Tips to Get PUBG Mobile Season 18 Elite Royal Pass in Low Price

 Elite Royale Pass in Low Price

PUBG Mobile is going to release Season 18 update on the 5th of March. Last time it was all about the futuristic Season 11 but this time, the new season 18 is also quite unique and cool. However, like always PUBG Mobile players are getting very excited about the Royal pass rewards. Everyone wants to buy Royal Pass these days.

So, will you be surprised if I tell you that we can buy the Elite Royal pass at a very low price? Yes, today I will share with you 3 simple tips that can get you a good amount of discount in purchasing Season 18 Elite Royal Pass.


PUBG Mobile is really getting everything they want. The game has already collected 1.5 billion dollars of revenue. It is a great success in mobile gaming while also continuously receiving a lot of fame from all over the world.
Recently the game is stepping into a new level. As you all know that PUBG Mobile organizes tournaments every year. These tournaments are different in a different country but for the very first time, there will be a PUBG Mobile World Championship in 2023. Check how to take part in it.

Season 18 Elite Royal Pass Benefits: On March 5, PUBG Mobile will introduce Season 18 which has a lot of amazing gifts for the players. Players get RP missions after upgrading into Royal Pass, and they get exclusive gifts for completing those missions.

  • The best lego designed cool M416 skin. 
  • 2 RP 100 outfit to choose from. 
  • For the first time a legendary female outfit.
  • Cool bag pack.
  • A Hazard Outfit.
  • Colorful Helmets

Many players buy Royal Pass but they can never make it to 100th RP reward. So, it is better to get an Elite Royal Pass.

Because it gives us extra 25 RP points. So, we can easily make it to the end. So, To get all of those, players will have to upgrade their Royal Pass. So, today I will teach you these tips and tricks, with which you can get an Elite Royal Pass with a discount. Excited?

Season 18 Royale Pass Cost:

There are three types of Royale Passes in PUBG Mobile, that are-

  • A Free Royale Pass for all
  • 600 UC Normal Royal Pass for 699 Indian rupees.
  • And the 1800 UC Elite Royale Pass for 1400 Indian rupees.

3 Tips to get PUBG Mobile Season 18 Elite Royal Pass in Low Price

Let you all know that these tips are very much genuine. Many people or content creators share fake tips and you can say right after learning those. But I am here with some good old genuine tricks which will help you to save some of your money while buying a PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass. You will not only able to buy Royal Pass in low Price but also you will earn Free UC Cash from these tips.
I am going to talk about 3 tips which are mentioned below-


1. Get Low-Price Elite Royal Pass with Bonus Reward Challange

Bonus Reward Challenge
bonus reward challenge pubg
The first tip is already in the game. The game has something that gives you UC cash if you complete the challenges.  I am talking about the Bonus Reward Challenges. I say a 50% discount is a lot to get an Elite Royal Pass. So, the Bonus Reward challenge is a perfect way to get some UC Cash for free and use them to buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass.

It is all in the game. The Bonus Reward Challange can be checked in your PUBG Mobile Lobby. There are many unique missions. Players will get battle coins for completing those missions and you can directly redeem UC cash with those battle coins. Isn’t it easy?
How to Get Free UC from Bonus Reward Challange-

  • First of all, open your PUBG Game and look for the Bonus Reward Challenge.
  • You will see, multiple missions in that tap. Just click on  Accept and complete them your classic matches.
  • Each challenge will bring you battle coins which you can use to redeem free UC cash from the redeem tab.


2 Get discount in Elite Royal Pass 

Get Royale Pass using Winzo Gold
winzo gold app for free royal pass
This is maybe the easiest one for many of us. Those who are not good players in PUBG Mobile can try this trick. This trick is all about gaming. Players will get a good amount of money by playing simple games. Sounds interesting?

There is an app called WinZo Gold. This is an app like Hago. Players will get bonus money too. You can bet that money while playing simple games like Ludo or Fruit Ninja. If you beat your opponent you will earn the money. You also win cash by referring the app to your friends. Winzo Gold app is a genuine way to earn some cash and use them to buy PUBG Mobile Season 18 Elite Royal Pass at a low price.
How to Use WniZo Gold-

  • Open Play store
  • Search WiZo gold or go to the link mentioned above.
  • Install the app and create an account.
  • Play and win mini-games and win cash prizes.


3. Free Royal Pass from YouTubers

Youtube Giveaway

Let you all know that Big YouTubers like Sunil Gamers and Software Hindi are giving away Royal Pass for Free in their every video. These YouTubers share their PUBG Mobile tricks on Youtube. They also giveaway Elite Royal Pass for absolutely free in every single video. You just have to subscribe, like and comment on their videos. They will announce the Royal Pass winner every week. So, why still waiting? Go NOW!!! Getting Elite Royal Pass directly from Youtubers is a great way.

These days, big YouTubers are very loyal to their viewers and also it is a great way to get popularity for more viewers. They not only earn money but also give free gifts, rewards and royal pass to their loyal subscribers. If you also want your Season 18 Elite Royal Pass then do and participate on the giveaways now.

Did You You?The idea of Royal Pass boosted the PUBG company’s revenue by 365% at an overall rate.

Final Words: The upcoming Season 18 is lit. It will bring a lot of new stuff in the PUBGM game. Players from all over the world are waiting for this update that will be coming in March.

We can buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass for 699 rupees and an Elite Royal Pass for 1400 rupees. Players will get 25 Rp points instantly and also exclusive Elite Royal Pass purchase rewards too.

There are a lot of ideas to get PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass at a discount. If you try then you can surely crack it. I have shared these 3 simple tips to buy and get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass in Season 18. I hope you guys like it.

Don’t forget to comment on if you have any queries. Thanks for your Support!!!