Top 5 New Secret Destinations in PUBG Mobile | Secret Cave in Miramar

Secret locations in PUBG Mobile is quite an interesting topic. Who doesn’t want to know more about their favorite things? PUBG mobile is becoming a favorite of millions of people, and today I am here to provide a little bit more information about PUBG mobile maps. I know there is a lot of articles, videos about secrete locations but hold on, do you know that there is a secret cave in Miramar? Yes, a lot of people heard about the awesome place on the snow map Vikendi but very few people know about this cave in Miramar. So, let’s not waste any more time. Here are the Top 5 new Secrete Destinations in PUBG Mobile.

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5 most secrete locations in PUBG Mobile Maps:

Here i am listing 5 of the topmost secrete locations in PUBG Mobile that are not very known among the players. These places are very much hidden and can be used in the games to kill enemies and find loots. Secret Cave in Vikendi is on the first of the list. The other 4 hidden places are quite interesting, check below.

1. Secrete Cave in Vikendi:

Secrete Cave in Vikendi

As I already mentioned about this secrete cave. Many people already heard about this but so I am putting this in the first of this list. This cave is in the place called Podvosto in Vikendi(Snow Map). Many people are still don’t have any idea about this place because this cave is covered with giant rock and it is completely hidden as long as they don’t know how to enter this place. You can check the video where I have shown the exact location of the place and also how to enter the cave. Believe me, this cave is full of amazing loots, snipers. It also has an airdrop inside it.

2. Military base:

Military base secret location

Yes, There a secret place in the military base too. This place is not so important if the zone is not around, but it will get you a lot of kills and chicken dinner if the last circle in the military base. You can see in the photo where you should go. You can go to this place and hide until the enemies show up.

3. The secrete Cave in Miramar:

The secrete Cave in Miramar

The sand map is hard to play. It is too large and very open. We can not join a combat battle on this map, but this map is great for sniping. Players enjoy this map while they are in a high place with a sniper. The secret cave in Miramar is just the place we are talking about. You will surely find sniper guns and also an 8x scope or 6x scope here. This place is a very good place for loot, and it is also completely hidden. I have marked it on the map. You can check this in the video.

4. The Tower Near the Novorepnoye:

The Tower Near the Novorepnoye

You can see the tower in the photo. If you are a good sniper, then you will need a very high and secret place where you can sit and aim for some heads. You can’t just land on this tower. If you do, it will be useless. But, let me tell you that you can easily climb this tower. I have shown this in the video.

5. Tree near the School apartment buildings:

Tree near the School apartment buildings

Yes, friends, Let me tell you that you can easily climb on this tree using the secret technique that I have shown in the video. So, go and check the video. You will be able to go on this tree and hide completely.

So, I hope this will help. Also, please comment if you have any other secrete destination in your knowledge, and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.