Top 9 Smartphones For PUBG Mobile Gaming Under 20,000 Rupees in India

Good quality smartphones are very essential if you want to get some kills in PUBG Mobile. A smartphone under 20,000 rupees is a very good choice for gaming in India. More than half of the players in India use low-quality smartphones to play PUBG Mobile. So, if you are wondering what are the best smartphones for PUBG Mobile and the other high-end fps games then you are in the right place. Today here in this article I am listing the best smartphones under 20,000 rupees only. Many people want to buy a good quality phone for playing PUBG. To play PUBG mobile, you don’t need to go to the highest price. Just go for the right specification of your smartphone.

best smart phones for pubg mobile gaming
Smartphones For PUBG Mobile Gaming

Choose the Right Smartphone For Gaming

Millions of people from India are playing PUBG Mobile. Recently the game PUBG Mobile has given the new update that is the Payload mode. After that update, the game has become a little bit heavier than before. PUBG Mobile game was only of 1.5GB but now it has become almost 1.9 GB in total. So, to choose the right smartphone for PUBG Mobile under your budget and experience the best PUBG Mobile gameplay you need to take care of three important things which are Ram, Battery, and Processor. In this list i have mentioned some of the top smartphones for PUBG Mobile, taking care of these 3 features.

Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Gaming under 20,000 rupees

Some of the best smartphones under twenty thousand rupees are listed below. These 9 gaming smartphones for PUBG mobile are maybe cheap but all of them can give the best experience for PUBG Mobile gaming. You can check details, specification, and price below-

1. Honor 10 Lite(November 2018|Price-14,999/-)

Honor 10 Lite smartphone for PUBG Mobile
Honor 10 Lite

Processor, Ram and Battery, these are the main thing to care, if you want a phone for PUBG Mobile. Honor 10 Lite is a very good phone under Budget. The phone has a Kirin 710 2.2GHz Octa-Core Processor with 6GB Ram and 64GB Rom. This phone is a little bit smaller than the rest of the phones on this list. With the 6.21 inches display it is not bad for PUBG at all. The battery capacity is 3400 Mah. The front camera is 24 megapixels while the back camera is only (13+2) megapixel. This phone was released in November 2018. You can get this phone 14,999 rupees.

  • Processor- Kirin 710 2.2GHz Octa-Core Processor
  • Ram- 6GB(64GB)
  • Screen size-  6.21 inch
  • Camera- (12+2) MP back camera/24MP front camera
  • Battery– 3400Mah

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2. Samsung Galaxy A50(February 2019|Price-16,999/-)

Samsung Galaxy A50 gaming phone for PUBG Mobile
Samsung Galaxy A50

Runs on Android Pie this New Samsung phone was launched in February 2019. It has a unique Exynos 9610 Processor with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of internal storage. It can handle a long run time with heavy load because of it’s 4000 Mah battery. However, it also has a pretty big screen of 6.4inch.

Of course guys, it is Samsung and Samsung can never give you their product at a cheap price but they managed to give you 3 rare cameras(25+5+8)MP on this phone. It also has a 25MP front camera. We all know that Samsung has completely lost its budget game in the market after the arrival of Chinese smartphones. But if you are a Samsung lover and you want a durable and trusted product then this phone is for your PUBG Mobile gaming.

  • Processor- Exynos 9610 Processor
  • Ram- 4Gb(64GB)
  • Screen size- 6.4 inch
  • Camera- (25+5+8) MP back camera/25 MP front camera
  • Battery- 4000 Mah

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3. Vivo V11 Pro( February 2019| Price17,999/-)

Vivo V11 Pro
So, you are here for a Gaming Mobile. The Vivo V11 Pro is just your thing. With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with 6GB of Ram, you will get very good and smooth gaming experience. Vivo V11 Pro has a 6.41-inch display which is almost like a tablet. You will be able to use your 4-finger claw on its wide-screen.
Vivo V11 Pro has 3400 Mah battery which is not so great but it will work for sure. You will be able to play 5-6 full PUBG matches with a full charge. It has 64Gb internal storage. This phone is also a selfie camera phone which has a specially 25MP camera in its front.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • Ram-  6GB
  • Screen size- 6.41 inch
  • Camera- 25 MP front camera
  • Battery- 3400 Mah

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4. Realme X(July 2019|Price-19,990/-)

Realme X perfect for PUBG Mobile Gaming
Realme X

Realme X is a little better than the Vivo V11 Pro because it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 with 8GB of Ram and 128 GB Rom. You can go to 4GB Ram at a cheap price. With its good quality processor, you will see no lags so far. You will also be able to play many other heavy games like COD, PUBG Mobile, etc. Realme X is also a big smartphone with 6.5inch of screen size. Also, it has a (48+5) megapixel rare camera with which you will be able to record full HD 4k videos with your phone.
Realme X is a very good smartphone for PUBG mobile because it is also one step ahead of Vivo V11 Pro from the battery side. It has a 3765Mah battery. It will only be 3,000 lesser if you go for the 4GB Ram addition.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
  • Ram- 8Gb(19,999rs), 4GB(available)
  • Screen size- 6.5 inch
  • Camera- (48+5) MP FULL HD 4k resolution back camera/24MP front camera
  • Battery-3765Mah

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5. Oppo K3 (May 2019|Price-16,990/-)

 Oppo K3 smartphone for PUBG Mobile
Oppo K3

This Oppo K3 phone is pretty much similar to the Realme X. Games like PUBG Mobile run so amazingly in this phone. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and 6GB of Ram, this mobile phone is a gaming beast. It has a 3,765Mah battery which is not bad. Also, it comes with a 6.5inch large screen. However, Oppo K3 doesn’t have any high-spec cameras like the others. It only has 16megapixel on both sides.
The build quality of the phone is pretty amazing. Also, you will see the cool hidden camera comes out on the top. Oppo K3 was released in May 2019. If you are here for a Smartphone for PUBG Mobile games only then this phone can be your dream phone under budget.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor
  • Ram- 6GB
  • Screen size- 6.5 inch
  • Camera- 16MP back camera/24MP front camera
  • Battery- 3,765Mah

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6. Samsung Galaxy A50s(August 2019|Price-20,999/-)

Samsung Galaxy A50s for Playing PUBG Mobile
Samsung Galaxy A50s

You are going to get everything you need on this phone. Yes, With 32MP of the front camera and 48+2MP of a rear camera, Samsung has shown its potential on mobile photography. Also, its high capacity 4000Mah battery is going get you many Chicken Dinners. Samsung Galaxy A50 runs on Android 9 pie.
Now in the game part. It has a unique Samsung Exynos 9611 processor, especially for amazing gaming performance. This processor can handle a heavy load without getting even hot. The phone comes with 4GB ram at 20,960 rupees but it is the best with 6GB ram which comes for 22,999 rupees. You will be able to play amazing and heavy games on this phone very easily in ultra settings.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Ram- 4GBram(20,960/-), 6GBram(22,999/-)
  • Screen size- 15.7 cm (6.18 inch)
  • Camera- (12+5) MP back camera/24MP front camera
  • Battery- 4000Mah

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7. Vivo V15 Pro(February 2019|Price-21,990/-)

Vivo V15 Pro smartphone for PUBG Mobile
Vivo V15 Pro

Vivo V15 Pro has Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor which runs on Android 9 Pie. Also, its battery capacity is 3700Mah, which is not very high according to its price. Vivo V15 Pro comes with 6GB of Ram and 128GB internal memory. It has 3 rare cameras(48+8+5)MP and a front camera 32 MP.
This phone is on the list but if you ask me, I would say you can get a better phone under this price for Mobile gaming. But if you are looking for a phone for photography then you can choose Vivo V15 Pro. This phone was launched in February 2019 with a price tag of 21,990 rupees.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor
  • Ram-  6GB Ram 128 GB Rom
  • Screen size- 6.4inch
  • Camera- (48+8+5) MP back camera/32MP front camera
  • Battery- 3700Mah

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8. Samsung Galaxy M40(11th June 2019|Price-19,999rs)

 Samsung Galaxy M40

Another amazing smartphone for PUBG Mobile from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy M40 came in June 2019 with some decent specifications under this budget. Which are 6GB Ram, 128GB internal storage, 6.3inch display, 3500Mah battery, 16MP front camera, and (32+5+8)MP rear camera? You can go for this phone if you want a branded phone like Samsung with high-resolution video capacity. This phone is pretty strong than the others but I am sure that you can get some more Rams and a high battery in this budget.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
  • Ram- 6GB Ram 128Gb Rom
  • Screen size- 15.7 cm (6.18 inch)
  • Camera- (32+5+8) MP back camera/16MP front camera
  • Battery- 3500Mah

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9. Poco F1(August 2018|Price-18,999)

poco f1 for PUBG gaming
Poco F1

Poco F1 is a very popular phone in India. People are going for this phone because it is giving high-end specifications at a very cheap price. This phone is only 18,999 rupees. Poco F1 is giving 8GB of Ram and 256 GB of Rom with a 20-megapixel front camera. It also has a 4000 mah battery. Also, the processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 proves that Poco F1 is a genuine smartphone for PUBG Mobile and other heavy games. The phone was released in August 2018.

  • Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Ram- 8Gb(18,999rs), 6GB, 4GB(available)
  • Screen size- 15.7 cm (6.18 inch)
  • Camera- (12+5) MP back  camera/24MP front camera
  • Battery- 4000 Mah

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Gaming Smartphone For PUBG Mobile: Conclusion-

There are many smartphones we can get from the market but choosing the best one according to your need is a challenge. People always buy android phone without taking care of what the phone can give. If you want a smartphone for PUBG Mobile then you can go with these android phones I have listed. These phones are very capable fo playing PUBG Mobile with its highest setting. The 6 GB ram phones can also stream gameplay directly.

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