PUBG New State Tournament: What we know so far

As we know Krafton has announced a new mobile game called PUBG New State. Recently fans are going crazy for its tournament. Various rumors about the PUBG New State tournament are roaming on the Internet. People are excited very much about this new state. So, let us know what we can offer you for this new futuristic battle royale game.

However, the release date is not yet released. But android users can pre-register for the game on the play store. According to rumors if you will pre-register for the game then you will get a special gift for free.

The best part is that it is developed by Krafton Inc. – a South-Korean video game company. This is a brand new game and it has no relation with Tencent. Hence you can play it in India without any problem.

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The trailer of PUBG new state

As of now, PUBG has officially launched the trailer of PUBG’s new state which you can see below.

In the trailer, you can see the players are battling on a whole new royale map. This map is named Troi.

How to pre-register for PUBG new state

I recommend you to pre-register for PUBG’s new state. As if you pre-register for the game then you will get a free permanent vehicle skin. But Indian players might not be able to pre-register for the game. But there are high chances that the pre-registration will start in India also.

You can check PUBG new state on google play store.

Know about the PUBG New State tournament

PUBG New State tournament soon will start with a big announcement. There is a very high chance that this huge tournament will be played on an international basis. We might see different countries competing against each other in the tournament.

It is obvious that the game will grow in the future and Krafton will definitely invest in a huge tournament for this biggest battle royale game of the future. However, there is no official statement about any PUBG New State tournament yet.

According to some sources, India and China will be excluded from this tournament. But there is no official update about it. Players are very much excited about this new tournament.

As the game PUBG New state is only available on all regions excluding India, China, and Vietnam, we won’t hear any updates any soon. However, many youtubers still claim for PUBG New State to come to India.

The gameplay is very much better than PUBG mobile. It is also a shooting and survival game. Based on simple battle royales rules.

pubg new state ultra graphics quality

Super Graphics will enhance Mobile Gaming Tournaments

The main thing to focus on is the graphics. The new state will come with Ultra realistic graphics which will give a whole new experience to players. It will give you real-life graphics in the game. I hope you will get impressed with the new graphics.

In PUBG’s new state you will get a new set of modern and powerful vehicles by which you can travel in the game. There is also the introduction of drones in the game which will help you in defeating the enemies.

There is a whole new map of 8 km X 8 km in which you can play. It comes with real-life graphics. You can drive different modern and very powerful vehicles on the map.


I hope you are also excited to play PUBG’s new state. I think it is a big revolution in battle royale games. What you feel tell in comments.

If you know something else about PUBG New State Tournament tell in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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