3 Methods To Play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC or Laptop

PUBG Mobile on PC is a very big term that people search on the Internet every once in a while. We all know that millions of players play PUBG Mobile game on their smartphones but did you know that we can play this mobile battleground game on our Windows PC or Laptop too? There are some easy ways to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC or Laptop, which we are going to reveal in this article.

Who doesn’t know about this game? Recently, PUBG mobile has hit revenue of 1 Billion dollars. PUBG Mobile(Player’s Unknown Battle Ground) is a mobile game that runs on Android and iOS platforms but wait, people are saying that this game can be played on Windows too. Yes, you heard that right. Now, we can play any kind of Android games in our Personal Computer(PC) or laptop that runs on Windows, and guess what we don’t even need any high requirements for your PC system. There are actually several ways to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC but today I am going to talk about some of the most effective and easiest methods to play PUBG Mobile on your PC.

3 Methods to Play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC or Laptop:

Now, you already have the PC up and running, and you only going to need an emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC. An emulator is a software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. Emulators typically enable the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. There are many Emulators to use android apps or play games like PUBG Mobile on a PC. Some of the best Emulators are-

  • 1. Gameloop
  • 2. LDPlayer
  • 3. Nox Player

Today we will learn about these 3 methods to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC using these 3 android emulators. You can also use them on your laptop or any device as long as it has Windows installed in it.

Requirements for PUBG Mobile on a PC:

As I already mentioned that you don’t need any high-performance PC system to run PUBG mobile game. However, a decent graphics card will really do the favor for you.

Basic Requirements:
  • A PC with 4 gigabytes(GB) Ram
  • 500 Gigabytes(GB) of Hard Disk(the game is only 2 GB and you are going to need some more space for the engine that going to run your android game on your Windows device).
  • Intel HD Graphics(Minimum)
  • Core i3 Processor(Minimum)
  • Internet Connection.
  • DirectX(Updated version).
  • Android Emulator

So, how you are going to run PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC or Laptop. All this stuff can run your game well but if you see any lags a graphics card will be more than enough to kill those lags. Or if you think your PC is old you can read how to increase your PC performance to fix lags in PUBG Mobile.

official way to play pubg mobile on a windows pc with gameloop

Official Way to Play PUBG Mobile on PC with Gameloop:

Most of us already know that the best and the official way to play PUBG Mobile on a PC is with Gamelopp(Tencent Gaming Buddy) Emulator. This is an Android Emulator officially launched by Tencent itself.

One of the best Windows Emulators for Playing PUBG Mobile on PC is Gameloop(formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy) You can easily download this emulator and directly install it. The downloadable data is only 10 Mb, but it takes almost 500-600 MB extra for downloading all the resources and engines.

After downloading this emulator, you will need to install it on your PC. Bit don’t get over-smart and do anything stupid thing because let me tell you that this software is really one of its kind. You do a simple wrong trick, and you will have to download everything from the start. So, read this whole thing first.

After installing it, simply let it download its engine first. One thing you must remember that you will have to download everything from the beginning with one single data connection. I have faced this problem so many times with several PCs. If you change your wifi or data connection during the download or installation, just be ready to get some error before even you start your game.

So, after the engine gets downloaded, just go to the game page, and find the PUBG mobile and open it. Let it load the page nicely then you hit the download button. You see, this emulator is really good for playing PUBG mobile, but you have to take some precautions before you download it on your PC. I am saying this to those who have low-end PCs. So, After you download the whole game, it will take almost 10-15 mins to install the game on your PC. So, you sit back with a bag of chips. Also, you don’t open any other apps, Software, browser, or any application that uses the Internet during the whole process. Yes, I am not kidding.

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Some of my friends came asking for help to install the emulator and I have faced a different kind of problems during the installations.

Follow this Picture Guide to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC officially-

Go to Download GameLoop Emulator.

go to download gameloop emulator page

Download, and Install Gameloop on your PC or Laptop.

Open the Emulator and let it complete the Engine Downloading.

open game center tab and locate pubg mobile

Now Open Game Center and Locate PUBG Mobile.

Open PUBG Mobile and click on Download on your PC.

So, here you go. Gameloop now automatically download and Install PUBG Mobile on your PC. It will take almost 1 hour or so(depends on your Internet connection). After it gets installed completely, the game will start automatically. You don’t have to do anything further.

2nd Method to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

LDplayer is another android emulator for PC. It has all the things that are necessary to play PUBG Mobile on PC. However, it is not officially launched by Tencent like the GameLoop. However, this one is different from the rest of the third-party emulators. Other Emulators don’t have customized key mapping for PUBG Mobile but this LDplayer has one of the best keymappings to play PUBG Mobile with ease. It also has an auto-update feature that downloads and installs new updates from PUBG Mobile.

Follow this Guide to Install LDplayer and Play PUBG Mobile on PC-

Go to Download LDplayer link. (for Windows users). File Size: 250 MB.

Now Install it on your PC or Laptop.

The Next Step is to go to the Playstore from the LDplayer window.

Search PUBG Mobile and Install it.

And you are all good to go. Your PUBG Mobile will be installed in your PC in a moment and you will be able to play it just like you do it on your Phone. If you want a detailed article on LD player Download, Install and customization, please comment down and let us know.

3rd Method to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC

The 3rd method is the Noxplayer android emulator. This android emulator is also a great emulator for PUBG Mobile on PC. Many gamers are also using this emulator because of its great efficiency and network boost feature. Nox player can be used for many other purposes besides gaming. You can download and install other Android applications and use them in your Windows PC.

Follow these steps to download and install Nox player to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC-

3rd method on how to play pubg mobile on a windows PC with Nox emulator

  • Go to this link to Download NoxPlayer on your PC.
  • Install and open the application.
  • Go to Play Store and search for PUBG Mobile.
  • Download and Install PUBG Mobile.

After that, you will be able to play PUBG mobile on your PC without any problem. However, Nox player doesn’t have any keymapping customized for PUBG Mobile. So, you have to do the keymapping by yourself. If you want to about Nox player detail, please comment down to let us know.

How to play PUBG on PC: Conclusion:

From the very beginning, players are very happy to find a way to play PUBG Mobile on PC. Thousands of players from all over the world play PUBG Mobile game on PC using different emulators but the Gameloop(Tencent Gaming Buddy) is the best and the easiest way to do it. You can also use the other two emulators I have mentioned on the list.

Besides PUBG mobile, players can download, install, and play other games like Free Fire, COD Mobile, etc. I hope you all like this article. Please share it with your friends too.

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