What is PUBG New State: A to Z Guide

PUBG New State is the new beginning of advanced mobile gaming in Battle Royale style. Its been 4 years since the PUBG Mobile game has launched but now, Krafton itself getting ready with a new and advanced model of the PUBG Mobile game. The game has many fan-made games like PUBG Mobile 2, PUBG: Troi, etc. But Krafton has officially announced this game already, and today we are going to discuss the new upcoming PUBG New State.

What is PUBG New State

PUBG New State is an upcoming mobile battle royale that is going to be the sequel of our old PUBG Mobile game. The game is made based on the year 2051. So, players are going to see much new and advanced gameplay during their match.

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PUBG New State is also being called PUBG Mobile 2 and is now available for pre-registration on the Play Store and App Store. Same the game will get the battle royale style and a new map called Troi where all the 100 players will fight for the Chicken Dinner.

This time Krafton has taken the full right for the new upcoming game PUBG New state. Unlike last time when Tencent was partnered with PUBG Corp, This time Krafton will be the publisher and the game is being developed by PUBG Studio.

PUBG New State somewhat similar to all the battle royale games including PUBG but as the game is from the future, there will be many futuristic weapons gears in the game too.

According to the recent notice from Krafton, Players are going to encounter drones, futuristic shields, new techy throwables, scanners, etc.

PUBG New State
the PUBG New State

PUBG New State Compatibility/ Requirements

As the game is being made in 2021, we can expect many upgrades in the game coding. This means the game will consume less and more data and also will take less storage to operate.

As for the size, It will be the same as PUBG Mobile. The Player will get to download the apk file which is going to be under 2.5 GB and its requirements are going to be

PUBG New State Requirements for Android

  • Android 6 or Higher
  • 4GB Ram minimum
  • at least 8-10 GB of Internal Storage.

Requirements for iOS

  • iOS version 10 or above.
  • 4GB Ram or Higher.
  • 5-10 GB Internal storage.

Apart from the requirements, the PUBG New State is coming with much new excitement for the players. With the complete game-changing mood, PUBG Studio has a lot to reveal to their fans.

Trailer/ Gameplay

According to the new trailer of PUBG New State, the gameplay will be very much different as the new weapons and all new gears will be introduced. Groping rope, drones and High tech bulletproof shield will also make the gameplay difficult yet enjoyable.

Check the PUBG New State gameplay below-

What are the changes in PUBG New State?

First of all, the PUBG New State is going to be a sequel of PUBG Mobile which means, the theme will be the same but except for that, everything is going to be changed.

Including lobby, weapons, gears, outfit, characters, events, etc. A new map is also going to be introduced in the game. As the map is pretty big measuring 8*8 square kilometers, the gameplay is going to last long too.

Not only the but also, Krafton has mentioned the new weapons and customization options for the weapons during the match, new throwables, shields, drones, and much more.

As a new game, PUBG New State is creating hype among the mobile gamers, but whatever cool is coming, can it enter India?

Is PUBG New State a Chinese Game?

Well, As for Krafton has already mentioned that this new PUBG New State is not a part of any Chinese company, the game is not a Chinese game.

PUBG New State is developed by PUBG Studio itself and Krafton has the responsibility to publish the game in the global market.

Is PUBG New State is going available in India

The game PUBG New State is now available for pre-registration but when someone visits the link from India, it says the game is not available in your country. So, the game remains unavailable in India but there is a good chance that the government won’t show any problems to publish the game in India too.

Krafton has not disclosed or mentioned anything about India. The announcement of the PUBG New Era is for global only. There is nothing like the Chinese or Vietnam version of the new upcoming PUBG New State.

India Today

How to pre-register PUBG New State

PUBG New State is now available for pre-registration on Play Store and App Store. Players can now directly visit on Play Store and get their registration.

To Pre-register PUBG New State, follow the steps

  • Visit PUBG New State Pre-registration Link.
  • Click on Pre-Register
  • Give your email ID and Submit it.

Now your game will be download and installed as soon as it will be live. You will also get a notification on the date of its final release.

Can we play PUBG New State in India?

As I have already mentioned that the game is unavailable in India but like the other unavailable games, we might be able to play the game by downloading it from other third-party apps.

For updates and new releases of the PUBG New State, you can check Here.

pubg new state details we know so far

When PUBG New State is going to be released

Krafton and PUBG Studio have already made the game available to pre-register on both the android and iOS platforms but the official release date of the PUBG New State has still a mystery.

Recently Krafton released a notice for the game that says, PUBG New State will soon be available to play globally.

Krafton Notice

According to the notice, It will have many new things to explore and many new things to learn. As the game is based on the future, there will be many new advanced cars and multifunctions in buildings and structures.

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Shooting will be more realistic than the old PUBG Mobile. The game will also bring the new map Troi which is more of a city-like map. A huge area and more buildings will give you more to know and learn about fighting.

Apart from that, there will some small part of forests with grass and trees. Above all, all these are going to be coming with enhanced graphics and a more realistic look.

Our Conclusion: PUBG Mobile already proved the value of the game to the world. Players already like the game and it time to do some changes. Like the COD game, PUBG is also slowly shifting to the future.

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As of the future, what more we are going to get is on Krafton. As the authorities have promised a better experience than PUBG Mobile, players are getting very excited about the game. So, stay tuned for the new upcoming PUBG New State, and for the new Tips and Guide, keep reading on The PUBG New State.