The Pubg New State One Year Anniversary and its Rewards

Pubg new state one year Anniversary and its Rewards: The popular mobile Battle Royale title allows players to celebrate the one year anniversary event from November 6th to 18th. The PUBG (known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) Pubg new state one year Anniversary run between November 6th and November 18th. During that period, players can earn rewards by playing PUBG mobile, including a special dance remote and more.

Players will be receiving a new dance emote called the ‘Kinda Cute’ that they can use to win more rewards from PUBG.

As the survival game, PUBG’s new state’s one year Anniversary. That means we can get ready for some special bonuses and rewards that will help you play the game solo or with friends. PUBG’s new state 1 year Anniversary event. It will be held on November 6th and end on November 18th, allowing players to earn more rewards for a month-long period.

Pubg One Year 1st Anniversary Party which will be held for a week!

Pubg anniversary event lasts for a week and this time the pubg fireteam will better respond to all your needs, thanks to that, you have the changs to get your hands on some free things. Some of them can be obtained just by logging in while you need a little effort. Do not hesitate to check out the following details.

So we see that a lot of people buy skins with real money to wear during the game, but on the other hand, there is a very low chance for them to earn these useful skins. This is the main reason why they become angry and leave in the middle of the game. So maybe that’s a good idea to give out free rewards to players who achieve in-game goals like win a match or get top place. By doing so you may increase their interest towards your game.

Epic Games recently announced that the popular mobile Battle Royale “Fortnite” title will be hosting the Pubg new state one year Anniversary event November 6-18. While this PUBG Event meant to commemorate the one year anniversary of the game, and will feature a new limited time mode. The limited time mode is called “Celebrity Shootout”, and will feature 50v50 matches where players will be able to celebritie. The players will have to compete in a large arena with limited weapons and a lot of loot, with the first team to reach 50 kills being declared the winner.

1 Year Celebration Battle Pass Season 1 Mission Reward Preview

Today, we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary with special time. Fortnite 1st Birthday Battle Pass. This Battle Pass holds 40 new challenges, a new anniversary-themed loading screen, and rewards you with new gifts and dresses, emoties your pubg characters week. You can complete any weekly challenge and you’ll earn the Birthday Cake Spray! For more information you can visit pubg official website.

PUBG battle pass for the first season of the Fortnite PUBG Mobile anniversary celebrations. The tier 100 reward for this season is the Wicked Awesome outfit and it is the coolest-looking skin in the game. This season has a lot of cool stuff to unlock and rank up, so I thought it would be a good idea to go over the mission rewards and rewards generally. There are really cool loading screens and banners that you can get for completing missions, so I will go over. All of them have some challenges.

100th Day Challenge 1

50 random players will be selected from those who win the most Round Deathmatch games during this time.

100th Day Challenge 2

50 random players who belong to a clan will be selected from those who play the most Round Deathmatch games during this period.

PUBG 1-Year Anniversary Reward Details

  • 10 Chicken Medals
  • 10 Royale Chest Tickets
  • 10,000 BP

PUBG game app is free for everyone. You can download it on Google Play store or Apple play store. PUBG uses NC like their game currency on this game. We can see the list of prices we have mentioned below.

  • 60 NC – INR 89
  • 180 NC – INR 269
  • 600 NC – INR 899
  • 1500 NC – INR 1799
  • 2950 NC – INR 4499
  • 5900 NC – INR 8900

PUBG 1-Year Anniversary Package and Anniversary Celebration Sales

PUBG 1-Year Anniversary. It’s been a year since we launched our first product. We’ve come a long way since then and we want to celebrate it with you! PUBG giving a limited time offer for our 1-Year Anniversary Package. By purchasing our Anniversary Package, you get a package of sample products and services with a total value of $1,688 for only $174.

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle ground game game, is celebrating its first anniversary. To commemorate the pubg anniversary event .Developer is hosting a special weekend long sale starting today. Since the game is free to play, the sale will not include all types of game purchases.

However, those who do want to spend something can purchase some PUBG all dress and emots from the official online store. All the PUBG pack and emots sales will be donated to the PUBG Global anniversary event, it will take place in Berlin in July and will feature some of the best PUBG players from all over the world.

Last Word on Pubg new state one year Anniversary

Lastly, the rewards for completing different tasks in this event are exclusive White Cubic character gear. This is the highest tier reward for this Pubg Anniversary celebration &only players who complete the relevant tasks can get hold of this character gear.

Throughout this time about this special event for all the pubg players can expect to get rewards, like new skin called ‘Autumn Leaves and a new emoticon, which are just two of many.

As a special treat, players can get two rewards while they’re playing PUBG Mobile game. First, they will receive a coin reward every five minutes after launching the game and can use them to get the ‘Kinda Cute’ emote. The second one is the Newbie Pack which gives more useful rewards after completing in-game missions. Thank you for reading PUBG’s new state one year Anniversary post., If you like our article, share it with your friends and follow us for more content.