PUBG New State Alpha Test APK Link

Want to get PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk link for android and iOS? Here is how.

PUBG New State recently came up with a lot of updates on the behalf of the game release. A new technical alpha test was deployed for the registered players and the new features are going viral like crazy. Also, Krafton has released the final trailer for the game, and also they have mentioned the final release date for the PUBG New State. But if you want to test this game now then today we are here to provide you the PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk Link.


MortaL Tries the PUBG New State Early Access

PUBG New State Playstore Download Link

As we have already mentioned that the PUBG New State only opened their servers for the Technical test which was dated October 29, 04:00 – October 30, 14:00 (UTC+0) for the registered players only. The procedure for pre-registration is here.

pubg new state alpha test install for android and iOS

If you are not one of the registered ones then what can you do is visit this link given below and pre-register for the upcoming game release.

PUBG New State Play Store Download Link.

According to Krafton, PUBG New State will be released on 11th October and your game will be downloaded automatically as soon as the game gets available on the given link.

How to Download PUBG New State Alpha Test APK

How to Download PUBG New State Alpha Test APK

However, we can still download the PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk and install it on our device. So, let’s check out how we can download and install PUBG’s new State Alpha Test APK on our Mobile phone.

We have mentioned tricks is for both Android and iOS devices. So, follow carefully-

Follow these steps to download PUBG New State Alpha APK LINK if you are an iOS user-

Step 1: First of all download and install the test file app for the app store.

Step 2: Now Click on the tester invite email which was sent by Testflight and then click on view in Testflight. It will launch Testflight.

Step 3: After that, click on “accept”. This will start downloading the test client.

In case, the app shows a code after you click on ” View in Testflight” then open Testflight on the iOS device and choose the Redeem option and enter the code to begin downloading in the client.

After downloading gets completed and installed successfully, you will be able to play PUBG New State Alpha Apk on your iOS device.

Here you go, this should solve your problem for playing PUBG New State Technical Alpha Test Apk. And if you are an Android user then there is a different trick to do the job.

PUBG new State Alpha Test Apk for Android

Android users follow these guides to playing PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk-

Every player has to be a member of the second Alpha Test. If you do not have the registration, you can get it from a friend or brother.

Step 1: After getting a registered email account. Log in to the play store with the account.

Step 2: Now go to the Google Play Store and Search PUBG New State. Tap on the app link to open the PUBG New State Technical Client Test Link.

Step 3: Now you can download the Alpha Test Apk for PUBG New State by tapping on the app link.

This way players can download the PUBG New State Alpha Test Apk link and install it on their phone.

Note: The Alpha Test may not be working after the test time because the servers will be downtown after the test period expires.

Final words: Players are very excited to download the PUBG new state and test it by themselves. However, Krafton only allowed the registered players to take the opportunity. If you haven’t registered yet then you can surely do it from the play store link. However, you can still give it a try to get the PUBG New State alpha Test Apk link from the above guide.

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