3 Best Tips to use Gloo Wall Faster in Free Fire

Free Fire is a viral game and millions of players play it every day. But apart from the entertainment, many players give their hard time to learn every possible game technique to perform well in Free Fire. So, are you one of them too? If yes, then today I am here with some Gloo Wall tips for fast gloo wall use. With these tips, you will be able to use Gloo Wall faster than anyone else.

Yes, we have seen many players and live streamers perform very well in Free Fire. They are very fast in using the Gloo wall while the normal players struggle to put a Gloo wall while they are in combat. So, after doing some experiments I am here with 3 ways to use Gloo Wall Faster in Free Fire.

How to Use Gloo Wall Faster in Free Fire

Well, the answer is simple. To use Gloo Wall faster then anyone the main key is to practice. The more you practice the more you perfect the game. Since you are new and don’t know much about moving your fingers around the screen, it is definitely going to be slower than the players who are professionals at it.

So, the key to using the Gloo wall in Free Fire is practice. But there are some other factors too if you really want to put everything in this trick. Some of the important things for your Gloo Wall tips is to make changes in your Settings.

Yes, The game Free Fire has some special settings that can be customized for a better experience. So, If you don’t know how to use them then just read the whole article to know what to do it.

fast gloo wall guide

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1. Change your Gloo Wall Button Size

Many of us just play the game in their normal settings and then complain about their skills. Well friends, if that is you then stop blaming yourself because you are doing it wrong.

If you go to Control Settings> Custome HUD, then you can see all the buttons on the screen. You can change and resize the buttons according to your better control. The recommended size for the Gloo Wall button is 100. So, change it to 100 and place it well on the screen so that you can reach it.

After that, you will need lots and lots of practice to perfect your fingers to use Gloo Wall faster than other players.

fast gloo wall use tips in free fire

2. Learn from others

In this second point, you have to be dependent on others. We have many many streamers who live stream Free Fire with hand cam video. They are very good at the game and each player has their own finger movement tactics. So, you can watch them closely and adopt any one of them and practice with it.

Remember practice is always the key to your performance improvements. No matter what new technique you learn or make, your training will reflect your skill after all. And with hard core training, you can learn to use Gloo Wall faster in Free Fire.

3. Slide not Click.

Now many players are there who are too slow. Maybe they do not have the practice or they are just new. What they do is first move their screen and then they click the fire button to use the Gloo Wall which is wrong and slow.

To use the Gloo Wall fast, you can just keep sliding the fire button when it is necessary to use Gloo Wall. A player does not have to put on the Screen on the right-center. You can also do this by holding the fire button and sliding it here and there. In this way, you can slide your screen and tap on the Gloo Wall Wall fire button at the same time.


4. Change to 3 or 4 Fingers

Normally players use 2 fingers to play Free Fire. Now we all know that a 3 or 4 finger player is always faster than the 2 finger prayer. It is not necessarily true because I 2 finger users can also become as fast as 4 fingers by practicing but more fingers really help you handle those tricky features in Free Fire.

So, I would suggest you watch this video below and study it well and then decide which will be the most comfortable way for you to play the game. Good Luck.

Conclusion: No tricks come to you just by reading. In this How to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire Tips, you learn the best ways to get yourself to make a pro at using the Gloo Wall but if you want to utilize the tips then all are just useless.

So, if you really want to learn to become a faster Gloo Wall user then study these tips and get some practice with this guide.

I hope this will help you in the future.