PUBG Loot Truck Facts and Tips

Loot Truck is the new sensation in PUBG. With the latest update season 8, PUBG Corp has released a new feature which is the Loot Truck. It is a heavily armored truck full of amazing loots will now be found in the Sanhok Map. This PUBG Loot Truck is surely the best way to get lots and lots of loot for the whole squad.

Many of us already know about basics about the Loot truck like it can be stopped, destroyed, and collect weapons from it. But there are still some amazing facts that are yet to know. So, today I am going to reveal some PUBG Loot Truck Facts and give you some guidelines and tips about this new Season 8 special Loot Truck.

Loot Truck Facts and Guide

PUBG Season 8 came to the live servers on July 22. Along with the update, the Loot Truck has been introduced exclusively in the game. This loot truck is especially for providing heavy loots for the player. Players have to destroy this heavily armored truck to collect weapons, attachments, and ammo in it.

Some PUBG Loot truck facts to know are. Players can get the loots from the truck in two ways, They can either completely destroy the truck or they can just shoot at it which will make the loot boxes fall from the truck.

But yet there will be so many more items that will be left in the truck that can only be collected after fully destroying the truck.

Interested to know more? Check more PUBG Loot truck facts and guide below-

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Where to Find the Loot trucks?

Loot trucks can only be found in Sanhok Map. There will be 4 loot trucks at a time roaming around the map.

Players will also see 4 newly made garages around the map. Once the match is started each garage will spawn one loot truck and the truck will roam around the map until it gets looted by players.

The path of the truck is not exact. Because they randomly choose their path so it is very tricky to locate them just like that.

PUBG Loot Truck Locations and Garage

So, the PUBG Loot Truck locations depends on the garages and the Garages are located on these 4 locations in Sanhok-

1. North Side of the Camp Alpha

2. West Side of the Booth Camp.

3. East Side of the Camp Bravo.

4. East side of Camp Charlie.

The PUBG Loot Truck location map can really help you to locate the map. As it is not 100% sure but you can still have a pretty good idea of the truck would be at the beginning of the match.

If you destroy the truck another will spawn in any of these 4 garages randomly. However, the spawn is limited to 8 trucks per match.

Because the trucks are spawned randomly and they only drive through the road, you can find multiple trucks going together sometime.

What loot do they offer?

Loot Trucks gives you all the high-level armour and weapons. It also provides you attachments, throwables, and explosives as well. Players will only for the Level 3 gear and drop items and weapons. 

Players can get three kind of loots from the truck. Ammo Crates, Weapon Crates and the Loot Truck items. All the loot crates have different types of items to loot.

pubg loot trucks all loots

  • We can collect ammos, throwables, attachments, and Meds from the Ammo Crates.
  • Weapon Crates provides Weapons, Ghillie Suits, Level 3 Gears, and other stuff.
  • The Main Loot Truck has the most valuable items which are pre-skinned weapons with attached attachments, Level 3 Gear, Ammos, Panzerfaust, and other explosives.

These following items can be seen often in a loot truck-

  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Panzerfaust and ammo
  • Any AR Weapons
  • Any Snipers including AWM.
  • 2X Scope, 4X Scope, 6X Scope, and 8X Scope
  • Level 3 Gears
  • Attachments.
  • 5.56 Ammo
  • 6.72 ammo

Also, an amazing skinned weapon related to the Sanhok Past.

4 types of Pre-Skinned Weapons

Loot Truck items also includes cool looking pre-skinned weapons that are related to the ancient Sanhok. These weapons are already attached with the best attachments. So, you don’t need to find any extra attachments for them. 

loot truck pre skinned weap

We can also call them confiscated weapons as they are all comes with the best attachments and skin build. So, here are the 4 types of Ancient Sanhok Weapons you can get from the PUBG Loot trucks-

  1. Lunchmeat’s AKM with 4x Scope, extended mag, and a suppressor.
  2. Dunchan’s M416 with 4x scope, extended mag, grip, stock, and compensator.
  3. Mad’s QBU with 6x scope, extended mag, and compensator.
  4. Julies Kar98k with Suppressor, 8x scope, and a bullet loop.

How to Get the Loots?

Players have to damage the truck by shooting, punching, or bombing it. There are basically two ways to get loots from the truck.

The first and easy way is to damage the truck. Once you give damage to the truck, some loot boxes will fell down from the top of the truck that has weapons and gear in it. However, there will be a lot more left in the truck.

And the hard way is to completely destroy the truck. Once you completely destroy the truck, it will stop and all the loot boxes will fall apart. You can get so much loot from the boxes and the truck itself.

Remember you can not get loots from the truck until it gets destroyed.

How to Destroy a Loot Truck?

how to stop, destroy and get loots from truck

It is not that hard to destroy a loot truck as they are heavily armored. with guns but you can still get some loots by shooting at the Loot Truck. It takes almost 4 magazine of bullets to destroy a loot truck by shooting at it.

A simple trick to give proper damage to the truck is to shoot it from the sides. As the truck is very strong, you hardly can damage the truck by shooting at the front or hitting it by car. You have to shoot it in the side body of the truck to give it high damage.

However, you can destroy a loot truck easily with explosives. There are a few varieties of explosives we can find in PUBG. You can use the grenades, C4, or Panzerfaust to destroy a loot truck quickly.

A full armored loot truck takes 3 Panzerfaust shots until it gets destroyed. Similarly, 3 grenades or 3 C4 explosives can destroy a fully armored truck completely.

Can we Stop a loot Truck?

It is almost impossible to stop a loot truck completely without destroying it, but we can make it stop for 5-7 seconds only. How? You just have to set a spike strip to trap in the path of the loot truck. The truck will stop for a few seconds as soon as its tire hits the spike strips.

You can also stop it by blocking the road with stuff which is almost impossible. However, a youtube made it happen by placing 50 Airdrops in its path in a MOD game. Even 30 BRDM and 44 Van couldn’t stop it the way.

A cool fact is, the loot truck will explode itself when you finally stop it completely. And as soon as it explodes, a new loot truck will respawn somewhere on the map. The Loot Truck Test video is very interesting. I think you should watch the video for entertainment purposes.

8 More PUBG Loot Truck Facts

  1. Loot Truck will explode itself if you can stop it completely.
  2. Loot Trucks has Ancient Weapons which are pre-skinned.
  3. Players can not deal high damage the Loot Truck by shooting it in the front.
  4. Loot Trucks spawns are limited to 8.
  5. There are 4 spawn location in the map for the Loot trucks.
  6. It takes 1 spike strips and 2 people with 3 Mags of AR gun to destroy a loot truck in best easiest way.
  7. Loot Trucks can not be stopped with even 50 Cars or 20 BRDMs.
  8. Loot Trucks automatically comes to their path if it somehow gets out of it.

PUBG Loot Truck Facts: Conclusion

The new PUBG Loot trucks are so much more than we think. They can provide so much loot which is enough for more than 2 squads. Lots of green and yellow ammo can also be found in the track.

Even if you loot the boxes, there will still be many items left in the truck. You can get them by getting into the truck.

Besides all this info, another important thing to know is, being in a distance while blowing up the truck is not enough. You can see in the video that when the truck blows up, its doors get blasted. So, the suggested idea is never to be in the backside of the truck. As the doors go right in the backside, it can be the reason for your death in your first match.

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