How to Unlock Sara Character for Free after Event | PUBG Mobile

The new Sara Character which is known for its vehicle expertise is now available to unlock and use in the game. People are so excited to unlock this special character Sara. So, are you? Today in this article I am here with a very useful trick for unlocking Sara after the Event Period. Yes, there is always another way to get Sara character for Free.

So, basically, Sara is a special character in PUBG Mobile that Tencent brought with the new update. Sara has a special skill. Whenever we use Sara character and ride a vehicle, the vehicle increases its power, speed, and health. But to get all of that, we need Sara which is not free.

About SARA:


Sara is a special female character in PUBG Mobile. Sara was made available in the PUBG game with a 0.15.5 update, and it became available to be unlocked in 27-11-2019. Sara is not only a simple character. She is a mechanical expert who can fix any kind of vehicle in the game. When Sara drives a car, it took less hit damage than normal. So the car becomes more strong and durable. There are many amazing outfits, cool hairstyles, and emotes which are also exclusively available for Sara only.

How to Unlock Sara Character?

A Special Character in PUBG Mobile can only be unlocked with the UC Cash or the Character vouchers. Sara is also a special character that is going to cost you 600 UC(Unknown Cash) or 600 Character Vouchers. But there is always another way to get the job done.

PUBG Mobile keeps bringing special character voucher events for free character vouchers. The events allow the players to get Sara with a huge discount. Last time I got Sara with only 40 UC. Yes, it’s true.

PUBG Mobile had a few events for Sara. The events help you to get free character vouchers and you can use them to unlock Sara. Players had to complete some special missions to collect character vouchers for free and unlock Sara with it.

I got 560 character vouchers and 560 character vouchers got me a discount of 560 UC. So, I only paid 40 UC to unlock Sara. After the event ended, now the only way to get Sara is to unlock Sara with Character vouchers or Buy it with 600 UC. So, either you can wait for the Sara event to come in-game or follow these steps to unlock Sara with UC money.

  • Step1: Open Your PUBG Mobile game and get to the special character section.
  • Step2: Select Sara character and Click on Buy.
  • Step3: After buying it, tap on Use button to activate Sara character in your game.

Now the character is unlocked and some other things are yet to be unlocked. Character Sara has other things like hairstyles, emotes and exclusive voice notes that only Sara can speak.

Sara can only be unlocked with 600 UC which is not so good for all the players who want it free. Those who are rich can easily buy this character with UC but today in this article I have come with a sweet and simple trick that is going to get you, Sara, for 100% Free.

2 Ways Get Free Sara Character

PUBG Mobile special character Sara is not a free item. it has to be unlocked with UC or character vouchers. However, we can still get a free Sara character by using the tip I am going to mention below.

The one way to do that is we can collect 600 character vouchers from the events in PUBG and use the vouchers to unlock Sara’s character for free. So, we will see how can we get some free character vouchers without spending money, but before that, let’s see how to collect some free Paytm money and buy Sara with it.

how to unlock sara for free

Follow these steps to get a free Sara Character

  • Step1: Download Helo App now and register an account.
  • Step2: Refer the app to friends to get money.
  • Step3: Transfer the money to your Paytm and buy UC with it.
  • Step4: Now, use those UC(Unknown Cash to get Sara character for free.

Friends, this is the most genuine way to get free Sara character. Other free Sara character tips are most likely fake. The Helo app gives you 300 rupees for a single reference. Just refer the app to two of your friends and you will get the money under 3 days and use them to buy 600 UC and unlock Sara for free with the free Helo money.

Now the 2nd way to unlock Sara for free is with the character vouchers. We collect 600 character vouchers and use them to unlock Sara character for free.

Get a free Sara with character voucher events

The main way to unlock and get a Sara is with the character vouchers. PUBG Mobile had a few events until now. These events can get us free character vouchers if we complete its missions. The game keeps bringing new events for the character vouchers which you can use to get Sara for free.

So, wait until the PUBG Mobile brings any new character voucher event or you also bookmark our page to get new PUBG Mobile updates and tips.

This is not a fake trick, and all you have to do is complete some missions to collect the character vouchers. Yes, the character vouchers we got from the sending ‘Hurreys’ to Sara. PUBG Mobile gave us 60 character vouchers already and now they are giving more. So, let’s know how to get it-

How to Unlock Sara Character for Free after Event

The new PUBG Mobile character Sara can be unlocked by getting free character vouchers. However, we can also unlock Sara with 600 UC cash. To unlock Sara, go to Workshop>character>Sara. You will see the 600 UC cash needed for Sara. If you have character vouchers in your account then you can use them too instead of UC cash, where 1 character voucher is equal to 1 UC cash(600 Vouchers=600UC Cash).

If you want to get Sara character for free then you have to wait some more time. I assure you that you will get your character without spending a penny.

We all have a total of 60 character vouchers that we got from the last event. So, we need 540 character vouchers more to get Sara for Free after the event period.

As we all know that the event is now expired and there is no event mission are available to get character vouchers.

So, how can you collect more of the character vouchers now?

redeem-character-voucher-event for free sara

In this case, to get character vouchers, first, you will need to collect Rusty Nut(Rusty Nut is a new daily mission cupon)

Complete Rusty Nut missions to get Free Sara character vouchers

To collect Rusty Nut, go to the Event Section, then Apocalypse. You will see some missions like-

  • 4 Rusty Nuts for login.
  • 4 Rusty Nuts for traveling 2000 meters in a classic match.
  • 6 Rusty Nuts for traveling 5000 meters in a classic match.
  • 4 more for completing 30 minutes in the game
  • 6 more for completing 60 minutes in the game.

All these missions will be the same every day. All you have to do is complete these same missions every day until the 2nd December 2019, and after that, the missions will no longer be available. Every day these missions will get a total of 24 Rusty Nuts.

Complete these missions to receive Rusty nuts. Every 2 Rusty Nuts will get you 10 character vouchers.

Now, you look for Survival near the Event Section(Gift Box). Click on the Survival, and a page will open. You will see 3 different items that can be redeemed with Rusty Nuts from this section.

You can only Redeem 50 set of character vouchers which will get you 500 character vouchers. You will need 100 Rusty nuts to get all the character vouchers from the Survival event. Redeem the character vouchers with all the Rusty Nuts you have.

Now that you have a total of 560 character vouchers, you can simply unlock your favorite character Sara simply by spending 40 UC cash. Of course, this is much better than spending 600 UC cash right?

Now click on the question mark that is appearing on the top left corner of the Survival Window. You will the notification says, “Get more character vouchers from other events”. Yes, these means more events will be available for character vouchers.

Now if you don’t have any UC cash then collect all the character vouchers, and wait for some more time until you collect 40 more character vouchers.

Unlock Sara for free: Conclusions:

PUBG Mobile has brought to you a new character called Sara. She is a vehicle expert. The character Sara can be unlocked with character vouchers or with 600 UC cash. The character voucher was very easy to collect during the event period but not we have only one way to collect those character vouchers to Unlock Sara. Follow the steps and collect new special coupons called Rusty Nuts to redeem character vouchers that are now available in the Survival section only.

I hope this will be helpful for those who couldn’t give much attention to PUBG Mobile during the event period.