PUBG Mobile: Grab your Killing Machine Suite from the New Lucky Spin Event

PUBG Mobile is always ready to surprise their players with amazing and cool in-game items. After giving an amazing spring party event and red packet festival, PUBG Mobile once again came up with a new event called the Lucky Spin event. As we all know that Lucky Spin is quite common in the game, but this time the rewards are quite tempting. The new Lucky Spin event has the Killing Machine Suite which going through a lot of discussions recently. The legendary outfit is so cool as you can see in the photo. The event also has several other amazing game items like parachute skin, car skin, and another legendary outfit too. Excited? Grab your Killing Machine Suite now.

Grab your Killing Machine Suite from the New Lucky Spin Event

The Killing Machine Lucky Spin went live on 23rd January which was yesterday. In this event, PUBG Mobile is featuring two legendary outfits and some other in-game items. The event will stay active until the quarter of this year. Players have to buy a spin draw for 60 UC or you can buy 10 draws for 540 UC. Also, whoever is trying his first luck at this event will get an amazing discount. Yes, the first draw of this Lucky Spin event will charge you only 10 UC. New Lucky Spin Event The Lucky Spin event has other cool items like red-black Darcia Skin, red-black parachute skin, blood bound helmet, and blood bound permanent outfit. All the items are very cool. Also, you can get golden fragments during your draws or other items like crate coupons.

The Killing Machine Suite is a must to get the outfit in season 11. This legendary outfit can not be compared to any other outfit of Season 11. Several famous YouTubers have already tried their luck and won the legendary Killing Machine suite with other Luck Spin items. If you want to watch the new Lucky Draw Spin for Killing machine suite then check the video.

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Final Words:
PUBG Mobile is giving a great opportunity to make your unique identity by claiming your Killing Machine suite from this new Lucky Spin event. Excited players can get their outfit by visiting their PUBG Mobile game lobby and check the latest Lucky Spin event.

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