Play Chess Online Game Free With Friends, Against Computer, Multiplayer Mode – is an internet chess online game. This website is used for playing chess and social networking. Over 500 million people play on this website. This website was initiated in 2007. The founder of the website was Erik Allebest and Jay Severson. This website was coded with the famous programming languages “java, javascript, and PHP”.

If you want to log in to that website, enter your name or email id and password or you can play as a guest. You can skip the login page and start playing these chess online games.

On website, there are so many sections:

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How to play chess online on

Then Click the play online button on the website. After that, they ask about your chess skills “new to chess, beginner, intermediate or advanced” and you can choose any one of them. After selecting your skill choose to play as a guest or sign up and start playing. Choose the suitable timing for you from the given list.

In the image below, at play option you can choose live chess online, daily chess, play with a computer, tournaments, 4 player chess. After choosing the time and mode you can start playing your chess with idle methodology.

chess online multiplayer game free

Guide to Play Chess Game: (Beginner Info)

The basics of the chess game are to checkmate the opponent king after checkmating the game must end.

  • King – The king is the most important piece in the chess game but doesn’t have more power. King can move only one step in any order.
  • Queen- The queen was the most powerful player in the entire chess. The queen can move in any direction i,e. Forward,backward,sides,diagonal. The Queen cannot be permissed to jump or dive over other pieces.
  • Rook- Rook is the second powerful piece in the game. The rook can move up, down, and side as far as possible but Rook can’t move diagonally. Rook can’t jump over other pieces.
  • Bishop- Bishop can move only diagonally as far as cannot jump over other pieces.
  • There are two types of bishop. Light color and dark color. The light square bishop can move only on the light color box on board and the dark color bishop moves only on the dark color in the board.
  • Knight- The knight can move only in the ‘L’ direction. The knight is the only piece that can fall or bounce over other pieces. The ‘L’ direction must be in 3 steps. Two steps in the first-order direction and one step in another second-order direction.
  • Pawns – Pawns are also the most important piece in chess. A pawn can move only one step in a straight line like a king. In the first move of the game, the pawn can move two steps. After the first move, the pawn must move one step. A pawn cannot move backward and cannot step over another piece. The pawn must destroy another piece when it is placed diagonally at one step only.