India’s Top 10 Most Popular PUBG New State Players

After Banning PUBG Mobile and BGMI in India, many players have shown interest in PUBG New State mobile. This game is as good as the other FPS Survival games like BGMI, COD, etc. But with a whole new futuristic concept, this game carries a different player base with different experiences in the world of battlegrounds games. So, which players are known for PUBG New State Mobile in India? Today I will be giving you a list of the Top 10 Best PUBG New State Players in India.

So, are you excited to know about your new favorite players from India who are playing New State Mobile on a different level? After knowing these players you will be able to watch their gameplay on youtube as i am also going to give the links to their Youtube Channel below,

Top Popular 10 Best PUBG New State Players In India

So, here are the Top 10 New State Mobile performers in India so far-

#1 Scout

One of the most famous names in the Indian Gaming industry is obviously the ScoutOP. His performance, skill, and engaging gameplays are so attractive that battleground mobile gamers are forced to watch his gameplay.

He is from Kolkata and a good atheist too. But because of an incident, he was forced to leave atthelit and sit in his room for a long time and that was the time when he started using the PUBG mobile for the first time.

This brilliant gamer really wins the heart of a lot of people with his gaming skill. Not only this, but he is actually famous for PUBG Mobile Esports India. From the beginning of the game, Scout has shown flawless performances in most of the PUBGM Esports.

He represented Kolkata and played against many Global Teams from Asian countries. But after PUBG Mobile got banned and these tournaments came to an end, Scout has shown interest in many other games such as PC games, Mobile Games like BGMI, and New State Mobile too.

His master skills from PUBG Mobile always come in handy when he plays New State and his fans always go crazy watching him using futuristic features in PUBG New State.

Scout Official YouTube Channel Link:

#2 Mortal

Yes, the well-known Mortal of PUBG Mobile is also playing PUBG New State these days. Mortal may not be a master like Scout but he is always a leader because of his survival technique. Unlike the other New State Players, Mortal adopted the game right after it was released in India.

Mortal is also known for the PMCO, PMIS, and other PUBGM tournaments but he was not as active as Scout and Jonathan in Esports. Mortal’s name is Naman Mathur and he is mostly focused on his gaming channel named Mortal.

After the ban of PUBGM and BGMI, he mostly plays PC games and other mobile games as his main preference is mobile gaming. He also plays PUBG New State and enjoys its futuristic gameplay. His skill with rope and flying is quite awesome but he becomes super when it comes to survival and killing enemies.

Mortal Official YouTube Channel Link:

#3 Jonathan

Jonathan is another amazing player in PUBG Mobile. He always carries his teammates and most of the help comes from him when it’s about winning the game. His skills and experience are as good as a top-level player. That is why Jonathan was always chosen as a frontline character in the PUBGM esports.

Yes, you thought it right. Jonathan is also a PUBGM Esports player who played many tournaments and hasn’t disappointed us at all. He finished a PMCO global finale in 2019 with 4th position in terms of kills. Apart from that, his highest kills scored in PMPL 2020. Jonathan also played PMWL, PMIS, etc.

But now after all these games are banned, Jonathan also shows good interest in PUBG New State Mobile, and guess what, he is still one of the top players with all the new features in the New State Mobile game.

Jonathan Official YouTube Channel Link:

#4 GiLL

Arshpreet GiLL Singh is his full name. One of PMPL’s best performers. His role is very crucial for his team in the World League qualification in PMPL. Not only that, this pro player of Battlegrounds Mobile game has situated his name on third-best fragger in the PMPL South Asia Finals.

These days Gill shows his rage with his amazing skills and performance in the New State Mobile game. He also trained in New State gameplay and learned new features as well. GiLL recently stated that he is looking to make his name in PUBG New State Ecosystem as well.

According to his fans, not only is his gameplay perfect but the guy himself is very humble too.

Gill Official YouTube Channel Link:

#5 Snaxx

Snaxx, full name Raj Snax Varma is an Indian player who plays mostly BGMI. His sniping skill and as an assaulter for the squad are very much discussed. When he joined Team IND as a sniper after Daljit, he was the best sharpshooter on the team but later slayer took his place.

He is well known among his fans as the DP with 4X guy. His ultimate skill with DP and 4X is on another level. But after all, BGMI got banned in our country and Snaxx has moved to the PUBG New States platform. It’s been quite a while since he is playing New States and his skill is all improved with new features in the game.

After arriving in the PUBG: New State, It can be seen that his view counts have grown in big numbers. Last time he got 301k views on his live stream.

Snaxx Official YouTube Channel Link:

#6 Mavi

Mavi is a very important member of the PUBG Mobile team at Orange Rock. He joined the team in 2019 and he has helped the team so much in winning many tournaments in PUBGM Esports. Mavi plays as the IGL and assaulter of the group. His quick response and mobility are very effective in surviving and defeating an enemy squad.

Mavi’s real name is Harmandeep. His team Orange Rock has been one of the best teams in PUBG Esports. His team defeated teams like RRQ, and TSM-Entity when they were competing in PMWL East 2020. The team has secured second place in the finale.

So, after all our favorite Mavi is playing PUBG New State Mobile these days. With the BGMI also getting banned, now Mavi along with his followers moving to the New State Mobile and it seems the game is even more interesting for Mavi.

Mavi Official YouTube Channel Link:

#7 Kaash Plays

Kash Plays is a new gamer on YouTube who plays mostly battleground games. Her perfect skills are what made her so famous in the gaming niche. She is a girl and made her name in a very little amount of time. As she was playing BGMI but after getting it banned in India, Kaash Plays now playing New States mobile in most of her live streams, and guess what, she is already so good in the game too. She adapted new features so quickly.

Kaash Play Official YouTube Channel Link:

#8 Krutika Plays

This is also a new member of the 8-bit creatives. Being a new member, she has already played plenty of games with the team on many occasions. Krutika is a female who mostly plays BGMI but after the game got banned in India, she has also moved to PUBG New State Mobile.

According to her subscribers, Krutika is the by far most talented gamer among Indian female gamers and her skills in PUBG New State with flying and killing are flawless.

Krutika Plays Official YouTube Channel Link:

#9 Kani Gaming

Kani Gaming later joined Hydra Clan and is the only female clan member in it. Kani Gaming, a user name known as Hydra Kanika is known for her BGMI gameplay. She is also known for being a one-time winner in an event by Krafton.

But presently she is playing PUBG New States and winning pretty much all the games along with the hearts of her audience. Her audience loves watching her flying, killing, and winning in PUBG New States Mobile.

Kani Gaming Official YouTube Channel Link:

#10 Dynamo

Aadii Sawant is the name of Dynamo who plays in the channel called Dynamo Gaming. His youtube channel has a massive 9.9 million subscribers. Dynamo is mainly a sharp sniper shooter. His favorite dialogue when sniping an enemy is “Patt Se Headshot” after taking a headshot.

Dynamo is the lead member of Team Hydra in PUBGM Esports. After all those banning happened, he built his most expensive PC and started playing PC games but Dynamo too plays PUBG New State Mobile and his skill is on another level.

Dynamo Official YouTube Channel Link:

Final Words: PUBG New State is a sequel game after PUBG Mobile and BGMI. After all these titles and headlines about battlegrounds mobile games in India, now there is only one game left for legal playing. PUBG New States is a very good game to play. With all the new features like climb rope, shields, futuristic bombs, flashes, and even the guns are different from PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

So, people are loving their best players playing the PUBG New State.