TSG JASH Free Fire – Who is TSG Jash, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

TSG JASH is the famous Free Fire battle royal game Content Creator on YouTube and his alongside partner TSG RITIK owns the YouTube channel. Because of this progress, he named “Two Side Gamers”.

By the report of an audience, he is a competitive gamer with other Free Fire players and he is also famous in “vs” matches(one of the best matches is_Amitbhai vs Tsg Jash).

Free Fire has fans and a massive player base on various platforms like YouTube. It’s a supportive base for YouTube content creators. Form the category YouTube content creator TSG Jash is the most popular Free Fire content creator in India. Let’s move to our topic-TSG Jash Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and some personal details about him. Let’s begin,

Who is TSG Jash

TSG Jash is not only a YouTuber he is the best and famous Free Fire player in India. Subscribers and his fans have had many questions about who he is and how he played this much better in the Free Fire game. He is a professional Gamer in the Free Fire community. Jash runs one famous YouTube channel named “ TWO-SIDE GAMERS”- alongside Ritik Jain. He is from India and living in Thane, Mumbai and his age is 19 but not confirmed. His real name is “Jash Dhoka”.

TSG Jash Face

TSG Jash photo Image via Instagram – check below image. His official Instagram account Links is – Click Here

tsg jash face image and photo free fire

TSG Jash ID Number

tsg jash free fire id and uid number
TSG Jash Free Fire ID is – “123643969”. For “TSG ARMY” he is the guild leader.

Free Fire ID(UID) 123643969
User Name TSG JASH
YouTube Channel TWO SIDE GAMERS, Two Side Shorts, TSG Army, Two Side Foodies
Popular YouTube Channel Two SIDE GAMERS(Have 7.85 Million Subscriber)
Income/Monthly(Approx) 15 lakhs – 20 lakhs

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TSG Jash Gaming Profile

Lifetime Stats:Stats is the word used for the total number of wins and kills we grabbed in the Free Fire solo, duo, and squad matches.

In solo: In the solo matches, TSG Jash grabbed total victories of 107 from the total played matches of 1305.

In dud: In the duo match mode, TSG Jash played a total of 2440 and his booyah grade matches were 250 only.

In Squad: In Squad match mode, TSG Jash played a total of 6500 matches but his victories were 1235. With this many victories, he maintains a win rate of 23.6%. His total kills are 15387 and his K/D ratio is 3.1.

Ranked Stats: Ranked stats are nothing but a report of wins and kills in the ongoing ranked season, in this season he has played 179 squad matches, and his won matches are 48 with a maintained K/D ratio of 3.23. In duo match mode he played 28 duo mode matches and his total massive kills are 90, in this mode, he maintained the K/D ratio of 3.91.

NOTE: Mentioned stats in this article were noted at the time of writing this content. They are changing as the player named TSG JASH continues to play more matches means it will make changes as per the time of noting the stats.

TSG Jash YouTube Channel(yt)

TSG Jash have alongside a partner of TSG Ritik and his partner owns the

YouTube channel. And his YouTube channel name is TWO-SIDE GAMERS.

His channel reached total subscribers of 7.85 million, all because of his regulation in posting videos on YouTube for his Subscribers and they stream on the channel regularly. They uploaded total video clips of 832 above but they began posting videos in 2018 October.

TSG Jash and alongside TSG Ritik own the YouTube channel. They post so many video clips of Free Fire and they stream regularly. And he has Four YouTube channels:-

Main YouTube Channel:

TWO SIDE GAMERS – Started in 19 Sept 2018 and now total Subscriber is 10.8 Million.
Two Side Gamers Gaming Channel Link – https://www.youtube.com/c/TWOSIDEGAMERS/

Featured Channels – Other TSG Jash Channels

Jash Dhoka Vlogs – Started in 4 Nov 2020 and now total Subscriber is 1.6 Million.
Jash Dhoka Vlogs Channel Link – Click Here

TSG ARMY – Started in 19 Dec 2018 and now total Subscriber is 2.4 Million.
TSG Army Gaming Channel Link – Click Here

Ritik Jain Vlogs – Started in 30 Mar 2021 and now total Subscriber is 556k.
Ritik Jain Vlogs Channel Link – Click Here

TSG Jash Official Social Media Links:

TSG Jash real name is jash dhoka, and he also active some other social media accounts: like Instagram and Facebook – like that.

Jash Dhoka Instagram account – Click Here

Popular Videos in Two Side Gamers YouTube Channel

The most viewed video of is “Kiss 💋 Or Slap 👋 Challenge With Ritik’s Tiktok Crush – Pt.2 #shorts” have 13 Million Views.