Is It safe/legal to play PUBG Mobile Korean Version in India

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is undoubtedly one of the famous battle royale games in India.

After the ban of the PUBG Mobile global version, fans are migrating to other similar FPS games like COD Mobile. In that case, what else can be better than the Korean version of PUBG Mobile? The Kr version gives you some extra benefits too. But the question is, can we still play it after the ban? Is it safe or legal to play the PUBG Mobile Kr version in India?

Well to answer this question, our stuff has collected all the information from valid sources. So, today we are going to leave you with zero confusion about playing the PUBG Mobile KR version in India.

PUBG Mobile Kr Version

is it safe or legal to play pubg mobile kr in India

Korean version of PUBG Mobile is just like all the other versions available for specific countries. Like the Chinese version, Korea also has its own version of the game. Many Youtubers have already reviewed the game and it is just like the global version but there are a few extra benefits of the Korean version which might get your interest even more.

Benefits of Korean version:

The mythic items and the premium items are easy to claim using the medals.

Also, coupons are easier to collect.

You can play with the players of the global version.

Note: The only minor disadvantage of the Korean version is, you can not play the game with your global version ID. Players have to create a new account for the game.

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Is the PUBG Mobile Kr version safe/legal to play in India?

PUBG Mobile Kr version is still can be downloaded on our smartphones. Players can install and play the game by downloading from various sources. But if you are looking for the right information for if it is risk-free to play then our answer is yes.

The Korean version of the PUBG Mobile game can still be played in India legally. It is safe to play the game in India.

As we all know that the Indian government banned apps that are developed from China. As for security concerns, the Chinese apps available in India can not be accessed anymore. In the list, there were many apps like PUBG Mobile, TikTok, etc.

But the government never banned the Korean apps because it was never available in India. We can only get the game from third party sources. So, we can pretty much get the idea that the Indian government won’t show any problem regarding any of these Korean apps.

Also, we can be sure that the Korean version is pretty much legal to play because, neither India nor Korea banned access to this app. Even with the Indian mobile data service, players can easily open and play the game without any VPN.

Final Words: PUBG Mobile Korean version comes with lots of cool mythic, gun skin, outfits, etc. It also shows various updates which are more interesting than the global version. So, if you are interested in the Korean version, you can actually download, install, and play the game easily. Follow our guide to download Kr Version of PUBGM to know the best way to get the game.

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