Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade | Full Guide

Live streaming is easy these days. You can find lots of free Android apps to stream with just an Android Smartphone. Many of the Indian gamer want to be a PUBG Mobile streamer. Since the game is very popular, many of us want to live stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube or Facebook. So, how do we stream PUBG Mobile from our smartphone?

Let you all know that it is very easy to stream with an android smartphone. If you are also one of them who wants to be a YouTube streamer and live stream PUBG Mobile from smartphone then you are in the right place. Today, I give you the best way to live stream PUBG Mobile with just an android smartphone.

Best PUBG Mobile streaming Guide for Android Users

In this guide on streaming PUBG Mobile from Android Smartphone is completely free. All you are going to need is an Android Smartphone and a recording and streaming app called Omlet Arcade which is free to use.

Before we head to our how to stream PUBG Mobile tutorial, let us know the basic requirements for streaming PUBG Mobile on Android.

Requirements for PUBG Mobile Streaming

We are going to need a decent android smartphone and some other required staff to stream PUBG Mobile. Many gamers suggest different kind of tools and apps. Here, we recommending these basic requirements needed for streaming PUBG Mobile on an Android smartphone.

Tools and Apps we are going to need for streaming PUBG Mobile on Android smoothly-

  • An Android Smartphone (with)
  • Snapdragon 845 or+ Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Storage.
  • Stable Wifi Connection(1-2 mbps or +)
  • Android Version 8 +
  • Omlet Arcade App.

Omlet Arcade for Android

Omlet Arcade is currently he best streaming application you can find on Android. To record and live stream PUBG Mobile with Android, Omlet Arcade is a very easy and free to use app which is perfect for beginners. This android app also has a premium version and very easy to use application that will help you to go live on any platforms like YouTube or Facebook in just 5 minutes.

There are many apps available to stream games from a android devices. Most of these android or iOS apps are free but all of them are not the best. Omlet Arcade is a genuine streaming app for android smartphones that provides the best quality service.

Omlet Arcade Features

  • Free to use
  • Customizable.
  • Free theme screens
  • Add an external camera.
  • Easy connect to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.
  • Premium version available.

How to Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

So, let’s get you through a 5 minute set up guide for the Omlet Arcade streaming app to live stream PUBG Mobile from a smartphone. Just follow these simple steps to go live on YouTube and start streaming PUBG Mobile with android smartphone.

Go to this LINK, download the Omlet Arcade App, and install it on Android.

Install Omlet arcade on Android to stream

Create an account by choosing a user ID and password.

After this, click on the Plus Icon and click on go Live.

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

On this page, select in which platform you want to go live. If you want to go live on Youtube then select the Youtube

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

Link Your account and When it’s done, Hit on GO LIVE

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

Now From here, Select PUBG Mobile from Drop Down Menu. Give a Title to your stream and write a description for it.

The Event is not necessary, and buffs are only for the player who does live streams on Omlet Arcade App.

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

After this, come to overlay and click on the small settings icon. From here you can select the theme of your stream. Also by going to the setting you will see options to change your profile picture. Click on Done then click on Save.

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

Now check quality. Select quality according to your Internet speed. and in the next Push Notification section, select if you want any notification from your viewers during the live stream.

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

And that’s it. Click on Done and hit on Start Streaming on the next screen.

Stream PUBG Mobile with Android and Omlet Arcade

To go live with PUBG Mobile the final step is open PUBG Mobile game. When the game starts, go to your recording options.

Start recording with the Omlet Arcade app, and Start Broad Casting And soon you will be notified as you live now.

In case you don’t want to read, check this detailed PUBG Mobile streaming guide video to start streaming PUBGM on YouTube.

Streaming PUBG Mobile on Facebook using Omlet Arcade

To stream PUBG Mobile on Facebook using Omlet arcade-

  • Open The Omlet Arcade App.
  • Select Go Live.
  • Select the Facebook option below to YouTube.
  • Log in to Facebook using you Facebook Login ID.

How to start PUBG Mobile Streaming on Facebook using Omlet Arcade

After connecting to your Facebook account successfully, just do the rest as mentioned above for YouTube.

Streaming PUBG Mobile on Twitch using Omlet Arcade

Streaming on Twitch is also pretty much the same. All you need to do is connect your Omlet Arcade app with your Twitch account. Follow these steps to create a Twitch account and connect it with Omlet Arcade.

Go to Twitch TV.

  • Create an account with an Email ID and Password.
  • Now open Omlet Arcade and Go Live.
  • Select Twitch and Connect your Twitch Account

Now the rest of the settings are the same. Just set up your Overlays and screen options and hit Start Streaming.

Select the Broadcast option and you are all set to stream PUBG Mobile on Twitch TV.

Tips to Remember while streaming PUBG Mobile

  • Use a stable Internet connection.
  • Do Not use more than one device with Wifi.
  • Stop all the unnecessary background app before you start streaming PUBG Mobile.
  • Use Anti-Virus software and scan if any malware on your phone. It will increase your upload speed for better streaming quality.
  • Before you start your stream, check your session with another phone or PC.
  • Specifically, check whether your streaming session is showing any frame lags. If it is, reduce your video quality to 480.
  • Also, Check your name, and descriptions.
  • Always Concentrate on Winning the game.
  • Interact with fans after you finish the game with tips, tricks, and guides for winning.
  • last but not least always use the best quality while streaming. Cause no one is going watch poor quality stream for their entertainment. I repeat, No One.

Final words: Omlet Arcade the best and easiest live streaming app to stream PUG Mobile on any platform like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. Just follow these simple steps or watch the full video guide to living stream any mobile game on any platform from your Smartphone.

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