PUBG Mobile Season 14 Operation official Release Date

Recently PUBG Mobile is going really viral because of it’s new upcoming season. Players from all over the world getting crazy for the new Royale Pass Season 14 and all the new rewards, skins, outfits, etc coming with it. And the only question is when will the Royale Pass Season 14 will arrive on PUBG Mobile Game? Today in this article I am going to clear your doubts with some information from the valid source.

Royale Pass Season Operation: Since from the beginning PUBG Mobile gave more than some game to their players. In every major update after 3 months, PUBG Mobile brings new events to participate, new missions to complete, and new Royale Pass rewards to collect. In the previous days, these seasons last for 6 months but now because of huge demand, a Royale Pass Season lasts for 3 months.
Last time, PUBG Mobile brought many surprises with Season 10 but this time it is even better. Season 14 is named Operation which has many cool next level futuristic outfits, gun skins, and more. Let you all know that PUBG Mobile is all ready through the new Royale Pass Season 14 into the game and they have announced the official release date of the Season 14 on their Twitter Handle.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Operation officially Release Date by Twitter

Yes, the PUBG Mobile team announced on their twitter handle about the new PUBG Mobile Season 14 operation is going to launch on January 10 this week. They also mentioned a name for this season which is Operation. PUBG Mobile says on twitter that The future is almost here! Royale Pass Season 14 Operation is launching on January 10!. You check the official Twitter post by PUBG Mobile Team below.

The future is almost here! Royale Pass Season 14 Operation is launching on January 10!


They also have posted a very futuristic looking photo of the Season 14 Operation and it is looking very cool. Season Operation is going quite on the discussion and everyone is already getting a glimpse

PUBG Mobile also made an aware to those who have the season 13 royale pass which is going to end on 8th January. Yes, Royale Pass Season 13 will be locked after a morning at 10 AM. So, if you have still rewards to collect or missions to complete do it now.

Final words: All this information is true and directly from the official twitter handle of PUBG Mobile. The Royale Pass Season 14 operation will be released on January 10th in the morning. Update your game in time to enjoy all the latest features and events.

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