Star Anonymous Pubg – Who is Star Anonymous, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

The famous YouTube Channel PUBG Mobile content creator and his channel name is “Star ANONYMOUS”. He is popular with the name of his YouTube channel “Star Anonymous” but his real name is Mubeen and he is from the origin of Pakistan. And he is disliked by other YouTube content creators with his “Funny Commentary”. Mubeen ANONYMOUS added extra funny commentary to his Pubg Mobile game-play videos. And he uploaded this type of funny game-play clips to make attention among the pubg fans.

This PUBG Mobile battle royal game is so popular now and it’s all because of its multiple things like its easy to stream, voice chat while playing the game, and more.


Star Anonymous pubg ID no is “5180495079” and his in-game name is “STARx AnonYmous”. Mubeen Anonymous clan name “STARESports” clan.

His Stats and Control Methodology Setup:-

The stats report of Star Anonymous Mubeen is overall K/D ratio of 5 average as per the other google wiki but notable things from season 3 to 13 are total matches he played in squad mode is 802, total wins 49, top 10 players in 517 matches, total enemy kills 758 and his rating is 73.0 A+ pro player.

Mubeen uses the controls methodology of “4 finger claw” and the device he used to play the game is iPad/Oneplus Mobile.


The Most popular Star Anonymous Pubg player but his real name is Mubeen and he is a famous Pakistanis Pubg Mobile player and also funny commentary content creator in the YouTube community. Mubeen is 21 years old and his hometown is Pakistan in Rawalpindi. Mubeen is the A+ Pro and competitive player with the leader in the clan of STARESports.

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Star Anonymous Face

His photo Image via Instagram – check below image. His official Instagram account Links is – Click Here

star anonymous face photo

His Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel was started by Mubeen the most popular funniest commentary YouTube content creator. And he has 2.17 Million subscribers in his channel and a total views count of 235 Million. He joined the YouTube community on 17 th May 2017 with few subscribers count but now it moves to the Most popular Gaming channel in Pakistan. His aim or target is to make people laugh with his funny commentary in the game.

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Official Social Media Links

The most used Social Media platform by content creator Mubeen is Instagram and he has more than 421K+ followers on his Instagram page.

Recent Photo he uploaded in his Instagram page:- Given below
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Other Social Media platforms_

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Popular Videos In Star Anonymous Youtube Chennal:

The most viewed video of star anonymous is “Best Sensitivity Settings + No Recoil in Pubg Mobile” has 4.4M Views and 229K+ likes.