PUBG New State Beta Version is soon to release globally?

As for now, the PUBG New State Beta on the hype. Before every battle royale game release, we get a beta version for testing and this time, PUBG Mobile fans are extremely waiting for the PUBG New State Beta Version to release. Today, we will know about when the PUBG New State Beta will hit the Internet and How we can download it.

PUBG New State is a game where everyone is going to be amazed. A brand new futuristic battle royale game has recently been announced by Krafton and the game is soon going to be available to play. But what about the beta version of the game.

To answer one of the most searched terms, PUBG New State Beta Download, we headed to deep search and our team has collected a few information to tell you.

What is PUBG New State? It is a new upcoming battle royale game recently announced by Krafton and soon to be released on Play Store and App Store.

What is PUBG New State Beta Version? Beta game is an early released version of the final version of every game. In case the game is big and has a higher demand, the company tests its game with its beta version before they release the final copy.

PUBG New State Beta going to release soon?

pubg new state beta version release date information

Upcoming PUBG New State has already become the sensation of the Internet. We have various information for the Beta version of PUBG New State game which is also available on the Internet and on the PUBG New State official website.

According to the official website, there is no direct statement about any PUBG New State beta version. The game is now available for pre-order or pre-registration. Pre-registration started on 25th February 2021. There is no last date of registration, the game will directly available with the final release.

As for now, we can only think that the PUBG New state beta version is going to available before the official release. This time we also do not have any information about the registration for the beta version.

PUBG New State Beta download can also be available on various third-party apps like Tap-Tap or apk pure. You can also keep looking for the PUBG New State Beta download on those apps.

Can we download PUBG New State Beta

can we download pubg new state beta global

After available PUBG New State Beta Apk, you can directly get the Beta file from our website or you can visit the official website of PUBG: New State. There can find the beta version roughly 500-600 MB.

We have information that the PUBG New State Beta version will become available through famous YouTubers and websites, only for limited testing. The game has already great gameplay visuals on their site and we do not think they need everyone for this testing.

You can still follow these steps to get the Beta version to download, install and play before the release-

Subscribe to our website to get the latest news on PUBG New States Beta.

Follow PUBG New State Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Check the official website of PUBG New State.

Check Third-party apps.

How to Install PUBG New State Beta Apk on Phone-

Download the Beta apk file from the sources. (500-600 MB Approx).

Enable Permission to install from an unknown source on your device.

Install the app, create an account and play.

Final Words: Soon Krafton is going to declare the release date of PUBG New State. Recently in a notice, Krafton has mentioned the nature of the game. It consists of many new things that are from the feature.

Protection shield, electric shield, grappling rope, new guns, and their working mechanism, etc. All these features are going to new and will be based on 2051. So, it will be more exciting to play the beta version of the game. For now, the PUBG New State Beta version is under development. There is a chance for the app to release before May.

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