PUBG Mobile New Season is about to bring new guns and skins[leaked]

PUBG Mobile: Season after season PUBG Mobile is bringing new and amazing things for the players. Every new season brings lots of new emotes, guns, skins, maps, etc. Recently, they gave many new things to PUBG Mobile players and more are yet to come. Let you know that the ending date of old season is near, and the new season is going to start soon. So, what is going to be? What are they planning for this time in a 0.15.5 update? In this article, I will share with you some leaked updates about the new upcoming PUBG Mobile New Season.

Pubg Mobile New Season

What is coming with PUBG Mobile New Season

If you play PUBG Mobile too, you would know that old season is going to end on 9th November. Soon after that, the new season will start. However we don’t know the exact date of getting new season update because the PUBG corp did not mention it yet, but we do have some idea of what you guys are going to get in this new Season update.
According to some sources, I have collected some information. According to the top website, PUBG Mobile is about to bring new emotes, skins, and loads of new outfits. The new outfits are going to be much cooler than before. Some days ago, a leaked video that included a bunch of headgear. Some of them include the Desert Trooper Set, Apocalypse Guardian Set, Snowflake Girl Set, Irradiated Frog Set, and more.
Also, the source said that this time the pricing of the royal past is going to change little. Maybe they will decrease the price. But it is not clear that is it going to save our money or we will be spending more to die in the rice field of PUBG.

New Guns and Skins in 0.15.5 update(New Season)

Also, PUBG Mobile is going to add many amazing skins in new season which includes Naughty Imp Parachute(A very cute looking greenish parachute), Unsleeping city finish plane skin(A punk designed plane skin), past glory buggy (a dirty looking buggy), Mischievous Mascots UAZ( A really cool looking greenish UAZ skin), Ice Sculpture Snowmobile(A light green colored snowmobile skin), Draconic fury(Fire colored AKM skin), Dragon link helmet(The coolest helmet with dragon horn), M249 skin, Armoured Hunter Dacia, etc.
Also, according to the ghost gaming youtube channel, we will be getting a brand new gun in PUBG Mobile new season which is MP5K. MP5K maybe an Smg gun that will fire 9mm bullet. There will be some other attachments for this gun too.
There are also some other skins that you will only get from the exclusive crate in new season. which also includes the Armoured Dacia which has a great submachine gun in front of it. It looks so cool.
Conclusion– It seems PUBG Mobile new season is going blast up the season with amazing and new skins. PUBG Corp team just have surprised us with the new Payload mode and yet more to come. Also, we will know about the new royal pass price at the beginning of New Season.