PUBG Mobile: Redeem M416 Gun Skin for Free with Gift Code

Redeem M416 Gun skin for free. PUBG Mobile game is giving a free new year gift to all of their players. Everyone is claiming their own exclusive M416 gun skin for free. However, many people don’t know about it. So, today in this article I am here to share with you this little secret to Redeem your golden M416 gun skin for free.

Redeem M416 Gun Skin for Free with Offer Code

PUBG Mobile is very sensitive about its players. From the start, the game has been putting a lot of amazing in-game stuff. Gun skin is definitely one of them. Everyone is crazy for new and cool looking gun skins. To be honest, M416 gun skin is very popular among the players.

PUBG Mobile New Year Gift 2020: Recently, PUBG Mobile is inviting all the players to visit their official website, and collect the exclusive golden M416 gun skin for free. It is a gift for all the PUBG Mobile players for this New Year 2020. You can only get this item by giving your PUBG Mobile ID and a special redeem code on their official PUBG Mobile site.

PUBG Mobile New Year Gift 2020

How to Redeem M416 gun skin for free with Gift Code| 2020

Redeem M416 Gun Skin for Free

  • Now fill the first line with your PUBG Mobile ID
  • And, input this code(RAAZBZJGS) in the Redeem Code field.
  • Check and fill the Verification Code.
  • Click on Redeem.

Redeem M416 Gun Skin for Free

  • Check Mail, in PUBG Mobile.

You will get your Golden M416 skin by Mail. Check your PUBG Mobile Mail section for this New Year Gift from PUBG Mobile. The item will arrive under 24 hours. Also, let you know that this skin is a limited-time skin. It will last only for 3 days. Not bad for an M4 golden gun skin hanh?

Final Words: Not every PUBG Mobile players want those fancy colorful gun skins. Also, they are very expensive and hard to get. So, why waste money on a game. If you are one of them and don’t want to spend money after the game then here is a piece of good news for you.

PUBG Mobile announced a new thing called PUBG Mobile redemption center. From this page, you can redeem your classic golden gun skins for free. This trick is no fake. Every player can collect the code and apply it to get the gift.

However, these codes are rare to find and also limited. So, you may be too late to claim your gift from the official page. But don’t worry. there are more to come. PUBG is giving these redeem codes every month. So, stay tuned and subscribe to our page to get more of these updates.

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