PUBG Mobile Spring Party Event: How to Get Lantern Materials to make Lantern

PUBG Mobile just came up with a new event called the Spring Party. This event special for the Lunar New Year, and PUBG Mobile Corp and Tencent Games are giving away rewards, gifts, and permanent outfits for this special occasion. Players are very much excited about this event. Spring Party Event is now live, and it will be available from 21st Jan 2020 to 2 Feb 2020.
PUBGM Spring Party Event: How to Get Lantern Materials to make Lantern

PUBG Mobile Sring Party Festival is going through a lot of discussions recently. It has many gifts and rewards for PUBGM lovers such as exclusive airplane skin, parachute skin, and a permanent Chinese outfit. However, many players are having problems with understanding the event. So, today in this article I am going to tell you how to get Materials and use them to make lanterns. Also why the lanterns are essential to get your PUBGM Spring Party Rewards.

What is PUBGM Spring Party Event

PUBG Mobile is wishing the Lunar New Year with everyone. On that, Tencent has given an opportunity to PUBG Mobile players to celebrate this new year with the Spring Party Event and collect a cool permanent outfit. The event has several other gifts to collect too. This event has gone live today(21st January 2020). PUBG Mobile has also shared this news on twitter and asked their beloved PUBGM lovers to collect exclusive permanent outfit in the game.

Lunar New Year is coming! PUBG Mobile is ready for a Prosperous Spring! During our Spring Party, collect the Lanterns, exchange with your friends, and get permanent outfits! #pubgmobile #pubg #pubgspringfest #lanternfestival

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The Spring festival Event is all about collecting materials and making beautiful Chinese lanterns with them. The event has 4 phase which means every player have to make 4 lanterns before the event expires to collect all the rewards.

Now each lantern needs 5 materials. Bamboo case, Cloth,, candle, etc. These things you going spawn on your classic matches but it is a little confusing. Now let’s understand, how we actually can get lantern materials to make lanterns and collect rewards.

How to Get Lantern Materials to make Lantern

  • Players can find Lantern materials such as bamboo case, brush, lantern decorator, candle, etc in the material bags.

PUBG Mobile Spring Event

  • You will find these things in a small bag. You can check the picture of the bag in figure(1). These bags will spawn randomly in your classic matches, and you can collect 10 of them every day.

How to Get Lantern Materials to make Lantern

  • After you collect them it will be stored in your inventory, and you need to open them like crates. Each bag opening will get you one of those materials.

How to Get Lantern Materials to make Lantern

  • As long as you collect all of those materials, you can make your first lantern. Players will get the rewards appearing on the lantern as soon as they complete the lantern.

Trading Lantern Materials with friends

PUBG Mobile game now also allows its players to trade their materials. Yes, in case you don’t have enough materials but your friends have a lot of them. In that case, you can trade your materials with their materials. To trade or give lantern materials go to the Give or Exchange section in Spring Party Event.


Final Words: PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event will be available till 2nd February. All you need to do is, play classic matches collect the material bags. You have to open these bags from the inventory to receive lantern materials. As soon as you have all the materials, you make them Lanterns by going to the material record section.

I hope this will help to understand the PUBGM Spring Event quite well. Please share it with your friends too. Thanks for your Support!!!