PUBG New State Gameplay, How interesting it will be!

So, guys, as you all know, the new version of PUBG “PUBG New State” is going to be released soon! And this version is going to be the best version of the game because of its amazing gameplay and its features which would transfer your gaming experience to another extraordinary level. So, let us know about today’s topic about PUBG New State Gameplay. How interesting it will be?

It has wonderful gameplay which will ultimately change your gaming perspective.

Some astonishing features of “PUBG New State Gameplay are as the below ones:

PUBG New State Tournament Details:

PUBG New State Gameplay Details

As the game is still under pre-registration, we have collected all the possible PUBG new State gameplay details from the trailer. Here you can check the trailer and analyze yourself. Our information details has some really cool updates to offer. Which you can read below-

How Interesting PUBG New State will Be?

Futuristic Gameplay:

Survival highlights within the following era PUBG New State is a set in the future, within the year 2051, and this game will have the advancement of mechanical components such as helicopters, war rolls, and many more other things are modified according to the 2050 time.

Change in Weapons:

PUBG New State Gameplay

PUBG New State will provide players with an in-game weapon customization option to help them create their weapons. However, at this point, the precise existence of these customizations is not understood.

Green flare gun:

Here you can find a green flare gun instead of a red flare gun from which you might be able to order a healthy package, third-tier loot for yourself while playing.

Indoor location:

The new state would have both outdoor and indoor locations. The game would be all settled in the mall as the trailer suggests.

New Troi Map:

New Troi Map details

New State will be supported with an 8×8 km map called Troi, as in the PUBG Mobile Global edition, such as Miramar and Erangel. In the game, 100 players can parachute onto an island to fight against one another. The match will be considered won by the last team/man remaining.

New style vehicles:

Here you can find a new style and realistic vehicles such as cars and drones. Here you would also see the realistic destruction of vehicles.

Not only that, in PUBG new state gameplay, players will also see, heavy armored UAZ, racing cars, bikes, helicopters, and more. Also, the physics behind this vehicle will also be upgraded according to Krafton INC.

Here you can find out. Drones:

Here you can find out. Drones in pubg new state

Here you can drone which can help to drop the futuristic weapons which would be a surprise to all. More than that, drones can be used for many reasons such as aspect and attacking too. High tech grappling rope, flying machines, and more to arrive in-game.

New animations:

PUBG lite has upgraded and realistic graphics and animation that make it hype on social media. It has amazing car models and emoji designs. New racing cars are also added to the game. Full of new animations and emotes will also be introduced in the upcoming PUBG new state gameplay.

Bionic arms:

Bionic arms

Here in the new state, you can find bionic arms which could further be used as weapons. These arms can be upgraded and equipped in PUBG New State gameplay.

Additional changes:

Here we found a lot of additional changes in Pubg new state gameplay, such as a change in ammo, change in investment, change in grenades, change in Molotov, change in medicines and pain killers.

Download details:

As per the official site, pre-order for the game is to be available soon on the App store and the Pre-registration is an available app store.

You can play it on your mobile either it is an iOS or Android device. Pre-register now and get exclusive rewards in your first gameplay.

Pre-registration details:

If you pre-register for the game, you can get the free skin of a vehicle as a reward from the official site of the Pub g itself.

Though preregistration for the game is not yet available in some countries, such as India, some people are facing some issues regarding preregistration.

You can register it by using various VPNs, by setting up your Google account and choosing your country other than India.

ALL new games:

Pubg New State is an all-new game, though it is the new version of the old one. All things ranging from making an account to playing the game are all new here. Nothing was found from the old version. You have to make a brand-new account if you wish to play this game. It is just the name or some features which are the same here.

Capability and requirement:

As per the guidelines of the company, this version of PUBG would be compatible with the device which has 2.5 G. B ram. Until now, there has been no upgrade for a lite version of this game which would be further compatible with low devices. If we receive any updates, we will update you soon.

Availability in India:

If we talk about the availability of Pubg new state in India.

The game is available for pre-registration at the play store in India. So, it is going to be available for download. Since many people face the problem of non-availability in India. It will soon be resolved as the company who made it is a non-china company.

So, the issue will be resolved soon. The company assures that this version of PUBG will be released soon as the issue is resolved with the government regarding the release of the game. Players from India will surely enjoy PUBG new state gameplay.

Well, we have by this article you people got to explore more about PUBG new state gameplay and other details which are necessary to be known by you. If, you are a hardcore PUBG fan and dispiritedly looking for an update on it.

So, if there is any update from the official site of PUBG, we are here to update you guys with the best and most accurate information till then stay with us and stay updated about the most exciting game, PUBG New State is an upgraded version of PUBG.

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