PUBG Mobile introduces Real-Time Hacker Detector | Hackers Play Fair or Beware

PUBG Mobile Hacker detector is nowhere to ban all the hackers from the game. After so many frustrating moments and so many failed games, finally, we are going to get some answers for hackers. Yes, Recently Tencent Games and PUBG Mobile Corp have introduced a new method of Hacking Detection System which is a Real-Time Hacker Detector. They announced this new system on their Twitter page and also gave warning to all the unfair players.

PUBG Mobile introduces Real-Time Hacker Detector
PUBG Mobile introduces Real-Time Hacker Detector|

It is getting very hard to play PUBG Mobile these days. The game is becoming a game of hacking and cheating. Every one player in 50 players cheats in PUBG Mobile using third-party applications. Guess what, India is in the top list if we talk about cheating in PUBG Mobile. Even the top rankers and YouTubers are hacking and using many cheating methods like aimbot, auto-aim, wallhacks to win matches.

Now, If we are here for some serious gaming than cheating is never an option. That is why PUBG Mobile Corp has recently developed an amazing feature to take care of these hackers. From now on cheating in PUBG Mobile will no longer be as easy as it was.

PUBG Mobile introduces Real-Time Hacker Detector

PUBG Mobile always tried to give its players a fair and enjoyable game environment. According to PUBG Mobile and Tencent Games, they have hundreds of professionals who have been working to observe and detect every one of those players who use cheat in the games. But from the last year, we faced even more hackers in the game, and that is because of the availability of these cheating applications. So to stop these hackers, finally PUBG Mobile has introduced a real-time hacker detector going on live in a few days.

Real-time hacker time hacker detector is now live on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Corp has never tolerated cheaters, and that is why after so many researching, they have developed a new hacking detection system to detect hackers in PUBG Mobile which detects hackers in real-time.

The Real-Time hacker detector is very effective as we all can see that PUBG mobile has already banned 3800+ accounts in just one week. PUBG Mobile team said that cheating or hacking in the game can never be tolerated. They just developed a strong real-time hacking detection system for the players who don’t play fair. 

How Real-Time Hacker Detector Works

It can be possible to take an impossible shot with so much luck and skills, and that is why PUBG Mobile teams used to have a hard time to detect hackers in the game. But now, the real-time hacker detector is one step ahead of the cheaters. You can take an impossible shot, but you can not go from Rozhok to Novo in a short time because every vehicle speed has a limit.

If your traveling time does not match the game data then you will be banned instantly by the real-time hacker detector. Also, if you are changing any other data like flying cars, going through water, killing a level 3 armored enemy with one bullet, they will detect you and ban your account.

warning for hackers from PUBG Mobile twitter page

Warning for Hackers on PUBG Mobile Twitter page

They updated the new real-time hacker detector with the recent 0.15.0 update and I think it is working. I haven’t met a hacker inPUBG Mobile game for quite a while.

Recently, PUBG Mobile warned the hackers on their Twitter page. PUBG Mobile says,” Hackers lay Fair or Beware”. They also uploaded a link of the 3800 players who recently got banned for using cheats and hacks in the game. PUBG mobile also said that this is not going to stop here and asked to check for more banned hackers on their official page after somedays again. 
Check The List of Banned Accounts Here.


Attention hackers! We see you ? and we’re coming for you. ? Here’s our latest list of hacker prey. Check back tomorrow for more! ?

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) October 30, 2019

Also, they cleared some myths which were going on among the players. According to many feedbacks and comments, Players from all over the world started to accuse them of promoting the hackers who spend money in the game or not banning the hackers who use premium hacks. But PUBG Mobile Corp has clearly said that those are myths, they are not promoting any cheaters or hackers. “We have millions of players who are playing fair and enjoying our game and they are also creating a huge revenue for us, we will never want to hurt their fair and fun experience of gaming. We always have tried to create a cheater free PUBG Mobile and we appointed hundreds of experts on this matter and we are trying so hard to get rid of it”, says PUBG Mobile.

Conclusion- If you ask me I would say that maybe this Real-Time hacker detector is working this time. I play PUBG Mobile too and I haven’t seen a hacker for quite a long time. However, some hackers who use hacks very carefully. Even the hacker detector can not detect them. We only can detect them by observing their gameplays. So, please take a moment to report them if you see any suspect in your game and never promote hackers if they show up in your team. Help PUBG Mobile to create a fair and fun gaming environment.

I hope you feel better after reading this piece of information. Please comment below if you have any queries and also share with your friends who don’t know about this cool news.