option, then please follow the below step by step:

  • Firstly, Go to your mobile Settings.
  • Then, Tap on the “About Phone” option.
  • Now, Continuously tap 5-7 times on “Build Number.”
    Now you will see that your developer option is available for you.
  • Now go to the settings and simply Search for “Developer Option.”
  • Now, click on the “Developer Options” to enable it.
  • In the Developer option, you have to search for the USB debugging option and now simply enable it.

developer option settings for pubg mobile lag

So the next step is to Open the Minimal ADB command prompt and follow the steps that are given below:-

  • Now, In the command prompt, firstly type “ADB devices” and hit enter. It will show that the device is connected to the computer.
  • Now just type “ADB shell wm size” and hit enter. It will show the display resolution on your mobile phone. Note your mobile resolution size for future reference.
  • Now type “ADB shell wm density” and hit enter. It will show the pixel density of the mobile device.
  • Now simply go to the resolution scale calculator and input the mobile resolution size mentioned that you have noted in step 2.
  • Once you type the resolution size, it will show you all the possible resolutions that your device can handle easily. You have to change it to a lower one.
  • As of now, you have to find the best optimal resolution for your mobile device, which is not a difficult task.
  • So, Once you have found it, Now go to the ADB command prompt and just type “ADB shell wm size your_optimal_resolution_size,” and run the command.
  • You can see the resolution change on the mobile device.
  • If you see a big screen resolution, then you can easily change your device pixel density to fit the bigger resolution on the device.
  • Now Type “ADB shell wm density your_optimal_density_size” and hit enter. Now you can see the mobile screen for the changes.

This will help to boost fps in a lot of games like PUBG, CoD, free fire, etc. The lower the resolution, the better it will be in the performance. But your game quality might have become somewhat blurry. You have to maintain the level between resolution and quality for experiencing the best results.

This is the best solution for PUBG mobile lag fix 4gb ram mobile.

I hope the above tips are enough to solve the PUBG lag problem. If you want, you can also try the PUBG lag fix emulator, but I don’t recommend that because it might be somewhat risky to use it.

I hope after applying these methods you can solve lag problem PUBG mobile

How to Solve PUBG Lag Issue on iPhone

pubg mobile lag fix iphone

Do you want to know How PUBG mobile lag fix IOS can be done? One of the many complaints about the iPhone and iPad is its terrible performance when it comes to “loading” games, particularly when trying to play real-time multiplayer games. So now we will discuss about PUBG mobile lag fix IOS.

If you’re one of those people who has been waiting for Apple to take the mobile gaming world by storm, then this article will teach you how to fix PUBG lag on your iPhone and iPad devices.

With a simple fix, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest in the free and open-source operating system for iPhone and iPad devices, such as the iOS 4.2.2.

So what’s going on? First, let me explain why you may experience lag during gameplay on your iPhone or iPad device. The reason behind this phenomenon is more complicated than that. For PUBG mobile lag fix iPhone 6 you can apply the following tricks.

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Settings to Fix Lag PUBG Mobile in iPhone/iPad

1) Turn Off Background Refresh

2) Turn Off Fitness Tracking

3) Turn On Reduce Motion

4) Turn On Reduce Transparency & Increase Contrast

5) Turn Off Low Data Mode

6) Turn Off Unnecessary Apps

Follow all these settings. This may help you to reduce PUBG Mobile lag & Ping.

Turn Off Background Refresh

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: General > Background App Refresh

Step 3: Turn Off Background Refresh

Turn Off Fitness Tracking

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Then Privacy

Step 3: Open Motion & Fitness

Step 4: Turn off Fitness Tracking

Turn On Reduce Motion

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Then Accessibility > Motion

Step 3: Turn on Reduce Motion

Turn On Reduce Transparency & Increase Contrast

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Then Accessibility > Display & Text Size

Step 3: Turn on Reduce Transparency and Increase Contrast

Mobile Data Settings to Fix Lag PUBG Mobile in iPhone/iPad

Below 2 settings is for Mobile Data users, which means if you’re using the internet with your sim then you apply these settings also. And all the other settings as well.

Turn Off Low Data Mode

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Cellular > Cellular Data Options

Step 3: Turn of Low Data Mode.

Turn Off Unnecessary Apps

Step 1: Go to Settings > Cellular

Step 2: Scroll Down & Turn off unnecessary apps that you don’t want to use with mobile data

So what’s going on? First, let me explain why you may experience lag during gameplay on your iPhone or iPad device. The reason behind this phenomenon is more complicated than that. It will also help you in fixing PUBG mobile lag fix IOS.

But we’ll get to that later on. The biggest culprit of all is your network card. It’s the element that links all of your device’s hardware together and is prone to having errors, rendering your iPhone useless as a device network connection medium.

The sad thing is that this problem only shows up on older iPhones with bad networking hardware, which should be a pretty clear sign that you can’t fix the lag yourself.

If your iPhone is using a piece of hardware from the older days, then chances are that your network card might be suffering from some sort of compatibility issues. Your network card’s job is to send data from one computer to another on the network.

However, sometimes it takes several attempts for that to happen, rendering the entire game unable to be completed. As an example, when your iPhone or iPad is trying to display a YouTube video on the television, it might connect to the internet for the first time and get the video, but then start to show delays afterward. This is a prime example of how to solve PUBG lag issues on iOS devices.

This should be a great solution to the lag you’re experiencing, but if it doesn’t work for you, then there are a few other things you can try. If none of the methods you used above works, then the only other option available for you would be to log on to a dedicated iPhone developer site and find an “official” solution.


I hope that these tips and tricks will help you to fix lag and ping in PUBG mobile.

If you feel any informative thing which I forget to add, comment below those things, and I will add it soon in the post.

Share the post with your PUBG mobile friends to help them to reduce lag and ping problems in PUBG mobile.

Thanks for reading.