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Sahmee is on the Sanhok map of the PUBG mobile game. Sahmee is a small village located on the lower corner of Sanhok Map of PUBG Mobile. If you know about Pai Nan or Cave then you will be able to locate Sahmee just near these two locations. Many players ask about Sahmee because it is quite hard to find Sahmee on the map. This place is so little and located in a corner. Players find these places to complete their Royale Pass Mission which is Kill 20 Enemies in Sahmee with AKM.

There are several other missions in Sahmee too. Today I am going to tell you the complete details of Sahmee. PUBG Mobile is a very famous game. It has 4 amazing maps. All the maps have many different locations and these locations are actually hard to find. Today I am here to help you with a small village called Sahmee. PUBG Mobile players often search for Sahmee to land and get some kill.

Where is Sahmee| PUBG mobile

Sahmee Complete Details| Where is Sahmee:

As you can see in the photo, Sahmee is located on the lower-left corner of Sanhok Map. It is a small village with many abandoned houses. Most of the houses have two floors. If you look on the southwest side in the Sanhok map you will see this place called Sahmee because it is the only village nearest to the Southwest sea of Sanhok. You can also recognise Sahmee by looking for its neighbourhood places like Camp-charlie. Sahmee is the nearest village to the Camp Charlie town. Sahmee is also nearest to Pai Nan, Ruins, Na Kham, and Ban Tai.

Sanhok map has 3 islands on it. Sahmee is in the second biggest island. As you can see, the biggest island is with the Boot Camp and Paradise resort. The smallest one is with the Camp Alpha. The third island on the southwest side has Pai Nan, Camp Charlie, Ruins, Na Kham, Ban Tai, Tambang, and Sahmee on it.


Loot Details

There enough loot for 1 or 2 teams in Sahmee. Many weapons, armors, throwable, medicines, etc can be found in Sahmee. It is a very good place to loot and get ready in for a classic Sanhok match. There are stacks of players that drop here in Sahmee and you can find a lot of weapons and items such as healing items, weapon attachments, scopes, bold snipers etc. Sahmee in a corner of Sanhok map it is not as famous as Bootcamp. Fewer people come to this place but you will find 1 or 2 teams every time you go to Sahmee.

House and Building Details

Sahmee village has a total of 29 houses in it. 15 of the houses are two-stories house and the rest of are one-story. Also, there are some extra houses nearby Sahmee.

Kill 20 Enemies with AKM in Sahmee Mission

We need AKM in this mission. Royale Pass brings many missions every season. Sahmee is in a lot of discussion of the mission. In this mission, players suppose to go to Sahmee, find AKM rifle, and kill 20 enemies with it. For better information on how to do this mission, you can check this short video.

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Sahmee all Side Details

  • Sahmee South Side: The sea is in the South area of Sahmee. Also there is a small hill on this side. If you need a boat, you can go to the south side of Sahmee.
  • Sahmee North Side: If you are in the Blue Zone and you want to go to the center, then you must go to the Northside of Sahmee. Northside has the Pai Nan with the other two islands.
  • Sahmee East Side: Eastside has the way to Camp Charlie. If you follow the road to Eastside, you will Camp Charlie, The bridge to the other island, and the famous Cave of Sanhok.
  • Sahmee West Side: The West side of Sahmee also has the road to Na Kham, Tambang, and Ruins. You also go to CampAlha with the bridge on the south side of Sahmee.

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