How to Safely Download PUBG Mobile Kr Version in India | 2 Best Ways

Getting bored after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India? well, worry not, because you can still download, install, and play PUBG Mobile Korean version. Read: Is it safe to play the Kr version in India?

Well yes, it is safe and legal to play the Kr version. In that link, we explained in detail, why it is safe and legal.

But for now, my fellow gamers are here to download and play the Korean version right? Today we will see, how to download PUBG Mobile Korean version in the best possible ways.

In this guide, we will show you 2 different ways to download, install, and play the Korean version of PUBG Mobile India.

Both ways are fully safe and legal in India. But before we learn our main topic, let’s know about the app.

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PUBG Mobile Korean Version

Most of us know about PUBG Mobile Global which is the worldwide version of the game. However, some countries did not allow the global version because of security reasons. To solve the problem, PUBG Mobile Corp has launched different versions of the game for specific countries like the Chinese and the Korean version known as PUBG Mobile Kr.

pubg mobile kr version download in taptap

Pros of PUBG Mobile Kr

Easily to collect mythic items.

Fast updates.

Access to play matches with global players


The global account won’t work in the Korean version.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Kr in India safely(2 Best Ways)

As already mentioned, in this guide, we will give you the 2 best ways to download PUBG Mobile Kr in India. To download the game safely on our android device we are going to either of these two apps mentioned below.

1. Tap Tap App

2. Play Store App

How to Install PUBG Mobile Kr with Tap Tap App

Visit from your Chrome browser.

Download the Tap app on your smartphone.

Install the app and open it.

Create an account and search for PUBG Mobile Korean.

From the search result, find PUBG Mobile with a little KR sign.

Download it and install it on your android smartphone.

Note: To install Tap Tap app or PUBG Mobile Kr, you have to enable Install from Unknown Sources from the settings. To find it, Go to Settings: Privacy Protection>Special Permissions>Select App>Enable.

You can also enable it from the pop up is going to appear during the installation. Full guide in the Video.

Safely Install PUBG Mobile Kr from Play Store

how to install PUBG Mobile Kr from play store

To download PUBG Mobile Kr from the Play store, we are going to need a Korean google account. To make a Korean google account, simply create a new google account and select the country Korea in the process. With a little trick, you will get it done. Follow video below.

After making a Korean Google Account. Visit Google Play App.

Login to Google Play Store with that account.

Search PUBG Mobile Korean.

Download the PUBG Mobile KR app and install it on your smartphone.

In case you did not get it, we also made a video guide to safely download PUBG Mobile Kr from Google Play Store in India.

Final Words: Players should know that they do not have to download apk and obb to play PUBG Mobile KR. Use our recommended sites to download install and play Korean PUBG Mobile in India safely.

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