PUBG Mobile: How to Win TVS Bikes, Oppo Smartphones, and More Gifts on this Diwali

This time in Diwali, PUBG Mobile has brought real-gifts for their players. PUBG Mobile team is giving New Smartphones, TVS Bikes, and many other gifts to their best players at this festival of Diwali. Don’t you want to be one of them? You are here! so I guess you play PUBG too. If you too want to take a chance to get those exclusive gifts by playing PUBG Mobile then here in this article, I will be explaining Wow you really can Win these Diwali gifts, and what you exactly have to do.

How to Win TVS Bikes, Oppo Smartphones, and more Gifts in PUBG mobile
PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event: How To Win TVS Bike, Oppo Smartphone

PUBG Mobile has shown the world that it is not only a game, but it is also an emotion. How? I will explain this in my next article, in the meantime, you can subscribe to our website with your email ID. I am pretty sure that most of us love PUBG Mobile games. The game is growing every day, and so its players.
Players have found many ways to show their skills to the world and get fame. I mean who doesn’t want to get famous while they are only teenagers? We Indians also play this game so much. So, in this Diwali festive season, the PUBG Mobile team has decided to make Indian PUBG players even happier. Yes, in this exclusive time they are giving away not only exclusive in-game items but also real-life gifts to the players.
The game will allow players to claim some exciting gifts and benefits for completing the special missions in this season. However, the benefits are will be in the form of in-game items, and some will be the luckiest after the end of this season.

PUBG mobile Diwali Dhamaka event coming with lots of gifts and rewards
How To Win Diwali Dhamaka Event in PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile team said that players will complete the daily missions to get Diwali sparkless. They can use this sparkles to burst Diwali crackers and get tokes as gifts. After getting the tokens they can use them to redeem the exclusive in-game items like Kurta Pajama Set, Cricket Costume, Future Policewoman set, Lobster Set, AWM/M416 gun skins, Crate Coupons, etc.

However, this will not be so easy this time. You can say that this is a contest, not an event which will be in three different levels. There will be several in-game rewards in the set of twenty-five crackers at each level. Complete all the levels by collecting all the sparkless and bursting all crackers which will get you exclusive in-game items as I said earlier.

And some few with the best result will be gifted amazing prizes like TVS Apache motorcycle, Oppo Phones, Boat Headphones, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Level three Backpack, PUBG Mobile T-shirts and PUBG Mobile Cap. So, don’t be lazy and hurry up. Get the best results and win all of them.
Let you know that the event is only for a limited time. This PUBG Mobile Diwali festive event will be closed on 4 November.

How to Win TVS Bikes, Oppo smartphones, and more Gifts on this Diwali

Follow these guidelines to participate in PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event and get a chance to win TVS Bikes, OPPO Smartphones, and other cool gifts-
Play PUBG Mobile Game and complete daily missions and special Diwali even missions every day.
Collect sparklers for completing the missions. You will get Diwali crackers with those set of sparklers.
Collect the Diwali crackers, and burst it in the lobby.
You will get special tokens. With the tokens, you will get exclusive in-game items like Gun skins, Costume, Crate coupons, and many more.
The event will be at three different levels. You will enter the next level after completing the previous level completely.
To win the TVS Apache, and Oppo smartphones, play hard till 4 November and collect all sparklers, crackers, tokens, and special in-game gifts from the three different levels.
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