Mobile Legends 1.7.58 Patch Notes: All you Need to Know

On Feb, Season 27 will arrive with the new update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Also, this new update has come up with a lot of new updates, features. The players are very excited too. Mobile Legends has also allowed its players to get a free character. Today in this article I am here to tell you everything about Mobile Legends 1.7.58 Patch Notes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.7.58 Patch Notes, New Features, Settings, and updates

With this December update, Mobile Legends has made many changes in the game. Players are going to have a whole new level of experience. From the graphics quality in the map designs to new magical features, many new things have arrived with version 1.7.58 update in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

1. BattleField Adjustment-

Redesigned Buff: We all know that Buff appears to provide the bonus effect. The effects also depend on the class of the hero. After this update buff will be a little bit different. There will be two different buffs with different bonus effects in the game. One is the purple buff and the other one orange buff.

BattleField Adjustment-

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  • Cyclops (Buffed)
  • Yin (Buffed)
  • Esmeralda (Buffed)
  • Arlot (~)
  • Alpha (~)
  • Edith (Buffed)
  • Lapu-Lapu (↓)
  • Paquito (Buffed)
  • Julian (Buffed)
  • Moskov (↓)
  • Hanabi
  • Natan
  • Purple Buff: After a player obtains a purple buff, it will reduce the consumption of Magic and energy of the player. The player will be able to use more of its magic and energy while obtaining a purple buff. Also, if you kill an enemy while obtaining a purple buff, your hero’s HP will be restored, and cool down will be shortened.
Purple Buff

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Gamers Point Info

  • Orange Buff: However, the orange color buff has different effects. It will slow down your enemy and attacks will give your enemy a massive amount of extra damage. Everything will be normal again after the buff gets expired.
  • Turtle Buff: Turtle Buff used to appear after killing a turtle but not anymore. From now on, players will get a shield after killing a turtle in Mobile Legends. The shield is no joke, it absorbs a  massive amount of damage and helps you to retreat from a fight too.
BattleField Bushes: The bushes on the battlefield are also redesigned. Now you will see the light amount of bushes so that players can’t hide in there.
BattleField Bushes
New Creature: Mobile Legends has also added this new creature on the battlefield. You will see two of them. These crab-like monsters stay in the river. The player who will kill this crab-like monster will obtain a buff that will regain your Health and Mana.
New Creature
Cyclone Eyes: Cyclone Eyes are the new thing that can give you some amazing ability to obtain more possibilities while you are surrounded by enemies. There will be 4 cyclone eyes placed in the 4 corners of the battlefield.
By obtaining a Cyclone Eye, players will obtain a special power to go through rocks. With this special ability, one can run faster and go through rocks. Going through rocks will help you to escape enemies and attack from a special angle to give them massive damage on the first strike.

2. CHESS-TD Mode Remastered-

In this new update, the Chess-Tower Defence(Chess-TD) mode also becomes much better. Mobile Legends 1.7.58 update has brought 11 new heroes in a brand new Dragons Altar Synarge in the chess TD mode. This will allow discovering a more efficient method of playing the chess TD mode from now on.
New Heroes(11): Change (Dragon Altar) Zilong (Dragon Altar) Ling (Dragon Altar) Wanwan (Dragon Altar) Estes (Elf) Belerick (Elf) Gatotkaca (Celestial) Diggie (The Eruditio) X-Borg (The Eruditio) Franco (Northern Vale) Aurora (Northern Vale).
Removed Heroes(7): Selena (Elf) Minotaur (Beast) Gusion (Mortal) Ruby (Mortal) Kadita (Oracle) Kaja (Oracle) Roger (Beast)
Also, you will see a gallery feature in the Chess TD mode to help understand it well. Click on the left-hand side buttons named as your Synargee, and you will see your heroes that are deployed on the battlefield.

There are a new ranking system and leader board in the game, especially for Chess-TD mode. Play more and rank higher to show up and become famous on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Chess TD Leaderboard.

More from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: This time, also many Christmas special gifts awaits for the players. According to the update notes, you can preorder them and log in on this month to claim the cool gifts.
Final Words: Players are excited about this update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.7.58. All you have to do is play and explore the game to claim your exclusive Christmas gift. So, don’t wait to go now and claim them all before December ends.

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