PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 Tips: New Setting, Free Skins, Features | Full Guide

PUBG Mobile lovers are very excited after the 2.4.0 update. Beautiful snowy destinations, freestyle snowboarding, Cable cars, new TDM modes, and so much more new features are now live with this update. Have you tried it all? There is much more we can do now than before in PUBG Mobile. Today in this article, you will know about all the new settings, Tips, and new features that can be used now after a 2.4.0 update.

PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 update went live on this year, and there are many features that many players don’t know about.


PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 Tips: New Settings, Free Skins, Features

Ornaments for Bag pack

1. Get Reward for Updating PUBG Before 17th December

As we all know that PUBG Mobile 2.4.0 update is now live. This update is of 670MB. Download this new feature-loaded version before 17th December to get an exclusive Winter dress for 3 days, 50 Silver Fragment, and 2888 BP coins for free. 

2. Download Maps to get Rewards:

PUBG Mobile is also giving rewards for downloading all the maps. There are two different sections of maps. Download all the resources to get an outfit crate and download all the maps to get another outfit crates for free. 

3. How to get Bag Pack Ornaments?

In this update, PUBG Mobile also brought a new kind of ornament that can be applied to our bag packs. This ornament looks really cool and you probably have heard about it. To get your own bag pack ornament, go to the shop and then enter the redeem section. There you will see a bunch of things we can get with a price of Silver fragments. Go down and you will see some different Bag Pack ornaments can be redeemed with a small number of Silver Fragments.

4. How to Set/ Change Loadout in TDM matches?

How to Set/ Change Loadout in TDM matches

TDM matches are longer in the old style. You will have to set your loadout first. There are 4 slots to set your loadout for TDM. Go to matchmaking>Team Deathmatch. You will see a small crate on the window. Click on that. The player will get 4 different slots to set their guns. Click on the gun section and then click on equip to set yours in the slot. You can change your gun slot while you are respawning in TDM. Remember to set your slot with grenades and safety guns too.

 Also, most of your attachments and guns will be locked. The more you play the more you earn points and the more weapons and attachments will be unlocked to use. 

5. Enable or Disable Sliding Feature, FPP Swap feature

Enable or Disable Sliding Feature, FPP Swap feature

Don’t feel comfortable with sliding feature in Team Deathmatch? Now you can disable this feature in setting. To Disable the sliding feature of Team Deathmatch, go to settings>basics> 3rd line. You will see a slide setting option, click on disable to disable it permanently.

How to enable or disable TPP to FPP swap: Go to settings>Bascs>4th line>FPP Swap. Click Enable or disable. 

6. How to play New EvoGround Modes(RageGear TDM/RageGear Pickup)

Players can now play two all-new Evoground modes that are available in the game. Both modes are basically car fights. Players will fight to win each other by destroying each other’s cars. There are two modes, RageGear TDM and RageGear Pickup.  RageGear TDM: Go to match making>EvoGround>RageGear TDM>Play. There will be 12 players divided into two teams. Every 2 players will get a car. Someone will drive the armored car and the partner will shoot the enemy cars. Three different Cars will be attached to three different weapon systems.  Darcia with a machine gun, UAZ with target missile launchers and shotguns, and Buggy with RPG. All of it will start shooting enemy cars as soon as it gets in range. If a player is driving the car and it gets destroyed, he will get the chance to be the shooter in his next spawn.  There will be two different boxes which are shield box and repair box. Players will collect the repair box to get their vehicle repaired instantly. Also, you can collect the shield box to get your car a shield. The shield will not enable automatically. You have to click on the small shield button on your screen to enable your car shield.  The shooter man will be given a chance to choose between, M249, MGL, and RPG7 in every respawn. Choose your gun to match your comfort. 

The first team destroys 20 enemy cars will win.

RageGear Pickup: Everything is exactly like the RageGear TDM mode. Just a different rule. There will be 40 small boxes that will be there in the field. Players will collect the boxes to win. If a player collects some boxes it stays in his vehicle. So, if an enemy destroys your vehicle, you lose the collection boxes. The first team manages to collect all the 40 boxes and stays 30 sec without losing them wins the match.Also remember, to collect extra boxes. For instant, if you have already collected 50 boxes and one of your vehicles gets destroyed and loses 10 boxes, you will still be the winner.  

7. How to Set different Key Mapping for Classic Matches and TDM matches?

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Set different Key Mapping for Classic Matches and TDM matches

Do you know guys, PUBG Mobile now allows to set different keymaps. You can set a hardcore keymap only for TDM matches. Go to Settings>Controls> you will see now two different key mapping options. One for classic matches and another for TDM matches.

8. Tip to get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Guys, if you don’t like to spend money on Royal Pass or other kinds of stuff and crates then you can buy amazing gun skins with your silver fragments. Go to Shops> Redeem> there you can see a lot of exclusive items with golden gun skins and other legendary outfits as well. Buy anything you like with a small number of Silver fragments.  Continuously apply Healing/Bandages: Taking care of healing in PUBG Mobile is not so hard like it was. Now, we can move and heal at the same time. PUBG Mobile knows, everybody wants to apply bandages until their health is full. So, this time they came up with a new feature of auto-healing. Tap 3 times or more on bandages on your screen and it will trigger the auto-healing feature. The character will automatically apply bandages until its health is full.  Conclusion: Most awaited Christmas special, the Winter festival update 2.4.0 is live now. People are enjoying their new modes, but many don’t know about its new features. Several new settings and features are included which I have explained in this article.

I hope you guys like it. For any more queries, please comment down below.