4 PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass Tricks for Windows PC

PUBG Mobile Emulator is a tool that helps us to play mobile games on PCs. However, many PUBG Mobile players are having trouble with the emulator detection problem. Today in this blog, we are going to introduce some easy fixes for the PUBG Mobile emulator bypass.

As we know, PUBG is a very popular game in India. Various games in the market follow the PUBG theme but still, PUBG has the biggest fanbase in India. Among a large number of players, some want to play by using emulators on a computer but sadly, players still unable to get what they want.

If you are also one of them who want to play with mobile players while getting an advantage of PC then today we will give you the solution for Pubg mobile emulator detection problem.

This is that PUBG can detect PC players and shows a message of Emulator detected. How to undetect emulator?

Meaning of PUBG Emulator Detected

So today, we are going to discuss and share a solution to one common problem faced by all the PUBG emulator players. It is often facing while launching the game on an emulator. Just after opening the game, you can see a notification comes that an emulator is detected, and due to this, players will be matched only with those who are also playing using the emulator.

Hence, we can see it is a very big disadvantage for those people who want to play PUBG mobile on PC and also have the upper hand over the other players who are playing the game on the smartphone. 

So, is it possible to bypass PUBG Mobile emulator detected in 2020?

Well, this PUBG emulator detected problem can be fixed just by using some simple steps that I mentioned below in a very detailed manner.

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The Disadvantage of Detecting Emulator

PUBG will detect PC players very easily. The biggest disadvantage of it is that You can only play with other PC players. You can’t play with smartphone players.

So if your friend is playing on a smartphone and you are playing on PC and Detect your PC then you can not play with your friend. This is a very big advantage for players.

PC players have an advantage over smartphone players. Because it is very easy to manage controls via keyboard and mouse. And you can use this upper-hand against the mobile players in the game.

So, don’t worry we are to help you and solve this Pubg mobile emulator detection problem for you. I know how beneficial and enjoyable it is to play with smartphone players via PC.

So now I will tell you how to solve the PUBG emulator detected problem.

How to PUBG Mobile emulator detected Bypass?

It is very easy to solve the problem of the detection of the emulator. However, we will have to stick to the LD player as the default PUBG mobile anti detect emulator for playing on PC. We gather some special tools that come with the power to tweak the settings of the emulator and get the error fix done.

All we need is to do is just change some settings by replacing the files in the backlog. This will help in preventing the game from detecting that we are playing on an emulator. Hence, we can also connect with that player who is playing using their smartphone.

I have share 4 PUBG Mobile Emulator bypass tricks to get you the best result you want. Enjoy!

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Solved on LD Player

As I mentioned earlier, we just need to make some small changes in the emulator settings and get the settings done in the right way to avoid this problem of detection of an emulator. 

The steps for the PUBG Mobile Emulator bypass trick, mention Below are very easy steps that we have to follow for an antiban Pubg emulator bypass or solve the emulator detected problem and get connected to all smartphone players. It will make our gameplay much easier and better.

Because of PC, you will always enjoy an upper hand over those players who are playing the game from their smartphones. So, in this PUBG Mobile emulator bypass trick, LD player is the best app to get.

how to bypass emulator detected on LD Player

So to solve the detect emulator error, you have to follow the steps one by one

Firstly we have to Download the LD Player Emulator.

Now proceed and Complete the installation process and run the software on the PC.

Now, you have to download PUBG mobile on the emulator just by using the Google Play Store or any other app store.

So now we have installed PUBG, so now we have to download the bypass tool. Now download the PUBG mobile emulator bypass tool on your PC.

Now, Right-click on the LD player icon, which we install in the first step, and select the open file location. Now you will reach the installation page.

Now search and open the folder named VMS.

Open the folder named ledian0 in it. Now open The file named system.vmdk. And replace it with the file that you have downloaded.

These are the main steps you have to follow to solve the emulator detected anti-ban. I hope after applying this trick, you will not face any error. So now, you can easily play with your smartphone users via your PC using an emulator. LD player is the best PUBG anti detect emulator.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected bypass on Tencent buddy

tencent gaming buddy emulator bypass tricks

So in case if you don’t want to use LDplayer then you can use Tencent Gaming Buddy. If you face the same error in Tencent game buddy then you can follow the below steps for Pubg emulator detected fix-

Firstly watch the video for PUBG Mobile emulator bypass, then follow the instructions given below


Firstly watch the video then follow the instructions given below

  • Then follow these steps-

Step 1: Download es explorer (file manager).

Step 2: Follow the steps as shown in the video.

Step 3: Click here to watch the video.

  • Copy these files:-

setprop ro.build.id “OPM6.171019.030.H1”

setprop ro.build.display.id “lineage_jflte-userdebug 4.4.2 OPM6.171019.030.H1 11f949e127 test-keys”

setprop ro.build.version.incremental “11f94e127”

setprop ro.build.date “Mon 20 Aug 22:04:37 EEST 2018”

setprop ro.build.date.utc “1534791877”

setprop ro.build.type “userdebug”

setprop ro.build.user “side”

setprop ro.build.host “JDCTeam”

setprop ro.build.tags “test-keys”

setprop ro.build.flavor “lineage_jflte-userdebug”

setprop ro.product.model “jflte”

setprop ro.product.brand “samsung”

setprop ro.product.name “lineage_jflte”

setprop ro.product.device “jflte”

setprop ro.product.manufacturer “samsung”

setprop ro.build.product “jflte”

setprop ro.build.description “jfltexx-user 4.4.2 LRX22C I9505XXUHQK1 release-keys”

setprop ro.build.fingerprint “samsung/jfltexx/jflte:4.4.2/LRX22C/I9505XXUHQK1:user/release-keys”

Just copy and paste these above files.

Alternative Way for PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass in 2020

pung emulator detected bypass

This a unique and very effective way to bypass the PUBG emulator detected an error. You can follow the steps below to apply this trick on your computer.

Step 1: Firstly install this software on your computer and run it as administrator. {download link}

Step 2: Now you have to enable developer mode in your mobile phone and developer options enable USB debugging.

Step 3: Now download TCgames app on your mobile phone or download from this link if you don’t find it on the play store

Step 4: Now connect your phone to your computer via USB cable

Step 5: Now on the computer open the software you install in step 1 and click on connect

Step 6: Now in the software you can see your mobile screen and then you can easily play the game.

This trick is very easy to use and also effective in fixing this problem. You can also see the video for your reference.

Bypass Emulator Detected on Gameloop

So I am now sharing another method on how you can bypass using PUBG anti detect emulator in Gameloop. So you just have to follow the below steps carefully and then you can bypass the emulator detected issue. A guide for Gameloop emulator bypass.

Step 1: Firstly you have to go to this LINK.

Step 2: Now you have and install the apps in Gameloop which I shared above

Step 3: Now go in Xposed framework >framework and then click on install/update

Step 4: After following step 3 your Gameloop will automatically be restarted in between you can refresh your computer several times

Step 5: Now open Xposed framework> modules then you have to tick on project Cerberus

Step 6: Now again restart your Gameloop and open Cerberus apk which you installed in step 2

Step 7: Now on the Cerberus tick on clear data and click on rebypass

Step 8: At last and finally click on Run PUBGM and enjoy the game. Now you will not see any warning and error.

You can also see the PUBG Mobile emulator bypass video below for your reference. I hope this trick will work for you. Gameloop new bypass and ban fix download.


How can I go underwater in the PUBG emulator on PC?

While you are in swimming mode, you can very easily dive deep into the water by pressing the [C] command or by lowering the character’s point of view. So when you are swimming underwater, your swimming speed will be increased, and you also do not get attacked by enemies near you.


I hope now you can easily play PUBG Mobile on a PC by using an pubg emulator bypass anti ban trick. So, that you will get a maximum and unique gaming experience. LDplayer is the top two emulators for playing PUBG mobile without detecting emulator very easily with enhanced controls and graphics.

Since both the emulators use a keyboard and a mouse it will show an emulator warning at the beginning of the game. It is difficult to bypass this warning on gaming buddy but possible with LDplayer. 

Anyway, for the betterment of the game, we won’t recommend bypassing the emulator warning because it against the ethics of the game but if you still want that, follow the above guidelines and enjoy playing on PC.

If you find it useful please comment, and also share this article with your friends. So they can also enjoy the game. This is the full guide of PUBG mobile emulator bypass 2020.