Season 4 Ending Date in PUBG Mobile | Golden SKS, Robotic Dance and Many More in Season 5

Everyone likes to play PUBG Mobile game. It has become a field of competition where everyone tries to rank up. Royal Pass points help us to rank our progress in the game. Everyone knows about it obviously. So, today I am here with a little piece of information about when season 4 is going to end and what will happen after that?

season 4 ending date brings new season 5 check details new sks and more
Season 4 Ending Date| Season 5 leaked details

Season 4 Ending Date Details:

Well, friends, Season 4 is going to end in 2 or 3 days. Yes, Season 4 was a little bit different than season 3. It has a shorter time to complete its tasks and missions and many people have completed and achieved all the rewards in it. So, after this season 4, you will get the new season which will be season 5. which will be so cool because it is going to surprise us with many cool skins and dances.

If you ask me then I would say that season 4 skins and dances are nothing comparing to season 5. According to the source, there will be much more in season 5 than season 4. However, Tencent did not declare its global release date yet but according to many news articles and information, season 5 is going to start at the end of this January 2019. Yes, it is definitely a piece of good news.

leaked Dance Emotes coming on season 5

leaked Dance Emotes coming on season 5
Season 5 dance

I can’t show you the moves here but this is one of the coolest dance emote that you have ever seen in the PUBG mobile. It is called The Robotic Dance.

golden sks in pubg mobile season 4
Golden SKS in Season 4| PUBG

Yes, you got me right. Golden SKS will be available in season 4. You will also get this dance to emote in this season. Also, there’s might be a chance that we get the latest Zombie update with this season 5 update.

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