Mobile Legends to bring a Brand New Gill-Girl Skin for Karrie | MLBB

MLBB lovers should know that the Mobile Legends Bang Bang is going to get another brand new skin. Game developer Moonton has decided to release a new skin for the Hero Karrie. Karrie is a Marksman Hero of the game with strong performance ability. She already has 6 skins but MLBB has revealed that a brand new skin called Gill-Girl for Karrie is going to be added. This skin is an oceanic blue color skin.

Mobile Legends game is always a favorite for many. Players from many countries love to play this mobile game and it is quite popular in India too. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) game that was developed and published by Moonton in 2016. This mobile game is not as popular as PUBG Mobile but it is very popular in South Asia. Mobile Legends was also chosen for the first medal in Esports.

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Karrie’s Brand New Skin Gill-Girl

Emerging from the ocean and possessing the magic arts and the strength to bewitch human beings, she’s the real commander in the ocean! Karrie’s Epic Skin “Gill-girl” will soon be available! Mobile Legends updated the trailer about this new skin called Gill-Girl on its official website. They have also uploaded a cool sneak peek video for the skin. As you can see in the video, Karrie is fighting and she is in the new Gill-Girl skin. The skin features the power of the ocean and it is also in the oceanic color. Gill-Girl is skin is looking very cool. If you are interested to buy this skin, it will cost you 899 diamonds.

Take a sneak peek at it!-

Besides the new skin Gill-Girl, Karrie has 6 other skins which are Lost Star(499D), Risin Star(269D), Bladed Mantis(599D), Dragon Queen, Jester(749D), Hawkwatch(lucky box).

Final Words: The new skill Gill-girl will make Karrie even stronger for the battles. She is already very strong and durable. After getting the power of the Ocean, she will become the queen of all the ocean. So, get ready to be the Heart of the Ocean with Karrie in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

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