Type Racer – How To Play Typing Racer And How To Win The Game | Speed Type Racer

Type Racer is an online browser-based multiplayer game with the idle skill of typing and this game fully depends on our typing speed to win the game. By this platform, we can be competing against ourselves or with other online players globally.

And the publisher of this game is New Normal Games and it was launched in 2008 March month by the Founder “Alex Epshteyn”. Type racer was supported under the platforms “Android and Windows browsers”

Type Racer is used to test our typing skills and it is interesting to compete with real live people from all over the world. And this game stands out from some other multiplayer online competitive games.

About Type Racer – What are the things we know from this game

By our playing mode, we can measure our speed of tying, Timing of completion, Accuracy report, and also it gave some grade points for our playing of the game. From these points report, our gameplay interest would be increased statistically.

How To Play Type Racer

  • Step 1:- Go to the website of Type Racer or click the below link
  • Step 2:- There are three options to start the game.
    typeracer play game online freeplay.typeracer.com Website Screenshot

    • Enter a typing race
      Here we can get the matches up with the online opponent’s players from around the world.
    • Practice – Here we can practice our typing skill with our own score report also shown after the match but we need premium membership to save our practicing reports in our file manager.
    • Race your Friends – Here we can Invite people to play the game and also we can chat with them. And this community recently increased the participant amount to 200 and by this update, we can race up to 200 friends in your own racetrack.

typing racer play with friends
We need to share the above URL link(like that) with the friends you want to invite for this multiplayer mode. And this URL would be valid for 24 hours only(1Day).

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Playing Methodology:- Individual Explanation

#Racing with online opponents:

In the beginning, it searches for our online competitors, and after that our game will be started with one traffic signal light and timer and also start counting our time of typing.

One box contains one set of paragraphs and we need to type that paragraph in the below text area box. If we start our typing, our car will be moving forward and if we finish our given paragraph means we need to wait for other opponents to finish the match, and atlast we receive the report.

We need to Use:- Win the match_

For this we need to use the “Space key” to move to the next word and typing is an accurate glance that we need to type one word and press the space button to move to the next word like this we need to finish the match and win it.

#Practice Mode:

It’s a single-player mode and we need not compete with our players to win the race. It is an individual practicing mode to practice typing to play online competitive matches.

#Race with your Friends or Guest’s Racetrack:- Through using game URL link_

For inviting us we need to share our game URL link to our friends who you want to invite for a typing race game.

If our requested friend would use this URL it means it redirects to our page like this and clicks the join race button below the car track.

After The Typing Race Matches:- Report Contains

After all three mode matches, we are able to see our report of typing speed and accuracy and from that, we graded with points.

Your Speed:- By this we know how many words we type for one minute.

Time:- By this we know our time taken to complete the given sentence or paragraph.

Accuracy:- By this we know our accuracy of word typing and it is rated with a percentage from 1 to 100 scale.

type racer gaming result
Points:- By this, we know the total rating for our gameplay. And these points are grabs from the above three things: speed, time, Accuracy.

Reference Video – Type Race