PUBGM Lite: How to Unlock Emote for Free in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite emotes are the coolest thing to have in the game. If you do not have any emote then you can not have any fun while your friends around. The game brings new emotes in every season and we can only get them after buying Winner Pass.

However, many players out there who don’t want to spend money on the emotes. Then how can we get free emotes? Today I am going to share with you some genuine tricks which you can use to unlock Emotes for free in PUBG Mobile Lite.

What are the emotes and how to get them?

Well, like all the other games, PUBG Mobile lite also has many emotes. These emote are basically dance moves or signs. We can use them for many reasons or just to have fun with friends. We can dance, make fun of others, show someone respect or even clap. We can use these emotes in the game by simply clicking on the emote sign on the upper right corner near the map.

Some emotes are free in PUBG Mobile Lite. Beginners can easily unlock them by playing the game and completing the missions. However, most of them are paid. The only way to unlock the emotes is to buy Winner Pass. Every Winner Pass comes with emotes as their reward. We can only get emotes by getting the Winner Pass subscription. If you don’t have any emotes then here how you can get the free emotes.

How to get Free Emotes in PUBG Mobile Lite for beginners-

If you are a beginner in PUBG Mobile Lite then you will get some free emotes. To get these free emotes there is no need to do any extra work. All you have to do is-

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite and go to the missions tab.
  • Complete these daily missions and also complete the Non-Winner Pass missions.
  • Completing these missions will get you a free gift and you will also get your free emotes in no time.

Every player’s missions are different. So, there is no telling on which mission is going to get you those free emotes in PUBG Mobile Lite.

If you already have some emotes on your inventory, you can simply add them to enable the emotes. Go to Inventory>Emotes. Now drag the emotes to your side list of the emotes. Remember to drag them and place them into the empty slot.

Also, We have several other ways to unlock the emotes. There are also many exclusive emotes which can only be unlocked with the BC or with Winner Pass. You can also get some of the emotes with silver fragments too.

Top 3 Ways to Unlock All Emotes for Free in PUBG Mobile Lite

Now, I will share some of the best tips that I have used in the past few days to unlock my PUBG Mobile Lite emotes. These are basically Free BC hacks or Free Emote tricks. You can only get them by doing the tricks carefully. There is no chance of a ban or any risk to lose your account. So, let’s get into the topic of how to unlock emotes for free.

Basically, I use these 3 tricks to get PUBG Mobile Lite Emotes for free. Which are-

  1. Unlock Emotes With Silverfragments.
  2. Get Google Gift Cards to buy Winner Pass and Complete the missions.
  3. Use EZMoney to unlock Emotes for free.

get google gift card to buy winner pass emotes

Get Google Gift Cards to Buy Winner Pass Emotes

Your emotes are not complete if you don’t have the exclusive emotes in your list. Everyone can have normal emotes for free by simply playing the game. But if you want to get the exclusive PUBG Mobile Lite emotes then you must buy Winner Pass and complete its missions.

In every season, the game brings many skins, outfits, free BC and new emotes. This stuff can be collected free by completing the missions. These missions are only available to the Winner Pass holder. So, we must buy the Winner Pass which is not free.

If you don’t have money to buy Winner Pass or you have any Paytm then here are some tricks to get free Google Play Gift Cards. You can easily get a gift card that worth the Winner Pass. Please check the link to understand all the tricks to get Google Gift card to buy Winner Pass and unlock all emotes for free in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Unlock Emotes With Silver Fragments:

There are some emotes which are only available on the redeem section. Redeem section of PUBG Mobile Lite has also other exclusive skins and outfits. All these game stuff can be unlocked with the silver fragment. Silver Fragments are very easy to collect. Just play PUBG Mobile Lite daily to get Silver fragments and use them to unlock Emotes.

Now, to unlock emotes with Silver fragments, go to PUBG Mobile Lite and open Shop. In this section, you will see a redeem tab. Check the redeem tab and find the emotes on the list. Just click on the emotes and unlock with the required silver fragments.

use ezmoney app for free emotes

EZMoney App

EZMoney App is another genuine way to get free emotes in PUBG Mobile Lite. EZMoney App not only has google gift cards but also BC and UC redeem options. You can use this app to collect credit points by completing genuine tasks and missions. After earning a decent amount of credit, you can either redeem google gift cards or transfer PUBG Mobile Lite BC directly to your PUBG Mobile account for free.

Final Words: So, here are the 3 genuine ways that you can use to unlock Emotes for free in PUBG Mobile Lite. If you still looking for some better Free Emote hack for PUBG Mobile Lite, then you should follow this page to get more updates.

Also, there is another way to unlock free emotes with redeem code. Stay updated with our website to get new redeem codes before it gets expired. good luck.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please share it with your friends too.