PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 update Coming Date, Release Notes and more

PUBG Mobile is again on fire. As we all know that this season is going to end. The 2.4.0 update is coming with a brand new map, vehicle, guns, and many more exciting things. Are you excited? Today in this article, I am going to tell you about some important information about the upcoming 2.4.0 update of PUBG Mobile game.

I have posted another article about the new skins, guns, and legendary dresses that are coming with season 10. If you don’t know about these things than you check those out from the below link.

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PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 version update is here

PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 update will be available on 8th November 2019. After that update, Royal Pass season 9 will be removed from the game, and the Royal Pass section will remain locked until Season 10 arrives. As you can see the patch note is saying-

Royale Pass Season 9 will be closed on 8/11/2019(Friday) Morning 8:59:59  which is Korean time. So, this means Season 9 will be locked after 5 AM on Friday. So, use all the cards, complete your missions, collect rewards before that happens. You will be able to push ranks on Friday but RP will remain locked, and Royal Pass Season 10 will be available on 9/11/2019(Saturday) Morning 11:00:00 which means, we will get access to Royal Pass season 10 after 8 AM on Saturday.

Release Notes of PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 version

Some major changes are coming in this update too. PUBG Mobile has released its patch notes of 2.4.0 update. According to the information, our first new thing will be-

MP5K(Gun)- This is an SMG gun that shoots 9 mm bullets, and this gun is going to replace vector in Vikendi. So, MP5K  gun will be available on 2.4.0 update.

Zima(Vehicle)- This is a brand new vehicle that is going to replace the UAZ in Vikendi. I think the UAZ is better than this piece of Junk.

Ruins Map in TDM- Yes, this is going to be cool. We will get a brand new Ruins Map in the TDM match. This map is already available in the Chinese version but in the global version, this TDM map will be available after this update.

Season 10- Finally, the most waited season 10. I already have explained about Royal Pass season 10 rewards and I am very much excited about this.

New Premium Female Character Sara

This is going to be a big update on 2.4.0. A brand new female character will be available in this update. Her name is Sara and according to the sources, she is a vehicle expert. Whenever Sara repairs a vehicle, it becomes more durable. Sara is a premium character worth around 2000UC. We will be able to upgrade her even more. After the final upgrade of Sara, a new MVP emote will be unlocked. This emote is a greeting emote of Thailand style. There are many other exclusive emotes which are only available for Sara the Engine Queen. You can check the video below to see all the emotes that are going to available only for Sara.


Conclusion- PUBG Mobile has already surprised us with the Payload mode. It seems, 2.4.0 update is also a big one. Hold your breath or breath faster because it is going to be big again. Also, i should remind you to complete your Royal Pass missions and collect all the rewards because there is only two days left of season 9. 

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