PUBG Mobile Lite: How to get Paintball/Holi-ball to play Holi

Recently, PUBG Mobile lite has brought a new 0.25.0 update in the game. Along with this update, PUBG Mobile lite has brought many new features such as flare guns, new maps, new places, and many more things. To check out all the updates of the 0.25.0 update. 

However, We also have another new feature in the game, which no one has ever seen before. Yes, this new 0.25.0 update includes a new colorful ball that can be used to play Holi. You just have to collect these colorful paintballs and throw them to others and they will get painted as soon as the ball hits them.  Cool right? Today in this article I am going to tell you about how to get these paintballs or we can call it Holi balls to play Holi in PUBG Mobile Lite?

How to get Paintball/Holiball to play Holi in PUBG Mobile Lite

To get Holi balls or paintballs, you need to find the new place called picnic spot in the Varenga map of PUBG Mobile lite. The picnic spot is just another update of  0.25.0. The map has several places with this kind of picnic spot. You can go to these picnic spots and tap celebrate button appears on your screen.

showing picnic spot to collect paintball in the photo
PUBG Mobile lite: play Holi

After doing that, you will see a small colorful ball near you. Collect the ball and you all ready to play Holi with your friends. Through the Holi balls to your squad members or enemies to paint their whole body. The colors are temporary, it will not stay much longer. After disappearing the colors, you can use your paintballs again.

image of how to play holi in pubg mobile lite
how to play Holi

As I already mentioned that this update will be available in a 0.25.0 update which is still on the beta version. You have to download the Beta version of PUBG Mobile lite to play this feature or just wait till the global update gets live.

Along with the Holi playing update, the 0.25.0 update will bring many amazing features in-game. You will see, new map, new places in the old map, quick handgun feature, new HD graphics, new stunt Granade animations, and more.

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