Is PUBG New State a Chinese Game? 2023

PUBG New State is once again ready to shake the world. With all-new content based on 2051, this game is soon going to be the new sensation of all mobile gamers. But what about India? Many of us curious if the PUBG New State is a Chinese game or not and today we are going to explore the facts behind this question.

So what is PUBG New State? It is a game recently announced and soon to become live. The game is a sequel to the old viral game PUBG Mobile. As the demand grew, the game developed even further but now the company has decided to make a better version of it. This upcoming new version is also being called PUBG Mobile 2 by many of the fans.

PUBG New State is going to be a battle royale, based on many futuristic ideas as the game is based on the future time. Authorities which is Karafton already mention that the game is going to be based in 2051 and it is going to have everything from the future.

But before we Indians get excited from all this news, we all have a common question. Is PUBG New State a Chinese game?

is pubg new state a chinese game explained
PUBG New State
PUBG New State

Is PUBG New State a Chinese Game? (PUBG New State)

Well, if you are really curious then let me tell you that there is no relation of any Chinese company with the new upcoming PUBG New State which means the PUBG New State is not a Chinese game or a part of it all.

According to the recent notice by Krafton, PUBG New State is developed by PUBG Studio, the company that made Player Unknown’s Battleground and the game is going to be published by Krafton itself.

Why? well as we already know that PUBG Mobile is a South Korean game but a Chinese company called Tencent has the 10% and publishing rights to the game.

After India and some other countries banned the game for being a Chinese app, Krafton has decided to launch a game on its own. (PUBG New State)

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According to this, the new PUBG New State game has no relation with Tencent or any Chinese company. Hence it is not a Chinese game.

how pubg new state is going to come to India
PUBG New State
PUBG New State

PUBG New State in India

If we believe in sources and facts, there is a high chance for PUBG New state is going be available in India after release but there is another fact is to notice here.

If you are curious about PUBG New State is not available in the Indian region then let us enlighten you that, Krafton itself hasn’t made the game for counties like Vietnam, China, and India.

The game is now available for pre-registration for all the countries excluding India, China, and Vietnam. So, there is a possibility for the game to be available in India only if the PUBG New State authorities make it available.

Conclusion: PUBG New State a new era battle-royale game soon going to hit the world and players are very much excited for it. The game is going to be based on the same idea as the old PUBG Mobile but a lot of futuristic changes are going to be seen there.

All new guns, new maps, bulletproof shields, and much more new items are going to change the game completely. All these new features are going to excite players so much. If you are from India and still want to get the game, check how to pre-register PUBG New State in India.

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