PUBG Mobile: Where to find M24 Rifle and 8x Scope in Erangel

M24 is a sniper rifle that has a really great demand in the PUBG Mobile games. Gamers try hard to find an 8x scope for the M24 sniper rifle during their match. However, there are many people who claim that some places are the best place to find the M24 sniper rifle and 8x scope. But I must tell you that all these places are very random.

There is no surety to find an M24 rifle along with an 8x Scope. So, today I am here to share with you two new places in Erangel, where you can find not only one but several M24 rifles, SKS, 8x Scope, etc in one single place. a 100% guarantee. Yes, you will not find any other guns but M24 and SKS with only 7.62 ammo in these 2 places. So, let’s talk about it.

M24 Sniper Rifle: One of the best bold sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. It has the highest damage point after AWM. The M24 will deal maximum damage out to 120 meters. Beyond that distance, the damage will decrease, reaching its minimum damage value at 580 meters. Players especially like this sniper because of its sweet firing sound while a suppressor is equipped.

M24 sniper rifle is a rare item and it can only be found in Hot drop places like Georgopol, Military Base, NOVO, Pochinki, etc. But the spawn possibility of M24 in these places is very random. Since it is a rare item, you can only find it by searching here and there. So, where we go to find this M24 rifle with 100% surety?

2 best locations to find M24 Rifle and 8x Scope in Erangel| 100% Guaranteed

M24 is a rare item in PUBG Mobile, and it can hardly be found. But there are 2 places in the whole Erangel map which give you a 100% guaranteed spawn possibility of M24 sniper and 8x scope. These two locations are new so, many people don’t know about it.
Also, the Royale Pass Season 11 missions have an M24 mission in it. You have to find 3 M24 snipers to complete the mission. So, Want to get M24 sniper in every match? look below!

So, the first location to find an M24 rifle is-

best location to find M24 in Erangel PUBG Mobile

1. Snowy Island near Georgopol: As you can see in the photo, this is the snowy island near the Georgopol. This location is a perfect location where several M24 rifles every time. You will also see rare scopes like 6x and 8x. This snowy island never existed before in the classic Erangel map. This location came after the Winter Festival update in December. I am giving 100% guaranteed words that you will find M24 with an 8x scope in this location in every single match.

2. Snowy Island near Kameshki: Kameshki is a small location in the Erangel map of PUBG Mobile. This is location also has loads of rare items in it. A lot of M24 sniper and 8x scope spawn on this island. And the possibility of M24 rifle spawn is 100% in this Snowy Island near Kameshki.

In case you guys don’t that Season 11 royale pass missions have a mission that is to get 3 M24 sniper rifles in three different matches. You can easily complete this mission by going to these locations. You will surely find not only one M24 sniper rifle but also other rare items like 8x scope, SKS, 6x scope, and more.

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