PUBG Mobile Streaming PC Build Under Low Price | Best Guide

These days PUBG Mobile is becoming a very popular game to stream. Every day more people are joining YouTube for streaming games like PUBG Mobile or COD. Streaming needs a high-end PC. These are mobile games but we can also play them on a low-end PC using emulators. But live streaming is a totally different thing than just playing.

So, if you are here to build a PUBG Mobile streaming PC under low budget price then first you need to know about the minimum requirements for a streaming PC. Today in this PUBG Mobile Streaming PC build guide, you will learn how to build a decent high-end Streaming PC under a low price for PUBG Mobile Streaming

Minimum Requirements:

PUBG Mobile has become very competitive. Almost every teenager wants to play it and many of them want to be a gamer and streamer on YouTube.

Live streaming on YouTube seems to be the best way to get subscribers and views. So, we will need a high-end PC to Live stream PUBG Mobile. So, if the budget is low then you should go for the minimum requirements for streaming PC build.

  • CPU/Processor: I3 wit Graphics Or Ryzen 3 with Vega 8.
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 1TB.
  • Graphics Card: GTX 1030 or higher.
  • 2000 support Motherboard.
  • 400+ Power supply.

PUBG Mobile Gaming/Streaming PC Build under Low-Price

PUBG Mobile Gaming/Streaming PC Build under Low-Price​

To build PUBG Mobile Streaming PC under a cheap price range, we are going to set our budget range under 20k-25k rupees. Yes, it is possible. You have to compromise several things according to your budget for this PC build.

We will only choose PC components according to our budget range. With this Gaming/Streaming PC, you can only play games like PUBG Mobile and COD on HD settings and PUBG PC Lite on a good FPS rate. This PC can also give a smooth GTA V gameplay. However, you can not run heavier games like PUBG PC.

Components for PUBG Mobile streaming PC

We are going to need these components to build a PUBG Mobile Streaming PC. To set the low budget of 20-25 thousand rupees- we are going to need-

  • CPU- AMD Ryzen 3, 3200g(8,300 Rupees).
  • Cabinet: CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet(2,000 rupees).
  • Motherboard: Zebronics Motherboard ZEB-G41(2,500 rupees).
  • Power Supply: Enter E-500R 500-Watt( 8,00 rupees).
  • RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB 2666MHz DDR4(3,500 rupees).
  • Hard Drive 1 TB: Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB( 3,800 rupees).

Total: 8,300+2,000+2,500+8,00+3,500+3,800= 20,900 rupees.

I have mentioned these components are as low as it can be. If you make your budget PC under this guide, then you can easily build a PC that can play PUBG Mobile on HD settings with no lags. It can also play GTA V on low settings as well. However, streaming PUBG Mobile on youtube may not be very suitable like Mortal or Carry Minati. But you can still manage to stream on 480p resolution.

If you really want a decent PC for streaming PUBG Mobile on higher resolution then you need to go for some upgrades. Check what kind of minimum changes can be made in this PC to get a high-quality streaming and gaming PC for PUBG Mobile Streaming.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

get a ryzen 3 3500g for streaming pc under low price

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AMD Ryzen 3 3200 G has 4 cores and 6MB cache. This processor comes with an inbuild Vega 8 graphics which is going to be the graphics for this PUBG Mobile gaming and streaming. It will work just fine for PUBG Mobile gaming on emulators but streaming will be under low resolution.

Gaming cache matters, So, you can go with the Ryzen 3 3100. It has 18MB cache having a much better performance. Remember that, you will need a graphics card with 3100 because it doesn’t have any inbuilt graphics like the 3200G.

CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet

CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet​ for low price streaming pc

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This is a very basic cabinet you can see in the photo. You can get this one from Amazon for 2000 rupees. There is no need to make changes with this one also. Or you can visit your local store to see if you can find a cheaper one.

Motherboard: Frontech Motherboard ZEB-G41

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Frontech Motherboards are good too. But this one is the cheapest you can find online. It has 2000 support. However, there are only 2 slots for RAM in this motherboard.

Power Supply: Enter E-500R 500-Watt

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A 400 W power supply is just enough for this build but this 500W power supply comes for 725 rupees on amazon. You can just go with this power supply to run this low budget PUBG Mobile streaming PC.

RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB 2666MHz DDR4

HyperX Fury 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM

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RAM is a very important component of this gaming and streaming PC. This build doesn’t have any extra graphics card, so you are going to need an 8GB RAM. This HyperX Fury 8GB is fine for this PC build.

However, if you want to go even cheaper with ram then you can buy a Crucial product. Crucial RAMs are very cheap. You will get 8GB Ram at a cheaper price. But remember they come with a lower frequency rate.

Graphics Card

pubg mobile streaming pc graphics card

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In this build, the AMD Vega 8 graphics can work but if you want to stream games smoothly on higher resolution then you must need a graphics card. Without a graphics card, this PC can only be a gaming PC.

So, for high-resolution streaming, I would suggest you get a graphics card too.

If are going with the Ryzen 3 3100 with 18MB cache, then go with a 1050ti graphics card. A 1050ti graphics will be very good for PUBG Mobile Streaming PC and you will be able to play games and stream at the same time in high settings.

Final Words: Games like PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Lite don’t need any high-end PC. But it needs some modern components if you really want to play. Or else your game will lag so much. This low budget PC build for playing PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Lite is quite average but workable.

If you need any better requirements for PUBG Mobile Streaming PC, you can go with some higher specifications. Please let us know if you want any different guide for PUBG Mobile Gaming/ Streaming PC builds under any price range. I hope this post is helpful to you.