4 Ways to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire is a very fancy game to play. Not only it’s fun to play game modes but also the various game items, powerful characters, exclusive skins, and other premium features make it more appealing to the players. However, these premium items are not free to get. One can obtain these by purchasing them with diamonds and golds.

So, how do we get the diamonds? First, you should know that diamonds are not free. To get any of the premium stuff in Free Fire, one must spend their pocket money to buy diamonds and then use the diamonds to get what he wants. However, we all are not lucky enough to have enough money to spend on such mobile games. are we? If you are one like me then don’t worry, after reading this full post, you won’t need to spend your money to buy diamonds because we are here with 5 genuine ways to earn Free diamonds in Free Fire.

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4 Best Ways to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire

As I already mentioned that diamonds are not free. Every player has to spend money to get them. However, you can also do something other than spending money. Yes, there are a lot of money paying apps and websites.

Not every one of these sites is fake and today we are here with the top 5 ways to earn free diamonds by completing some simple tasks from these web portals.

So, the 4 tips to get free diamonds in Free Fire are-

  • GPT Apps and Website
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Play Mobile Games
  • Video Apps

GPT Apps and website

Earn diamond from GPT websites

GPT apps and websites are one of the best ways to earn some free gift cards by spending your free time on it. GPT apps or websites basically gives you some task like downloading sponsored apps or visiting some money sites. By doing these tasks, you can earn enough money to earn free diamonds for your Free Fire game.

One must remember that these are not just clicked and earn app. These genuine portals are true and provide a real task that needs time and effort to complete. So, you have to be very genuine to complete these tasks and earn diamonds with it.

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Google Opinion Reward

google opinion rewards

Just like the GPT apps, Google Opinion reward is also one of the popular apps that many people use to earn Gift cards for Amazon, Play Store, etc. The Google Opinion reward program provides genuine surveys and other tasks as an opportunity to earn online.

All you have to do is download the Google Opinion Reward App, create an account, and participate in daily surveys. Let me tell you guys, it not that easy to get free money. You have given your time and dedication and solve the surveys with your best true knowledge. You can earn up 25$ gift cards from it.

Play Mobile Games

Some other apps that don’t provide any hard task but games to play. All you need to do is download these apps and play the short sweet games on it. By playing the games you can win and make scores. These scores can be redeemed as Paytm cash or gift cards. ‘WinZo Gold’ is one of the apps you can try.

Some apps you can try-

Dream 11


Video Apps

video apps cash

Video apps like Snack Video and the other apps that provide referral fees are also a good way to earn some genuine cash for your Free diamonds. You can easily download these apps from the play store and browse the videos. Just watching the videos also gets you money and if you want some more, you can refer to your friends and ask them to join.

Every referral gives you enough Paytm cash which will be enough to buy Diamond in Free Fire. So, why are you still here? Go try the apps or read more articles to more about Free Fire down below.

Final Words: Diamonds are not free to get in the game. Also, buying a small amount of diamond won’t help you to get anything. If you are going to buy diamonds in Free Fire for the first time then please check this article on How to get a 100% Bonus diamond. You won’t regret it.

Also, don’t forget these tricks to earn free diamonds to get some real cash and buy your free diamonds with it.