Best Way to Stream PUBG Mobile using PC and GameLoop

How to stream PUBG Mobile from PC using Gameloop emulator? Well, in this post you are going to learn about stream PUBG Mobile streaming on YouTube from GameLoop PC Emulator.

Millions of players play PUBG Mobile on their PC using emulators. Most of them use the GameLoop. Streaming on YouTube is not a hard thing to do. All we need to do is a good streaming tool for PC.

Using a streaming tool we can easily record PUBG Mobile or any other Gameplay and live stream it on any platform whether it is Facebook or YouTube. Also it will work with any kind of emulator you are using on your PC.

But first, we need the streaming software for Windows PC to capture and stream our game. There are many streaming software for Windows you can find on the Internet. But Streamlab is the best one you can find.

Streamlabs: Best Way to Live Stream PUBG from PC​

Streamlabs: Best Way to Live Stream PUBG from PC

Streamlabs is a free streaming tool for Windows PC. It can be used for screen capture, game capture, sound capture, etc. This tool is very easy to use, and the best way to stream PUBG Mobile from PC using Gameloop or any game from a Windows PC.

With Streamlab streaming tool, you can cast your screen, game, camera inputs, audio, etc in the easiest way possible. All it needs some clicks and you are done. Also, don’t worry about the platforms, Streamlab can stream YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and most of the other streaming platforms.

Yes, All you have to do is download the software in your Windows. Run, set up and you are good to go. The Stream Lab software does not require any capture card or any extra stuff. Also, it has a theme library to decorate your streaming screen like a pro.

Since I am using Gameloop and playing PUBG Mobile on it. So, this guide will be on streaming PUBG Mobile from PC. But, It can be PUBG mobile or COD Mobile. Follow these steps to setup Streamlabs and stream from Windows PC on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.

Set up Streamlabs to Stream PUBG Mobile from PC Emulator

In this i guide, i used the Gameloop emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on PC. We will know how to use Streamlab to stream game loop emulator playing PUBG Mobile on YouTube-

Step 1: Download and Install Streamlabs

Go to this LINK and download Streamlabs software and Install it on your Windows PC. After installing it, just open the tool and go to settings(on the upper-left corner).

Step 1: Download and Install Stremlabs

Step 2: Go to Stream and Connect Streaming Key

First of all service. Then Select YouTube on Services. There are other options such as Facebook, Twitter etc. After this paste the stream key on the stream key section. (i will show below how to get the streamkey.)

Step 2: Go to Stream and Connect Streaming Key

Step 3: Go to Output for Video Setup

Step 3: Go to Output for Video Setup

Now Go to Output on the same setting window and set up the bit rate. Bit rate is for quality. Set it according to your internet speed.

Bit Rate: 350-500 Kbit/s=480p resolution=1mbps speed.

Bit Rate: 500-800 Kbit/s= 720p= 3-5mbps speed.

Bit Rate: 1000-2000= 1080p-4k= over 5mbps speed.

Step 4: Set up Audio Devices

Step 4: Set up Audio Devices

 Setup the Volume by going to the Audio. You can just let it be as it is. or You can just go to Desktop Audio 1 and select it from the list.

Step 5: Go to Hotkeys Set up

Step 5: Go to Hotkeys Set up

Go to Hotkey section and set F1 for start streaming and F5 for stop streaming and select done.

Step 6: Set up your Streaming Screen

Step 6: Set up your Streaming Screen

Click on plus sign shown in the screenshot and select game capture.

Select add new source. You can right anything as the new source name and click on add new source again.

Step 6: Set up your Streaming Screen

From here you can choose whatever screen you want to add to your stream. Basically, we are going to select the display capture. It will broadcast the whole display on the stream. You can add game capture, if you only want to show the game you are playing.

Also, you can add multiple sources, to show your image on the corner by adding an image from this list. If you want to add a face cam, add a video capture device too.

Now you are done, your screen will appear on your streamlabs window. You can drag and resize it according to your need. You can set it on full screen or, you can just make it small to add text credits, images and all that streaming stuff.

In the end, just hit the Go Live button to start streaming right away. You can just open your Gameloop emulator and start playing PUBG Mobile or whatever game you want to play.

Final Words: So, here are all the instruction you will need to successfully stream PUBG Mobile from your PC using gameloop or other emulators. All your need to do is set up some settings and configure your streaming window. If you still have any doubt, please ask in the comment section below.

Also, there are a lot more features in the Streamlabs to explore which i havent added here. I will be adding a full guide for streamlabs shortly. Till Then stay safe.

I hope this post will help you to understand how to stream PUBG Mobile from PC using emulators. Please share with your friends too.