COD Mobile: How to Unlock Razorback Gun for free

Call of Duty Mobile is certainly the best game you can play on smartphones. It has millions of active players who are always looking for new guns and skins in the games. If you are also a fan of COD Mobile then you know about the Razorback gun. One of the best SMG guns and it looks cooler than any other gun in the game and today I am going tell you how you can unlock Razorback Gun for free.

COD Mobile Razorback Gun

Surely the best SMG sub machine gun you can find in COD Mobile game. Razorback gun description says-

“Fully automatic sub machine gun. The best accuracy of its class, ideal for mid-range engagements.”

It has pretty good accuracy. As this gun is SMG, So it has low recoil and it is easy to handle.

It has comparably low damage while high bullet speed. Some other statistic for Razorback gun is given below:

How to Unlock Razorback Gun for free

How to Unlock Razorback Gun for Free in Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile has recently given the Season 9 update. After this update, players can now unlock most of the guns for free. All you have to do is complete some missions to get your favorite weapon for free.

As for the Razorback gun, a player needs to reach level 55 to unlock it for free. Also, there are lots of other rewards and skins you can now unlock for free in Call of Duty.

How to Get free Sewed Snake Skin for Razorback weapon

As we all know that COD Mobile brings new events regularly. Recently, with all the new features, season 9 has also brought events to get a free Sewed snakeskin for the Razorback weapon.

Yes, you may have already noticed the new event called Trench Broom after the season 9 update. In this event, you have to kill 30 enemies with Razorback weapons. Also, you need to equip any three attachments for the weapon while completing the mission.

For more information, this event has started with the Season 9 update. As of today(23rd August), the event has 17 more days to go until it gets expired. So, all players must hurry to get all the free items from the events.